Everyone who entered the door was a guest.
Although His Royal Highness Xiao Wang came here every time without an invitation, every time without clothes, every time not wanting to talk about the dao, and always wanting to drive all his friends into troubled times, Second Young Master Liu still didn’t regard him as a dangerous person.
He even thought that it was okay to be like this now – because if he wasn’t bathing, His Royal Highness Xiao Wang would definitely run around with his very long sword, stirring up trouble in all directions, and maybe even beat people.
So it was better to take a bath.

Liang Shu asked: “What are you laughing at?”

In any case, he could be more informal and presumptuous in a dream.
Liu Xian’an sat cross-legged on the shore, propped up his head with his hands, and said: “I’m laughing at how the prince came out without any clothes.”

Liang Shu was not stumped by this answer.
He held a silver cup in his hand and raised his head to drink the fine liquid: “All the flowers and trees in the Three Thousand Ways were created with your spirit.
There are lofty buildings in the east where one can catch the stars and embrace the moon, and in the west, there are big ships with wings that can travel with Kun.[1] That glass hall at the peak of Taihang Mountain is even more beautiful than the residence of Emperor Brother, and ten suns rise in the sky at the same time, illuminating everything in the world.
Since Second Young Master Liu can recreate all the records in these ancient books one by one with no trouble at all, why doesn’t he want to give this lord a spare piece of clothing?”

Liu Xian’an was instantly and accurately hit in the heart.

Liang Shu looked at him with a smile.
In reality, His Royal Highness Xiao Wang rarely smiled like this.
There was no killing intent in this smile, no mocking or ridicule.
Just a smile, as if he was completely relaxed in this beautiful world.
He opened his mouth and asked: “Is there any more wine?”

Liu Xian’an stood up: “There is another jar, which I hid a long time ago.”

On the way to get the wine, he thought hard, ‘put on clothes, put on clothes.’ He thought all the way to the wine cellar, and came out with the jar in his arms, still thinking that he must put on clothes.
But before he got to the waterfall, the world shook violently. 

Not good! Liu Xian’an quickened his pace, wanting to deliver the wine to Liang Shu before he awoke from the dream, but A-Ning’s strength was too great.
He lay down next to his ear and shouted loudly: “Young — Master — Get — Up — La!”

The sound rushed into the dream like a typhoon and scattered all the scenery.
The fragments were like thousands of butterflies, fluttering in all directions.

In the end, His Royal Highness Xiao Wang still didn’t get to drink that good wine.

A-Ning pushed him up from the bed: “It’s almost noon.”

Liu Xian’an sat on the bed with sleep-mussed hair and refused to move.
After a long time, he let out a long sigh and went to fall back again, but A-Ning was on guard and held his shoulders tightly with both hands: “Young Master cannot go on a mental journey anymore, people waiting for medical treatment have already formed a long line, and everyone finished bathing half an hour ago.”

Second Young Master Liu could no longer hear the word “bathing” without his brain hurting.
He sat on the edge of the bed and stepped into his soft shoes, still looking like he wasn’t awake.
While staring at A-Ning bustling back and forth, he asked in a hoarse voice: “Show me that dream-interpretation book you read a while ago.”

“I didn’t bring it out, it’s at home.” A-Ning wrung out a handkerchief.
“Did the young master dream?”

Second Young Master Liu asked: “If I always dream of a person bathing, what does that mean?”

“Ah?” A-Ning also felt that this dream was very strange, but there was no such thing in the dream interpretation book, so he analyzed it himself.
“That may mean that the young master really wants to see them take a bath.
He thinks about it every day and dreams about it every night.
Who is that person bathing? Do I know them?”

Liu Xian’an replied quietly: “It’s His Royal Highness Xiao Wang.”

A-Ning’s wrists softened, and he almost dropped the basin.

Liu Xian’an asked: “I want to watch him bathe?”

“You don’t want to.” A-Ning shook his head firmly.
“I will cook another pot of soothing soup for you before going to bed.” Before, Xiao Hong in the village always dreamt of ghosts, and used this soup to exorcize demons.
Similarly, it should be able to exorcize His Royal Highness Xiao Wang.

