, then so be it. ” ”

”Was that lady Ana? ” Raphael asked.

”Yes, but I didn know her back then. However, I got curious as to what this lady was planning on doing. So I followed her from the church and saw her enter an apartment building. She took the elevator and headed for the last floor ”, Nick revealed.

”Was she planning on killing herself? ” Raphael asked.

”It looked like it but wasn the case ”, Nick answered.

He explained further saying: ”She wasn going to kill herself, instead she was going to kill a man. I discovered this when I got to the rooftop. I saw her holding a knife in her hand whilst pointing it at a man. ” Nick added: ”I was quite shocked and didn know what to do. The man, on the other hand, told her to go ahead and stab him. He said: ”Just kill me. Even if you do, my death will not bring your brother and mother whom I killed back to life. ” That statement enraged me and I lost control. So, I ran and snatched the knife from Ana. After which I pushed the man to a wall and placed my arm on his neck. ”

”Then what happened next? ” Raphael asked, he was dying of curiosity.

Nick continued his narrations. He said: ”He was really struggling to free himself. But then I told him to apologize to the lady but he refused. I remained persistent and upon realizing how close he was to losing his life, he accepted and apologized to Ana. After which he turned himself in. ”

”Wow! That was crazy. Then, what happened next? ” Raphael asked.

”Ana was touched but she didn cry or show a smiley face. Yet still, I went on to hug her ”, Nick replied.

”Why? ” Raphael asked and Nick replied, saying: ”Though she did not ask for it, I could tell that she was scared and lonely. ”

All of a sudden, Raphael got up from his seat and asked with intense fury: ”So youve got to hug her? ”

Surprised at his reaction, Nick asked: ”Why are you getting angry? ”

”Im not ”, Raphael denied.

”Yes you are ”, Nick replied.

Raphael, seeing that he had overstepped his boundaries, got his butt back on the bench and said: ”Please continue with the story. ”

Ignoring his earlier reaction, Nick said: ”Alright. After the hug, I never met her until a month later. Thats when my grandmother died and I was to receive her entire inheritance. ”

”How did that lead to your second encounter with Ana? ” Raphael asked.

Nick replied, saying: ”Well, to receive the inheritance, there was a condition. I had to get married to Ana. But I didn want to since I felt like I would be doing that for my selfish interest. ”

”And yet you did ”, Raphael added.

”Yeah, Ana told me that she would marry me even if it wasn out of love since she owed me one ”, Nick replied.

”So thats how you got married? ” Raphael asked.

”Yes ”, Nick replied.

”I see. Then, how was Ana after marriage? ” Raphael asked yet again and Nick said in reply: ”The same old story. Shes still the same way. So, is this enough information? ” He asked Raphael.

The man also known as Irresponsible replied to him saying: ”More than enough. Thanks, I will find out the rest myself. ”

The two shook hands and Raphael got up to leave. However, Nick got a call and after picking it up, he said: ”Hello! Whats the matter? ”

Shortly afterwards, he stood up from the bench and exclaimed: ”What? Ana went into a hotel room with a man? ”

Raphael turned and the expression on his face showed that he was as shocked as Nick.

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