A general and his war horse lived and died together on the battlefield.
Therefore, horse trainers would pay special attention to teach them from an early age not to accept food from strangers, so that this could not be taken advantage of by villains in the future.
And Xuan Jiao’s vigilance was higher than that of ordinary war horses, in addition to being naturally fierce and aggressive.
When it was at the northwest camp, it kicked and injured several groomers who tried to approach it, and even Cheng Suyue nearly lost a rib once.

Liang Shu frowned: “You’ve fed it several times on the road?”

Liu Xian’an sipped at the remaining sweetness on the tip of his tongue: “En, soy bean radish cake with some added herbs.
A-Ning made them himself, and it was originally prepared as nighttime food for the pony.”

The pony was Liu Xian’an’s red-haired mare.
Like its owner, it had a docile personality and a slow pace.
It had gained weight recently, its whole body shaking when it ran.
Liang Shu originally thought that Xuan Jiao would scoff at such a fat little horse that was neither good-looking nor useful, and continued to ask: “Why are you feeding my horse?”

“I didn’t take the initiative to feed it, it came to ask for some by itself.” Liu Xian’an stretched his muscles vigorously.
“But don’t worry, my lord.
I know that war horses have to pay special attention to food and drink, so I only gave it half a bite each time, less than two mouthfuls.
If that is no good, then I’ll go back and tell A-Ning not to feed it in the future.”

Liang Shu felt as if he had just seen a ghost.
Why did everyone from Xiao Wang Palace, from people to horses, have a big change of temperament upon meeting this Sleeping Immortal? Never mind Cheng Suyue, she was a young girl, after all, and would take the initiative to restrain herself when she saw a good-looking man.
This could just barely be explained, but what sort of wrong medicine did Gao Lin and Xuan Jiao take? His Royal Highness Xiao Wang even began to wonder whether in the Three Thousand Worlds, there was a world dedicated to teaching people how to cast curses – it was hard to say, ah.
After all, there should have been a lot of old, white-bearded men who died in ancient times, and it was hard to guarantee that one or two with ulterior motives wouldn’t get in.

Liu Xian’an yawned and returned to his room to change his clothes.
He was really sleepy, but also really hungry, and the combination of sleepiness and hunger made his movements slower.
Liang Shu had just ordered the guards at the door to call Cheng Suyue over, and when he turned around, he saw Liu Xian’an wrapped in a loose robe.
With half-closed eyes, he took one step onto the threshold with his left foot, stepped on his left foot with his right foot, and fell to the ground with a plop. 

After that, he didn’t move any more, and lay down as peacefully as a mountain, unmoved by wind or rain.

Liang Shu: “…….”

A guard hurried forward to help him up: “Second Young Master Liu, are you all right? Do you want to go back to the room and rest for a while?”

Presently, A-Ning also returned with food.
There was nothing good on the mountain, only two pancakes and a bowl of soup.
From a distance, he saw Liu Xian’an sitting at the table in a trance with a dirty face and sighed deeply: “Young Master, you fell asleep while walking again?”

This tone of voice was not one of surprise, and it could be seen that Second Young Master Liu was a habitual offender in this respect.
A-Ning quickly wrung out a handkerchief and wiped his hands and face clean before stuffing him with cakes.
Liu Xian’an didn’t open his eyes the whole time.
Liang Shu watched in amazement and thought that with such an expression, it would not be impossible to directly move him to a temple and put him on a high platform, wrapping him in a piece of cloth to pretend he was a clay sculpture.

After Liu Xian’an finished eating two pieces of cake with his eyes closed, he was almost awake.
He stood up and glanced around, asking, “Where is the prince?”

“He left a long time ago.
Before leaving, he told the young master to rest more and go to the morgue after getting enough sleep, so as not to plunge into Du Jing’s arms.”

Liu Xian’an thought about Du Jing’s “bosom” that he couldn’t look straight at right then, and felt that it would be okay to sleep a little longer.
Thus, he rinsed his mouth and went to bed, rolling up in the blanket to go visit the god of dreams again.
This time the ancient sages did not appear in the bamboo forest, but he met His Royal Highness Xiao Wang.
Sitting on a white crane with his very long sword, he asked leisurely: “This is your Three Thousand Ways?”

Although Liu Xian’an was a little surprised, the new guest was still very welcome, so he rode a white crane and stopped in front of him, only to find that Liang Shu had a lot of blood on his body, some of which was very fresh, dying a large area of the pure white crane feathers red.