After Liu Xian’an washed up, A-Ning brought breakfast, which was the red bean pastries newly delivered to the mountain.
More and more people were returning home after recovery, and the reputation of Miracle Doctor Liu became better and better.
Although there was nothing in Chixia City recently, everyone insisted on sending a bowl of rice or a pot of honey, and it was different every day.

“I also sent some to the person lying next door,” A-Ning said.
“He looks much better today, at least he can get up.”

The person lying next door was Doctor Sang Yannian.
He was truly frightened by Du Jing’s corpse, having nightmares and vomiting after eating.
In the words of the people on the mountain, he was like a woman who was pregnant with a demon’s child.
A-Ning didn’t want to bother with him at first, but seeing how pitiful he was later, he took the time to prescribe a few decoctions to cure his fits of panic.

Liu Xian’an didn’t understand how a doctor could be afraid of corpses, and did not want to understand.
After breakfast, he went to see patients again.
The common people were lined up neatly in the open space, talking, laughing, and basking in the sun.
It was very orderly.

Taohua was also there.
The Gu worms in her body had been removed, but because of her young age, Liu Xian’an purposely had her stay on the mountain for a while and then go down after she fully recuperated.
Taohua’s parents were grateful to the miracle doctor, so they naturally had no objections to this proposal, and would take the initiative to go up the mountain to help when they had the time.
The little girl dashed to and fro among the crowd, and when she was tired from running, she went to go hide in a cool room, but bumped into someone.

“Ouch!” She was knocked back.

“Be careful.” The man steadied her.

Taohua staggered before standing up straight.
When she looked up, it turned out to be Doctor Sang from the city.
She knew this from when she went with her father once to the shop to get medicine.

“Doctor Sang,” she took the initiative to greet, “Are you cured?”

Sang Yannian’s face turned red when the girl asked this: “Yes.” Then he lowered his voice.
“Everyone knows I was sick?”

“En, we all know,” Taohua said.
“Everyone is talking about it.”

“What are they……” Sang Yannian originally wanted to ask what they were saying, but knew in his heart that it would definitely not be good, so he cut short the conversation.
“Go and play, I’ll go have a look.”

He tidied up his clothes before going to the open area.
The people would definitely not make fun of him in plain view.
Everyone knew that Sang Yannian wanted to save face.
He was small-minded and prone to retaliation, so in order not to come to grief, they were all friendly: “Doctor Sang is here.”

Sang Yannian stood beside Liu Xian’an and said in a small voice: “I’m here to help.”

Liu Xian’an asked him to move a chair closer: “Just sit and watch for a while, Doctor Sang.
I will explain it to you while removing the worms.”

Sang Yannian nodded repeatedly: “Okay.”

He inwardly made up his mind to save face this time.


At the government office at the foot of the mountain.

Taohua’s mother sent another basket of yam rice cakes made in the shape of rabbits and decorated with red dots of plum blossoms.
Each of them looked very cute, and she urged the miracle doctor to eat more so as to strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach.

After Cheng Suyue finished testing them for toxins, she was about to have someone send them up the mountain, but was cut off by His Royal Highness Xiao Wang on the way.
While preparing the horse, she asked: “Why does the prince always go to Dakan Mountain recently?”

Liang Shu replied: “Because the scenery is beautiful.”

Cheng Suyue didn’t understand.
It was just a bare green mountain.
Although it was true that all kinds of flowers were blooming in summer, eight of ten mountains were just like this.
How beautiful could the scenery be that it was worth going to see it again and again? She saw before that even Xuan Jiao recognized the path.
The horse would flick its head at the fork in the road and rumble like wind and thunder around the turn without even the slightest hesitation.

It was the same this time.
Cheng Suyue hadn’t yet saddled it, and the horse was stomping on the spot, shaking its head and snorting.
The words “can’t wait” could be vividly interpreted as it even sprayed the girl with saliva.

Cheng Suyue patted the horse’s rump and scolded with a smile: “Shameful thing, you don’t have a wife on the mountain, so why are you in a hurry every day?”

