Whilst lying on his bed under a cool night breeze, beads of sweat were dripping off Nicks face and his body couldn seem to remain still. He was fidgeting on the bed and shaking his head from left to right. His heart was unstable and his lips were trembling. In his sleep, Nick saw himself in an unconscious state on an isolated bed in an empty clubhouse.

A woman wearing a white gown opened the door and tiptoed toward him. Upon getting closer, the woman raised her hands and slowly brought it over Nicks face. Nick felt the presence of an object drawing close to him and opened his eyes. But he was too late. Immediately his eyes were opened, the woman placed both hands on his neck and using her entire strength, began to choke Nick on the neck.

She said as she did this: ”Cheater! How dare you have an affair behind my back! On top of it all, how dare you have an affair on my wedding day! ”

Nick, the victim, got confused. He tried to reach out for an object nearby but there was nothing he could use. He then held the ladys hands and forced himself to say the words: ”A-na, Im… sorr-y. P-lease forgive me. ”

Though he said this, the lady strangling him wasn going to let go. She was ready to kill him, even if it meant ending up in prison.

But Nick wasn ready to die, hence still made attempts to free himself. Nevertheless, the more he tried to set himself free, the more Ana tightened her grip on him. Now Nick was losing his senses. He couldn breathe freely and couldn hear clearly. Slowly, Ana was getting rid of the soul beneath her. Nick was struggling to stay alive as his body felt too weak to fight his opponent. He wriggled his legs whilst trying his best to shove Anas hands off his neck, but to no avail. Gradually, Nick slowly let go of Anas hands and left his destiny in the hands of the woman on top of him.

However, Ana let go of Nick and surprisingly started to cry.

Nick coughed as he tried to catch his breath. It seemed as if he was breathing for the first time in his life. Ana, on the other hand, sat by Nicks side on the bed and continued crying. As she sobbed, she said: ”Nick, though I hate you for your infidelity, I cannot kill you. Do you know why? ”

Nick was still trying to catch his breath and could hardly pay attention to what she was saying.

Ana added: ”Because men like you don deserve to die. Death is too easy of a punishment for you. Thats why I will make sure that every second, every minute, every hour and every day of your life will be filled with pain and horror. Terror will be your breakfast and trembling your lunch as misery is served as your dinner. You will beg me to take your life away from you, but I won . For my goal is to ensure that you never become happy as long as you live your long miserable life. ”

Those words were clearly heard by Nick. All of a sudden, he woke up and realized that it was all a nightmare. His bed was soaked with sweat and his heart could not stop beating quickly. He turned his neck and saw his wife Ana, sleeping soundly. He couldn stop panting and looked so pale.

Unable to sleep anymore, Nick slowly stepped out of the bed and opened the door with a lot of care.

After he got out of the room, he quickly descended the staircase and went to the fridge. Feeling so dehydrated, he rushed in for bottled water. With his hands shaking vigorously, the bottle fell to the ground. Nick bent down to pick it up, but once he grabbed hold of the bottle, the lights came in.

Upon turning to see who had turned on the lights, Nicks heart jumped out of his chest. Once his eyes met with his wifes, he fell to the ground and could hardly stand up.

She was wearing a white robe which gave her an eerie feeling. Also, her long straight hair which had covered most of her face, made her look like a ghost from the movies.

Seeing her husband fall to the ground, Ana rushed to help him up. But as he saw his wife approaching, Nick got on his feet and took to his heels. Running out of the house, Nick had nowhere exactly to go and Ana, upon getting more concerned about her husband, rushed outside, chasing after him.

”Nick! Nick! ” she called out but her husband just disappeared into the distance.

Ana looked around the house for a while but couldn find Nick. Feeling quite cold, she decided to head back inside. Nick, who was hiding behind a trash can outside, gave out a huge sigh after seeing his wife leave.

Coming out of his hiding place, he muttered to himself, saying: ”Thank goodness she didn see me. ”

But afterwards he asked himself: ”Why did I run outside? Was it because of the dream I had? Perhaps, does she know that I have been cheating on her? ”

Looking closely at the mansion before him, Nick suddenly feels chilly and hugs himself whilst saying: ”Theres no way. It is best if I return to my old self. Besides, it was just a dream. ”

He says convincingly to himself and heads inside. Once he gets to the bedroom, he sees his wife on the bed with her eyes closed and sleeps next to her. She didn react or utter a word though her mind was awake.

The morning comes by quickly and Nick is taking a shower whilst singing. He comes out with a white towel wrapped around his waist and sees his wife staring right at him.

Nick jumped back and nearly slipped to the ground as he got startled by her. Though he had been married for two months, he was still not used to the marriage environment. Pretending as if everything is normal, he smiles at his wife but her expression remains the same as always. Never had Nick seen her smile, she was always with a straight face and never laughed, cried or smiled. To Nick, she seemed like a robot brought to serve him. And since it is impossible to fall for ones robotic device, how was he expected to fall for his robotic wife?