For the first time in this pure world, there were other colors.
Liu Xian’an sighed and wanted to take him to the spring to wash away the blood, and then eat some spiritual fruits.
But he met a group of barefoot sages who seemed to be drunk, talking about how there was “no dao in the world,” and “I will not be an official for life, my ambitions are forthright,” so he hurriedly pulled this person along to quietly go to another place.

The scenery was more elegant and beautiful than the spring.
Thin waterfalls streamed down from the top of the mountain, splashing into thousands of ripples.
The fallen flower petals on the shore were colorful, the spiritual grass swayed, and a few little jade rabbits would run past from time to time.
This was the place that Second Young Master Liu usually liked to visit, and it could be regarded as his private territory.

Liang Shu asked: “Why are you afraid that I will see them?”

Liu Xian’an sat on the rocks on the shore, watching him bathe: “Because they advocate inaction and uselessness, avoiding the world to protect themselves.” 

They’re different from you.
If you meet, you would probably have to fight them.

Liang Shu was immersed in the water, with only half of his shoulders exposed: “Inaction and uselessness, ignoring troubled times and suffering?”

“That isn’t it.” Liu Xian’an propped up his head and thought for a while, replying, “Doing nothing is doing something.
If you do something, the world will be at peace, if you do nothing, you can still govern.
If there is nothing to do, you will live a long time.”

Liang Shu scoffed coldly: “They should all be exiled into the chaotic world to take a good look at how useful inaction can be.”

Liu Xian’an felt that His Royal Highness Xiao Wang was really not very friendly, and would chase away his good friends as soon as he came, so he carefully told him: “If you come again in the future, just wait for me underneath this waterfall, don’t run around, okay?”

Liang Shu snorted, expressing his full disdain for such a proposal, and stood up from the water.
His figure was solid and strong, and water droplets slid down his chest from his shoulders, disappearing into the water below his waist.
Looking at the blurred shadow in the reflection, Liu Xian’an hurriedly said: “Don’t move, I’ll find you some clothes –”


His Royal Highness Xiao Wang stood on the shore and said: “I don’t like to wear white.”

Liu Xian’an stared at him, dumbfounded.

Then we woke up from the dream.

He sat up suddenly with his heart beating extremely fast.
The shadow under the water’s surface became extremely clear, and he took a breath of cold air, pulling the blanket over his head.
He didn’t understand how he could dream with such detail.
At this time, the sky outside was already dark and all was quiet.
A-Ning had gone to rest long ago, so no one noticed the strange behavior of Second Young Master Liu in the middle of the night.

He felt that this was really a breach of etiquette.
His Royal Highness Xiao Wang came as a guest, but he couldn’t even dream up some clothes for him.
Lying in the dark under the blanket for a while, Liu Xian’an felt his heartbeat calm down a little, so he sat up again, hugging his knees as he looked out the window for some time.

The moonlight that night was very bright, so bright that it was a little strange, and the silver disc had a reddish edge.
The mountains and fields stretched as far as the eye could see.
Tall blades of grass bent in the wind and echoes swirled, wu wu sha sha, in weeping and complaint.

Sometimes, a space that was too quiet could easily make people feel suffocated.
Liu Xian’an wiped the fine sweat from his forehead, getting out of bed to drink a glass of water at the table.
He felt that he couldn’t sleep anyway, so he might as well go finish the autopsy.

Thus, he picked up a small oil lamp and went to work.

The candles in the morgue were lit one by one, and Liu Xian’an closed the doors and windows, leaving only a gap for ventilation.
Du Jing’s corpse looked a hundred times more hideous than in the daytime.
Liu Xian’an got closer to observe carefully, wondering if the Gu worms were still wandering, or if it was the candlelight swaying too much.

Liang Shu stood outside the window, looking through the gap as Liu Xian’an nearly put his own face into it……disregarding other things for the time being, didn’t he think that thing was disgusting?

Cheng Suyue was also there.
She was originally sent by Liang Shu to buy sugar cakes, but after going down the mountain, all the shops were closed, so there were no sugar cakes for sale.
But Cheng-guniang knew her prince’s temper, so she knocked on the door of a pastry shop and asked the boss to steam a pot right then, so she came back a little late.

Holding the warm pastries in her arms, she said with emotion, deeply moved: “Second Young Master Liu is really amazing.”