She turned around after scolding and met the prince’s half-smile.
A sudden coldness penetrated her brain and goose bumps popped up all over her body.

She didn’t speak, and didn’t dare move.

Liang Shu took the box of snacks from her hands.
“Ten days’ pay will be deducted.”

“Ah?” Cheng Suyue cried, “I won’t scold it next time, okay?”

“No good.” Liang Shu mounted his horse.
“This will let you improve your memory so that you can save yourself from talking nonsense later.”

“But…..” Cheng Suyue watched Xuan Jiao all the way as it left, and muttered with heartache for her ten days of pay, “But I’m not wrong.”

There was indeed no wife on that mountain, ah!

Only Second Young Master Liu’s little red horse had not been in a good mood recently, because A-Ning wanted it to lose weight and cut down on its snack food.
It was chewing the tasteless hay in the stable at this time, and when it heard Xuan Jiao neighing in the distance, it didn’t even blink an eye.

Liu Xian’an also heard Xuan Jiao’s cry.
He stood up and stretched, telling the people in line to go back and eat first before returning in the afternoon.
He went back to the house, and sure enough, he saw a snack box on the table.
After washing his hands, he opened it and saw the cute bunnies.

Liang Shu came through the door, carrying a small jug of wine with a strong aroma and a red seal.

Liu Xian’an asked: “Is there anyone in the city getting married?”

“Who would choose to get married at such a time? The restaurants can’t even seat ten tables,” Liang Shu said.
“This is the wine that Shi Hanhai buried under a tree.
His niece used some when she got married, and this is the rest of it.”

“It turns out to be Daughter Red,[2] ah.” Liu Xian’an poured a small cup.
“To happiness.”

Liang Shu frowned: “Why is your voice so hoarse?”

Liu Xian’an took a sip of wine: “I talked all morning.
A-Ning cured Sang Yannian’s panic disorder.
He offered to come and help this morning, so I let him sit aside and watch while I talked about the things that should be paid attention to when fetching Gu worms.”

“Did he understand?” 

“No,” Liu Xian’an said, “I didn’t ask, but judging from his expression, he probably didn’t understand half a sentence.”

Liang Shu internally shook his head, and poured himself a glass of wine.

After Liu Xian’an ate two or three rice cakes, his stomach was full, and he remembered the dream from last night.

Liang Shu asked: “What are you thinking about?”

“Ah?” Liu Xian’an returned to his senses with a guilty conscience.

Liang Shu said: “It doesn’t look like nothing.”

Liu Xian’an said stiffly: “It’s really nothing.”

But it was something, unfortunately.

After some deliberation, he picked up another piece of rice cake and pretended to be casual, saying: “I have a friend.”

Liang Shu smiled: “Okay, you have a friend.
Then what?”

“This person is always taking a bath and washes for a long time.” Liu Xian’an asked, “What does the prince think is the cause of this?”

Liang Shu looked at the wine cup in his hand: “Perhaps he feels that he carries too many sins and murderous intentions, so he wants to wash some of it off.”

Liu Xian’an didn’t expect this answer, and was stunned for a moment.

“Is that wrong?” Liang Shu looked at him.
“It may be because of other reasons.
After all, if a person thinks he is clean, he would not bathe all the time.”

Liu Xian’an didn’t speak again.

After a while, Liang Shu suddenly stretched out a finger and, as if knocking on a door, knocked on his head three times.

Liu Xian’an was puzzled: “What is the prince doing?”

Liang Shu said: “Tell your friend to come out and stop bathing.
Some things cannot be washed off, and it will just add to their troubles.
Why not have a drink with us?”

Liu Xian’an said: “How does the prince know –” He originally wanted to ask the prince how he knew that it was a friend from the dao, but after thinking about it, he had no friends in reality.

Liang Shu smiled and asked: “Has he come out yet?”

The Second Young Master Liu in the Three Thousand Ways closed his eyes, pulled His Wet Royal Highness Xiao Wang out of the pool, and made him wear a big robe.

“He’s out.”

Not only did he come out, but he was also stuffed with a small pot of Daughter Red and a sweet rabbit rice cake.
The hospitality was extremely thoughtful.