Ana then told him: ”Nick, I prepared breakfast for you. ”

”Is that so? Thanks a lot ”, he replied whilst standing upright.

In a humble way, Ana asked with her innocent eyes: ”Should I bring it to you? Or would you have it downstairs? ”

”Downstairs? Don bother ”, Nick replied.

”Yes, I understand ”, Ana said. Nick went ahead to take out his clothes from the wardrobe but realized that the suit he had planned to wear was not amongst the others. At that moment, Ana told him: ”Here are your clothes. ”

Nick got his head out of the wardrobe and was amazed when he saw how neatly pressed his clothes were. Even this kind of service was hardly found in the best laundries but his wife now made it a daily service.

”Did you iron them yourself? ” Nick asked Ana as he received his shirt.

”Yes, thats the little I can do to help ”, Ana replied.

”Thanks Ana ”, Nick said with a smile and went on to wear his necktie. But as always, he had problems fixing it up and had to ask Ana for help.

”Ana, can you help me with my necktie? ” Nick asked and instantly, Ana came over and took his necktie from him.

Nick then asked as she wrapped the tie around his neck, ”Won you ask about what happened last night? ”

In reply, Ana said: ”At the right time, I know you will tell me. ”

Shortly afterwards, she said: ”All done ”, indicating that she had fixed the necktie with perfection.

Nick looked at himself in the mirror and had to admit that he was looking dashing thanks to his wife.

Nick went ahead to get his briefcase and made it downstairs as Ana followed him.

The sweet smell downstairs was so amazing that it carried Nick off the stairs and landed him perfectly before the table. Placing his briefcase down, he took the cover off the plate and smiled at the potato pancakes before him. ”Thanks for the meal Ana ”, he said to his wife and dug in.

After he was satisfied, Nick stood up and walked out the door. But, Ana called him back saying, ”Nick, theres something you have forgotten. ”

”Which is? ” He asked and saw Ana holding his briefcase.

”Right, my briefcase ”, he said and received it from Ana.

Yet, immediately he turned around, Ana said one more time: ”Nick, theres still something you have forgotten. ”

”What could it be? ” Nick asked himself but couldn tell.

Ana walked towards him and placed an object in his hands. It was his credit card. ”Oh my goodness! I totally forgot about that ”, Nick said. But upon turning around, Nicks smiley face turned into despair. He had actually left that on purpose.

He wanted Ana to use it for herself and yet she didn .

Once he sat in his car, Nick said to himself: ”Why, why, why? Darn it. Why didn she use the credit card? How come she didn spend even a penny on it? ”

Right after asking himself that question, Nick recalled what his friend Dicky said the other day.

As usual, Nick and Dicky were having lunch together at Nicks office. During that time, Nicks secretary, Rita, came in. She submitted some files to Nick and Dicky realized that the two had something going on between them.

After Rita had left, Dicky dropped his spoon and asked Nick, ”Dude, weve been friends for over ten years now and I know you very well. Tell me, are you having a fling with Rita? ”

”A fling, what are you talking about man? ” Nick tried to deny it. But Dicky looked at him with an eagles eye. Nick tried to concentrate on his meal but Dicky won stop staring at him.

Knowing he had been caught, Nick finally gave in. ”Fine, it was just a one night stand. ”

”Just a one night stand. Man, are you crazy? Did you just call a one night stand, just? Dude, you are married and no longer the single party guy Nick ”, Dicky reminded him.

”Alright, I heard you. Im never going to do that again. Stop making a big deal out of this ”, Nick said with a smile.

”A big deal? Nick, this ain a joke ”, Dicky said with great seriousness.

Nick was shocked at his demeanor and asked: ”You were fine with my lifestyle all this while, so why are you turning into a fussy pussy now? ”

”Nick, back then you were single. Now, you are married. And you ain married to just anyone. Ana is a great woman ”, Dicky made it clear to Nick.

But Nick said in reply: ”Oh please, don start the lecture. Everyone knows that Ana is boring. She doesn laugh, she doesn smile and neither does she cry. An emotionless robot is what she is. ”

Dicky was surprised at Nicks statement.

”Nick, did you just say that? Man, you are my friend. But I will advise you to either get your marriage right or get a divorce. Its not right to be unfaithful to Ana. Just not right man ”, Dicky said to Nick and the latter started to feel guilty, just as he was feeling now.

Still in his car, Nick looked at Ana who waved back and said to himself: ”Dicky was right back then. One fling led to another, and another led to another. And now, aside Rita, I have two more women on the affair list. Ana deserves better than this. If this is going to continue, then I will get a divorce at all costs. ”

He then waved back at Ana and drove off to work.

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