Chapter 2 Encounter(gravityn0vels)

Yes, the pure white eye can even analyze the source of extraordinary characteristics.
In just a few seconds before, it had analyzed some of the main material formulas of the same Sequence Nine “Reader” through the blue gem representing Sequence 8!

“I think that opening the pure white eyes two or three times like before should be enough to fully resolve the ‘reader’ formula… But don’t worry, I’ll wait until evening.
I don’t want to be forced into a coma all morning,” Liu Bo thought to himself as he lit the two pieces of paper with the analysis results and the summary of the current functions of the pure white eye with a candle, turning them into ashes.
Although it is written in Simplified Chinese, there is a senior like Roselle in this world, and it would be very troublesome to be seen even if he doesn’t understand the meaning.

After burning the note, Liu Bo stood up and stretched himself.
Then he put on his shoes, prepared to go out and get something to eat, and figured out what date it was.
Before the original owner’s death, due to the erosion of extraordinary characteristics and family changes, he had been living in a muddle, and his days were completely numbered.
He had many plans that could only be launched after confirming the time point.

At this time, the sky was already bright, and there were already many pedestrians on the street, with an endless stream of hawking and greetings.
Liu Bo looked at the real and lively scene in front of him and sighed in his heart: “It seems that I can’t go back… From now on, I will be Abner Brain!” (Note: “Abner” refers to the protagonist)

It was not difficult to confirm the date, and Abner easily solved this problem after buying a copy of the day’s “Becklund Post”.

Looking at the words “Tuesday, May 29, 1349” on the first page of the newspaper, Abner heaved a sigh of relief and also joked to himself: “I came here a month earlier than Mr.
, It would be terrible if I waited until he fell asleep and then crossed over.” After all, by then, not only would the advantage of knowing the plot be gone, but the end would be closer!

While thinking about these thoughts, Abner walked into a small restaurant by the side of the road.
There were not many people in the restaurant, or almost none.
This was because most of the residents in the East District were in a state of extreme poverty, and it was not certain whether they could have a full meal every day, let alone go to a restaurant.
Secondly, it was already time to go to work, and most of the regular customers of this restaurant had already gone to work in the factory.

Therefore, the slightly laid-back Abner was more eye-catching, causing the waitress in front of the counter to look at him strangely a few more times.

Seeing this, Abner couldn’t help but secretly sigh.
Neither he nor the original owner fit in well with this place! He needn’t mention that the original owner was like this because Abner was the only son of a wealthy businessman more than half a month ago.
His father ran a grain business, and his mother was keen on holding banquets with neighbors and friends.
His family not only owned a townhouse in the Jorwood area, but also owned a villa with a garden near St.
Hirland’s Church in St.
George’s area.

Abner was sent to public school by his father to prepare for university in the future.

However, more than half a month ago, the Kingdom’s “Grain Law” was abolished, and the price of grain fell to a low point.
As a big grain merchant who had hoarded a lot of grain, his father went bankrupt and all the assets of the family were auctioned off to barely pay off the debt.
Because of the poor quality of life, Abner’s mother developed mental problems and was deceived by a businessman in Jianhai County.
In the end, she was abducted and sold.
The father also committed suicide because he couldn’t stand the double blow.

Abner, who was in a public boarding school at the time and was preparing for graduation exams, was struck by thunder when he heard the news, so that the days that followed were muddled.

Fortunately, he still had some good friends and classmates in the public school.
They sympathized with Abner’s experience and pooled their pocket money to help him bury his father and rent a house in the East End.
The one-bedroom house was used as a place to stay.

Recalling these past events, Abner touched the hidden pocket sewn inside his pocket and found that he had about 3 pounds of money in it.
Although this money is not much, after all, his classmates’ pocket money is not too outrageous.
But in the East District, it can be considered a ‘huge sum’!

After spending 10 pence to buy breakfast, Abner was eating while thinking about what he hadn’t finished summarizing at home or what he didn’t dare to write on paper.

“Blocking the knowledge of foreign gods and preventing me from remembering the formula of potions above demigods, this is obviously my golden finger protecting me! The former prevents me from being polluted by ‘understanding’, while the latter prevents me from being polluted by certain sequences.
Top-level powerhouses noticed the abnormality too early.
After all, the low- and middle-sequence formulas are all in the hands of a few people or forces.
If I know the formula for no reason, it will inevitably not arouse their interest.
This is not to disclose that’s fine, you must know that some gods claim to be ‘omniscient’! Oh, maybe the abilities of my golden finger are more than what I have summed up, and most of its powers are probably helping me hide from the gods and the old days? Maybe I should join the Tarot Club and use Origin Castle to help cover up, so that I can free up more abilities of my golden finger?”