Her voice was very soft, but Liu Xian’an had excellent hearing, so he stopped what he was doing and turned his head to look out the window.

Liang Shu took the sugar cakes from Cheng Suyue and motioned for her to go back and rest, while he pushed open the wooden door: “When did you come?”

“Just now, not long ago.” Seeing His Royal Highness Xiao Wang, Liu Xian’an promptly remembered the matter of bathing in the waterfall, so he chose to continue to lower his head and look at Du Jing, his heart pounding like he was flying high in the sky.

Liang Shu didn’t know what had happened in the Three Thousand Worlds, so he called to him: “Wash your hands and go out to eat something first.”

Liu Xian’an picked up a Gu worm with tweezers: “Won’t eat, I haven’t finished my work yet, and I’m not hungry.
Your Highness, share it with others.”

Liang Shu was displeased: “Didn’t you ask for sugar cakes? Hurry up.”

After speaking, he went out.
In a while, Liu Xian’an followed him and the two found a flat stone.
Liang Shu handed him the sugar cakes and untied a wine bag from his waist.

Lui Xian’an used bamboo sticks tied together to take a bite, and the sweet osmanthus honey flowed out.
It was different from what the chefs at Baihe Mountain Village made, but just as delicious.
The summer nights nowadays were no longer cold.
It was very comfortable to eat warm snacks with the cool wind blowing.

Liang Shu unscrewed the wine bag.

Liu Xian’an’s nose was also very sharp.
He asked: “Is it West Wind Yin?”

Liang Shu was surprised: “You know how to drink?”

“I drink it often,” Liu Xian’an said.

Not to get drunk, just a small drink.
The best time to drink was when you were half asleep and half awake.
Close your eyes, and you could ascend to the ten thousand palaces, and reach the stars and moon together with the immortals.

Liang Shu handed him the wine bag.

Liu Xian’an took a sip.
It was choking and spicy, as fierce as the northwest wind, and made people unable to open their eyes.
But after the heat passed, there was a lingering sweetness.

“It’s good wine.” He returned the wine bag and continued to eat his sugar cakes, remembering to ask, “The master named Lu Shou, how did the prince investigate him? Is he also a member of the Baifu Sect?”

“No,” Liang Shu said, “Don’t worry about him anymore.
Shi Hanhai has already discovered that he is a dim-witted fool.”

As for Du Jing’s disciples, they failed to find anything useful.
It wasn’t that they didn’t want to confess, but that they desperately wanted to confess yet knew very little about the inside story, and for a long time could only say that Du Jing was deeply trusted by the Baifu Sect.
That was why he was sent to Chixia City to release Gu.
If things went well this time, he would follow suit and do the same in other towns.

“Is this the purpose of the cult?” Liu Xian’an asked.
“First throw the world into chaos, then appear as a savior.
This method sounds nothing out of the ordinary.”

“But to bewitch people, it is enough to create a false god,” Liang Shu said.
“There is another thing.
According to their confessions, the Gu worms this time were concocted by the Great Hierarch himself.
After several years of painstaking research, he was already very self-satisfied and claimed that even Master Liu Zhuang of Baihe Mountain Village would not be able to detect it.”

As a result, Second Young Master Liu shattered the conspiracy within half a day of going up the mountain.
It could be seen that no matter how these idiots suffered, there would be no results.
It would be best not to suffer.

Liu Xian’an said: “But it’s really not difficult.”

Liang Shu said: “That’s the sentence, that’s the tone of voice.
When you meet the leader of the Baifu Sect in the future, you repeat that to him and see if you can kill him on the spot and spare the executioner’s sword.”

Smiling, Liu Xian’an wrapped up the remaining sugar cake: “I can finish up with Du Jing’s corpse another day.
Will the prince also stay on the mountain for now?”

Liang Shu shook his head: “As for who the official is who cooperated with Du Jing in exchanging grains, I now have a clue.
I want to finish this matter first.”

“Then go and get busy, you don’t have to worry about things on the mountain,” Liu Xian’an said.
“I will take good care of these people.”

Liang Shu sent the man back to the morgue, looked at the old, loose robes on his body, and asked: “Do you want me to send you some clothes?”

Liu Xian’an was taken aback: “Ah?”

He looked down at his clothes.
There was nothing wrong with them, so he said cautiously and guiltily: “Your Highness……doesn’t like white?”

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