As the purple light hit the skeletal mage, something else happened in the battlefield.

”Argh! ” The captain who was in a near death state before screamed out in agony. He convulsed and went limp in the skeletons hands.

Similar things were happening everywhere around.

”Ahh! ” ”Argh! ” ”Ugh! ” Men fell left and right. The strategists, mages and anyone with sizeable power dropped dead. Even a holy mage of the church wasn spared by the unholy power.

Sounds of tortured and despaired spirits came from the ground as powerful and mighty looking spirits rushed up. Along with them where the souls of the people gruesomely killed.

All the spirits rushed towards the second purple light and into the body of the skeletal mage.

The skeletal mage fell on the ground, the green flames dancing in his eyes snuffed out.

After a few moments, purple and blackish flames began to be light in the eye sockets of the mage.

It stood up with some trouble before stopping to examine its surroundings.

”…? ” The skeletal mage stopped what it was doing and looked down at its hands.

It closed and opened its hands. Balling and fisting his bone hands. He began touching and feeling all over his body.

”Ah? ” It made noise.

”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ” As if intrigued by the idea of noise it began to make more.

Suddenly a purple screen appeared in-front of it.

[Hello Skeleton.]

”Huh? Ahh? ” The skeleton made odd Brutish and animalistic sounds. It didn quite grasp what the odd tablet meant.

[This won do at all… I shall upload common knowledge.]

Suddenly the Skeleton which had only be ”born ” for a couple of minutes was hit with a wave of knowledge. Mathematical, physics, biology, chemistry. Language and history, basic geography. All of it was uploaded directly to his mind.

”Ahhh! ” The skeleton yelled out. Luckily for him, none of its superiors were around to see the odd display.

The primary problem is the lack of intelligence in the skeletal mage. All the knowledge in the world would be useless if an idiot held it.

[It seems your severely lacking in the mind. Oh well, Ill have to give you one less starting spell.]

[+54 Intelligence]

as the words faded into nothingness realization dawned on the skeleton.

”What the hell? ” With the sudden acquisition of intelligence questions began to flow into his mind.

What am I? Who am I? Natural questions anyone would have began to naturaly flow into its now complex mind.

[Rest assured little skeleton, for I, Death, has given to you infinite possibility. In return for this you must do one thing for me. That is you must kill the necromancer that is heading your army. And once you do so you must fulfil what he owes to me.]

It took the skeleton a minute to process the information.

”I see. ” Those were the only words that came from his mouth ”your will is my command my liege. ”

The truth is, the little skeleton had been made to be obedient. Everything he would do would inevitably be for its master. Simple and weak skeletons have no way to resist the will of gods themselves, after all.

[ Very good. Cain is the name of the man who heads this army. He was supposed to gain great power and bring me into this world, but at the hands of a ancient shaman he was set free from my bindings. Kill him and bring me into the world.]

”Yes my liege. But how will I get powerful enough to do so? ” Unlike other skeletons, this one had a conscience. Intelligence and powerful magic are not things basic skeletons can hope to obtain. To get such things one must be truly exceptional before death or be blessed by a god like the skeleton has been.

[This ”system ” you see here will guide you. It has a simple cost of locking certain attributes from growth but you will see immense effects in the paths you take. To use it think ”status. ” Do well to not disappoint me. As a final parting gift I will bestow a name upon you. Jyron, grand commander of the undead and king of all the lives in undeath. Do not disappoint me and In the end of this all you will be gifted the right to stand at my right.] with those words the voice left for good.

Hmm. I suppose I should start with my status.

At the thought of the status a screen appeared in front of the skeleton.

Name: Jyron

Race: Sentient Skeleton Mage (Composition of souls.)

Class: Death Mage

Spells: Death Bolt, Skeletal Restoration, Bone Spear, Undead Capture.

Passives: Cursed Abomination, Magic Mastery.

Resistances: Decay, Death, Rot, Mind, Possession, Hunger, Thirst, Sleepiness, Poison.

Weaknesses: Holy, Light, Fire, Blunt.

Titles: Apostle Of Death


Strength: 10

Agility: 10

Endurance: Infinite

Intelligence: 55

Magic: 550

How intriguing. Death has somehow found a way to give a numerical value to magic. And even values such as strength and intelligence? The Jyron now is a culmination of brilliant strategists and masterful undead mages mashed together. Of course, none of the memories of the souls inside of him were in his mind, its just that he understands complex ideas like magic.

Hmm…. Lets check out these skills…

[Death Bolt: Force death magic to take on the look of a bolt. Shoot it at an enemy dealing massive amounts of damage to anything living.]

[Bone Spear: Conjure a spear of bone from the land of the dead and shoot it with massive speeds. Deals damage to enemies it pierces.]

[Skeletal Restoration: Using death magic repair any skeletal class undead.]

”Oh? A new spell! ” The three magic spells are something all skeletal mages have access to. The undead control on the other hand is unique and isn something the other mages have.

[Undead Capture: Funnel your now unique death mana into already created undead. Doing so will change the fire in their eyes and make them yours to control.]

My, this is interesting. A spell like this could lead to some interesting paths of magic! Jyron was exasperated inside. The art of necromancy is what created him. Its what created everything around him as well.

If I could control the undead the world would be masters oyster! The unfortunate reality for this new skeleton is that he has no control. His desires lie with his master now.

Alright, time to check out these passives.

[Cursed Abomination: You we
e created by a god more devil than anything else. A god of death that exploits the dead. All undead feel a sense of fear when they hear your name. As you have been given the building blocks to be a leader all undead followers gain elevated strength from serving you.]

[Magic Mastery: You have been filled with the souls of strategists and mages of all kinds. The fundamentals to Magic have been ingrained in your very being. Magic will never present a problem for you.]

Ive been given an opportunity and I will use it! With a steeled resolve Jyron set out to find his squad leader…

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