(One Month After Nick Decided To Get A Divorce)

Seated in a darkly lit room was Nick. He snapped his fingers and suddenly the lights came in. They lit up the platform before him but failed to light up the area which he occupied.

He then said: ”Lets begin. ”

A man in a black suit went ahead to proclaim: ”Line Up! ”

A lot of sudden, a group of men of all looks, and sizes entered the room and lined up on the platform. They were real men and most of them looked like celebrities.

The announcer told Nick: ”Sir, these are the contestants. What do you think? ”

Nick seated comfortably in the darkness, crossed his legs and placed the tips of his fingers together. He instructed, ”Start now. ”

”Yes sir ”, the man replied and gave a signal to his fellow sound operator.

The announcer said: ”Then, contestant number one, please step forward. ”

A very tall man with a great body build up stepped forward.

Nick asked him: ”Whats your name? ”

He replied, ”Shay Gordon. ”

”Not bad ”, Nick said after he had replied and added: ”In terms of looks, you have a great body, handsome face and an amazing height. ”

He then looked keenly at the contestant and seemed not to like something about him. This was finally revealed when Nick asked: ”But aren you too tall? ”

Looking at the announcer, Nick asked: ”The last time we sent someone this tall, wasn it a total failure? ”

”Yes it was ”, the announcer replied but Shay, the tall man said: ”But I can do it. ”

Nick looked at him constantly and shaked his head in disapproval whilst saying: ”Won do. You just won . Go and decrease your height and come back later. ”

”Yes sir ”, the man foolishly responded and made his way out.

”Next! ” the announcer exclaimed and according to their line up, a man came up. He was also good looking but not with an overwhelming height.

”Whats your name? ” Nick asked.

”Eric Wind ”, the man replied.

”Wind? I see. Wind, have you ever done this before? ” Nick asked him.

”Not yet, but I do have a little experience ”, Eric revealed.

”Tell us more ”, Nick encouraged.

Erick went ahead to say: ”Okay, so back in high school, I was a king in these deals and everyone longed for my services. But I haven practiced that much afterwards. ”

”Is that so? ” Nick asked, looking very interested in the young man. Therefore it was not surprising when he told the announcer: ”Put him on probation. ”

”Yes sir ”, he replied. Afterwards, he proclaimed again saying: ”Next! ”

Another man stepped forward. In this audition, there was no female applicant, rather, it was all males.

Nick looked at the man and saw him to be too young. Therefore, he changed the approach of his questions. ”How old are you? ” Nick asked this time round.

”Im 27 sir ”, the man responded.

”You look much younger than that but never mind. So whats your working experience? ” Nick asked after honestly admitting how he saw the young man.

The man confidently replied, saying: ”Sir, so far I have been able to accomplish this task with over two hundred women with a hundred percent accuracy. ”

”What about women who have already tied the knot? ” Nick asked him and his confidence level dropped a little.

He replied, ”Well, not so many of them but I was successful by a ninety percent margin, you could say. ”

”I think thats a good score ”, a man seated next to Nick whispered behind his ears.

Nick on the other hand said aloud: ”I disagree. Stay on probation. ”

The man now loudly said: ”But Nick, he is the best in the business. ”

Nick looked at him with sharp eyes and said: ”You make the recommendations but I make the final cut. ”

The man was then put at his right spot and he remained silent afterwards. However, he clenched his fists and seemed to despise Nick for the treatment he just received.

The auditions continued and all Nick was heard saying was: ”Won do. Stay on probation. Won do, never return. ”

Finally,all the men were gone and no contestant remained.

The announcer still shouted one more time: ”Next! ” but no one responded. He did it once more, proclaiming, ”Next! ” This time too no one came.

Nick then asked: ”Is there someone left? ”

”Yes sir, someone is. It is just that he is very rare and does not like to mingle with the crowd ”, the announcer replied.

Nick then asked: ”Whats his name? ”

”Raphael Reyes ”, the announcer replied. Nick suddenly shouted: ”Raphael, you are next. ”

A few seconds later, a beautiful man entered. Nick was even stunned at his beauty but still went on to ask: ”Why didn you come in when I called you? ”

”Did you call me earlier? I thought you just did ”, the man replied with a smile.

”Interesting ”, Nick mumbled to himself. After which he said, ” Okay Raphael, tell us a bit about yourself? ”

Adonis replied saying: ”My name is Raphael Reyes. But most people know me as The Irresistible. ”

Nick went ahead to ask: ”Why are you called The Irresistible? ”

Raphael smiled and asked: ”Sir, who is the most difficult lady to seduce? ”

”A breastfeeding mother? ” Nick guessed.

”Thats right. But, I can seduce such women in less than five minutes ”, Raphael mentioned.

”Are you saying that you have such an amazing work experience? ” Nick asked and Raphael replied, saying: ”They say that to see is to believe. Why don I give you a practical session of myself? ”

”Sure, go ahead ”, Nick replied. Raphael then told Nick, ”Outside are many breastfeeding moms. Please who do you want me to seduce? ”

Nick stood up from his seat and walked outside, together with the announcer, who happened to be his secretary and also the co-judge whom he had blasted earlier.

Once they got outside, Nick said: ”Her. I want you to seduce that quiet lady on the bench and you have five minutes for the task. ”

”No problem ”, Raphael replied. He then left the three men and walked towards the woman.

As he was gone, Nicks secretary asked: ”Sir, do you think he can really pull this out? ”

Nick smiled and told his secretary: ”Lets wait and see. ”

The three saw Raphael talking to the woman but they couldn discern what they were saying. All of a sudden, the woman began to cry and Raphael embraced her as she wept bitterly.

Astounded, the three looked at each other and Nick spoke. He asked: ”What do you guys think? ”

The secretary replied, saying: ”Sir, I think we should hire him. ”

But the co-judge also said: ”Nick, I don think he can do a great job. Just because he hugged her doesn mean hes that good. ”

Nick smirked and asked: ”Then what about now? ”

Confused, the co-judge asked: ”What do you mean? ”

The co-judge turned around only to see Raphaels lips on the forehead of the woman.

Nick then said to him: ”I think hes the one we have been looking for. ”

The co-judge looked astonished and had nothing more to say.

Since his five minutes were up, Raphael stood up and bid the woman goodbye. But she called him back and gave him her complimentary card. Raphael accepted it and came over to the trio who awaited him.

Upon joining them, Nick asked: ”How did you do that? ”

In reply, he said: ”Thats not important right now. Just tell me, did I make the cut? ”

”Yes, you are hired ”, Nick replied.

”What? ” Nicks co-judge disagreed.

But no one paid attention to him. And Raphael went on to ask: ”Then, who do you want me to take care of? ”

Nick replied with ease: ”The one I want you to take care of is… my wife. Totally take care of her and make her fall deeply for you. She needs to have an affair with you at all costs. ”

Raphael smiled and said: ”Once I take care of her, you will have her no more. Are you sure about this? ” he asked.

But Nick replied with confidence, saying: ”Shes all yours. ”

Raphael then said: ”Then I will make sure that she becomes mine. ”

”Guess we have a deal ”, Nick said and extended his arm for a handshake.

”Yes, we do ”, Raphael replied and placed his palms in Nicks, accepting the handshake.

The two smiled at each other as they now had the same interest. Nick said to himself: ”Finally, I can free myself from this woman without any regrets. ”

And Raphael also said to himself: ”Finally, I can meet her once again. This time round, I will make sure that I never lose her again. ”

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