While Abner was dreaming, the door of the restaurant was pushed open and a middle-aged man in blue overalls walked in.
He had a sad face and looked around for a while before finding a conspicuous seat and sitting down, ordering a cup of coffee.
(If you don’t order something, you will be thrown out)

Abner only took one look at him and judged from the details of his behavior and face that this man should be a skilled worker with a decent income.
This is one of the benefits of improved insight.

A short girl, no more than 1.5 meters tall, walked into the restaurant with steady steps.
Her cheeks were slightly chubby, and her features were delicate and soft.
Despite her messy, shoulder-length yellow hair and traditional knight training attire, she had a majestic and believable charm.

Abner’s gaze was immediately drawn to this girl.
It was not out of lust, but rather because of the extraordinary aura emanating from her body that almost made his pure white eyes open spontaneously and fall into a coma.
He forced himself to look away, but couldn’t help but click his tongue in his mind: “As expected of Backlund, even a restaurant as poor as this can have extraordinary people! I need to learn how Klein opened his spirit vision in the novel and set a ‘switch’ hint for my pure white eye so I don’t lose my composure like that again.”

The girl who had just entered the restaurant looked at Abner strangely, feeling that the man’s eyes were indescribable, but she didn’t say much.
Instead, she went straight to the man in overalls and asked seriously: “Mr.
Ryan Hardy?”

The man stood up quickly, as if frightened, and replied respectfully: “It’s me! You are the famous ‘arbiter’ Miss Hugh?”

The girl named Hugh nodded and said: “That’s right.
Don’t be nervous, sit down.
Why did you ask someone to find me? Please explain everything clearly.” She then took the seat opposite the man.

The middle-aged man, Ryan, nodded quickly and sat back in his seat.
He called the waiter to order a cup of coffee for Hugh [1].

Abner had finished his breakfast at this point and was about to leave when he heard the words ‘Hugh’ and ‘Arbitrator.’ He narrowed his eyes and didn’t get up in a hurry.

“Could this girl be Miss Judgment of the Tarot Society in the future? Well, her name matches and her appearance and clothes also match the description in the novel, especially her height… Plus, the majestic look on her body feels…this is not long after taking the potion, and it hasn’t been fully cured yet.
The power of the potion is still overflowing?” Abner reasoned unconsciously, feeling more and more that his judgment was correct.
Lyon had already spoken of his predicament.

It turned out that Mr.
Ryan was a steam machinery maintenance worker with a good income.
However, his son had suddenly fallen ill a while ago.
In order to see a doctor for his son, he had to borrow money from a loan shark connected to a gang leader in the East District.
But due to a trap in the loan contract, he found that the interest rate was several times higher than he had expected and he couldn’t even repay it if he went bankrupt.
When negotiations with the leader failed, he was desperate and overheard the name of the “arbiter” Hugh Dilcha, so he asked someone to contact Hugh, hoping that she could persuade the other party to waive the unreasonable portion of the debt.

“This is the case in “Lord of the Mysteries” where Hugh first persuades the other party physically and ends up in prison?” Abner rubbed his chin.
“I can’t find a suitable entry point to help her for the time being.
It’s possible to get acquainted with her in the name of selling the Arbiter Sequence 8 formula, but unfortunately, without a reliable arbiter and host, she can’t judge the authenticity of the formula at all and she definitely won’t buy it… It seems that joining the Tarot Society has one more reason.
There may not be a more convenient and safe trading platform in this world than Origin Castle.
Too many formulas will definitely attract covetousness and danger.”

As Abner secretly sighed, Hugh had already finished talking with Ryan and told him that an investigation would be conducted, asking him to wait patiently.
She assured him that there would be results within two or three days.
Hugh stood up and left without hesitation, but gave Abner another serious look before leaving, as if remembering his appearance.

“Miss Judgment’s intuition is very keen.
My pure white eyes were almost opened before, but it still made her alert!” Abner knew Hugh’s attitude well and was not nervous.
After all, this lady is a kind and upright person and would not harm him.

On the other side, Hugh returned to the rented house and saw the “well-known” writer who was rented with her lying on the couch like a salted fish.
She pursed her lips and couldn’t help saying: “Forsi, I just picked up a mission and need your help.”

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[1] Hugh Derecha

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