sleep that night as she kept popping and distracting me. I felt a connection with her when her eyes met mine and I felt it spread in every inch of me and I knew right at that moment that I have fallen in love and I have fallen very deep. Her dimple, oh that dimple which fit perfectly on her right cheek. And those lips, how I wanted to taste them, caress them and feel the sweetness radiating from it.

The ringing of my phone revived me from my thought and of course it was Haleema.

”I have spoken to dad about going to Ammis house and he said to return before 3pm ” she informed me.

”Alright give me a minute. You and Jiddah should meet me by the car where we left it this morning ” I said before hanging up.

I quickly picked my car keys and my suit and quickly left the office passing an open eyed Veronica without as much as giving her a glance talk less of getting those document from her.

”Where is Jiddah?.. ” I asked as I approach Haleema standing by herself. ” And why are you looking moody? ”

”Jiddah is yet to finish her snacks and I left because Jabir was there ” She answered.

The mentioned of Jabir got me boiling but I ignored the feeling and dialled Jiddahs number on my phone and asked her to meet us before hanging up.

”Won you say anything?.. I just told you Jabir was there at the cafeteria for ME! ” She said and the emphasis she made when she said me wasn lost on me.

Jabir was my student and he knew I was dating her. Ever since he set his eyes on her, he has been pestering her while knowing she was meant for me.

I pulled at my hair with my hands out of frustration mostly because there was nothing I could do about it. Jabir was my student and I was not supposed to be seen fighting with him over my girl or threaten him with a spill over because things doesn work that way and also it was against my work rules. And now more than ever, I wanted to own her.. Completely.

”Don worry babes. I have a solution ” I reassured her. The truth was, I did not have any solution. My mind was trying to come up with a way of marrying her and completely making her mine.

”Come on, that is Jiddah coming, get in the car my lady ” I smiled and opened the door for her. My weak attempt at making her feel better.

I might not be in the position to fight with my student over her but that won stop me from showing the world my love for her and yes I would make things right. Haleema is mine and mine alone.

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