Now how am I going to do this…. Jyron decided that he first needed to get a squad. Unfortunately becoming a squad leader would distinguish himself and could reveal his sentience. Normally, only high ranking undead can talk and think.

The problem is revealing he can talk and think would reveal a level of his power. He could be deemed a risk and eliminated because of it.

”Eureka! ” A sudden revelation of ingenuity and intelligence flushed into Jyrons mind.

How could I be so idiotic to not think of this sooner! Jyron walked back in line with the rest of the skeletons. All skeletons were funnelled into squad. These squads were headed by captains and they where headed by a higher ranking undead.

Captains had no sentience and had no real control over what happened. Some of them got lucky and rose through the ranks by following the orders of higher ranking undead. These captains would then be given sentience by the generals of the army. The newly promoted captains would either stay a captain with more control or be put into a new group.

Unknown to the newly formed skeleton named Jyron, his captain was the kind that lacked sentience.

Here goes nothing Jyrons captain walked across him and Jyron stretched out and stopped the captain.

The other skeletons turned as if reacting to the new movement.

Ahh! Jyron was honestly scared by the other skeletons movement.

Have I been found? ”… ” The skeletons turned back without incident.

Alright! With a steeled resolve Jyron looked into the eyes of his superior.

Green swirls of fire licked the edge of its eye sockets.

”Undead control. ” Jyron spoke aloud for no apparent reason and a purple and black miasma left the hand that held the captain.

The miasma crawled its way up the shoulder of the skeleton and to its neck. It poured into its eyes and began a fierce battle with the green flames inside.

”Wha….? ” Jyron was at a loss.

Could it be the wills are clashing? Hmm… it should be fine aslong as I only try to capture weak undead. The thought was slightly disappointing but the ability to capture someone elses undead is an invaluable ability.

The green flames soon began to die down. The flames got weaker and weaker as the purple and black miasma began to reign supreme.

Soon the once green flame was replaced by a purplish black flame. This new flame was menacing in nature and devilish in appearance.

Soon the flame turned back to the sickly green it once was.

[Skeleton Capture a success. The flame can be changed at will.] the green was only an accessory and served no real purpose but to hide the fact that the skeleton is under control. It would be painfully obvious that the skeleton was odd if it had a black flame in its eyes.

”Get on your knees. ” The skeletal captain was suddenly on its knees.

So the skeleton will just do as I say? As if further testing Jyron made it do more.

”Do a handstand… ” the skeletal captain got up and did just that. A hand stand.

”Roll to the left… ” the skeletal captain dropped from its handstand and did a tactical roll to the left.

Any command it is then. If a skeleton could smirk Jyron would have smirked right now.

”Alright. Do as you usually would. ” The skeleton commanded his troop and we began marching off.

*Clink* the sound of bone soldiers walking reverted through the broken city. As Jyron approached the walls of the city he noticed the carnage that must have token place.

Heads lay on large wooden pikes. The cries of women and children throughout the city was heart wrenching to the living. But this is now a city of death. A city were the skeletons crawl up from their graves and strike down the ones its beating hearts.

The cries of Women and Children cut out after a bright green flash.

This of course, was of no concern to Jyron.

The captain lead ”his ” troop through the city and into a courtyard. After finding a group of about 200 Skeletal Soldiers and Mages along with other captains, he stopped.

The skeletons, including Jyron, lined up along the wall with the captain going to the front of the line.

Soon a Skeleton clad in full black armour appeared. He, like all the other skeletons, had a sickly green flame burning in his eyes. A black great-sword was attached to his back. Following closely behind him to his right was a cloaked skeleton.

”What the ** happened then! ” The skeleton was clearly already in a conversation with the cloaked skeleton.

”I have no clue! He just dropped dead and lifeless! ” The cloaked skeleton was in as much distress as the armoured one.

”God… compile a report now! I want it to be sent directly to the lord! Is this understood? ” The black skeleton was in a panic. Despite this he had control over his troop.

”Yes sir! It will be done! ” The cloaked skeleton wasted no time before turning into black wisps and disappearing.

The black skeleton walked forward to the middle of the courtyard before stopping. He began stroking his skeletal face with his menacing, black claw.

The skeleton stood still in a deep thought before yelling out.

”Skeletal Captains! Step forward! ” About 10 skeletons stepped forward.

”Get your troop to raid that. ” The skeleton pointed to the end of the courtyard at a door. It was wooden and reinforced by metallic beams. ”Its an armoury. You may all equip any good equipment you find. Bring the rest out and dump it into a pile. ”

The courtyard the skeletons were standing in belonged to one of the many garrisons throughout the city.

The skeletons went back before ordering there troops to move in.

The skeletons did so by using hand movements and their will.

The captain of Jyrons squad however did something else.

”…? ” The captain looked at Jyron in a questioning manner.

Jyron simply nodded his head in response.

The captain didn give a reply other than ordering his troops.

I have full control… now to see if I can get any gear! Jyron followed behind the captain and moved towards the door.

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