Liang Shu raised his cup in the air: “Then drink to him.”

Liu Xian’an also followed suit.

The two each had a cup, as well as His Royal Highness Xiao Wang in another world.
It was only that Second Young Master Liu was more tired and had to work from both ends.

The flagon was soon empty, and A-Ning reminded him from outside that the common people had lined up again.

“Go, ba.” Liang Shu stood up.
“If you have time, ask your friend what kind of wine he likes to drink.
Next time, I will give you a jug.”

Liu Xian’an agreed: “Okay.”

He opened the door and watched as Liang Shu left.
A-Ning asked softly: “Young Master, what were you talking about with the prince? Why are you both so happy?”

“It’s nothing.” Liu Xian’an waved his hands in a posturing way. 

A-Ning said disbelievingly: “But Young Master, you are smiling like this.”

“Oh, so I am.” Liu Xian’an leaned against the door frame and thought for a moment.
“It was the first time someone had a drink with my friend.” Although strictly speaking, His Royal Highness Xiao Wang was actually accompanying himself, he was unaware and was still willing to drink with them, which was something that had never happened before.

A-Ning immediately volunteered: “Then I will drink with Young Master’s friend next time.”

Liu Xian’an pinched a bit of his cheek: “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

A-Ning was very wronged.
Who would have thought that the sages who only existed in spirit had the same need for drink as people in reality? But having said that, the world today is getting more and more complicated, Young Master.
In another ten or twenty years, there is no telling what it will turn into.

Oh, what a headache.

Liu Xian’an was in a good mood, and patted his face: “Go, keep working.”

“Ai!” A-Ning carried the medicine box on his back and urged, “Young Master, try not to talk any more in the afternoon.
Listen to what your voice sounds like.
No matter how detailed your explanation was, Doctor Sang couldn’t understand it.
Even the common people noticed.
Several people were secretly laughing at him.”

“I’ll still talk.
Anyway, it’s not tiring, and only makes me a little hoarse,” Liu Xian’an said.
“Wanting to learn is always a good thing.”

In the end, he went to the front yard to see, and that person had not come at all.

If he didn’t come, he didn’t come, ba.
Anyway, this Doctor Sang was not very important to the people present.
Liu Xian’an made himself a pot of malva nut tea and then continued to remove Gu from the common people.
Taohua also brought a bag full of rice cakes to distribute to everyone.
After being assigned to the last place in the line, an auntie took her into her arms: “Why do you look so weary?”

“Dizziness,” Taohua said carefully.

“Yo, I fear it is heatstroke.” The auntie wiped the fine sweat from her brow.
“You listen when I tell you not to run under the sun.
It’s too hot to play at noon, why not go to a shady room where it is cool?”

Taohua was embarrassed by her words: “En, I won’t do it next time.”

“Next time, next time.
I know that next time you will play more wildly than anyone else.” The auntie smiled and gave her a smack.
“Go back to your room and lie down.
When I get to the front of the line, I will ask Doctor A-Ning to prescribe some heat-reducing medicine for you.
You will be fine tomorrow.”

Taohua agreed and walked toward the house alone.
By chance, she came upon Sang Yannian, who was sitting on the side of the path in a daze.

“Doctor Sang.” She asked in bafflement, “Why are you sitting on the ground?”

“It’s cool here.” Doctor Sang raised his hand and called her to his side.
“Your face is so yellow, are you sick?”

“En, Auntie Hua said it is heatstroke and made me go back to sleep.”

“Then let me take a look for you,” Sang Yannian said, “This is not a serious illness, and will be cured after taking a couple of medications.”

Taohua obediently offered him her wrist.

Sang Yannian tested it for a while, and his brows furrowed.
This didn’t seem like the pulse of a person with ordinary heatstroke.

He carefully distinguished and inquired about various symptoms, and almost exhausted the entirety of his life’s knowledge.
Finally, he came to the conclusion that in addition to the heat, “phlegm stagnates in the lungs and restricts the qi and blood.” Greatly relieved, he let Taohua go back to the room to rest first while he went to the pharmacy to get the medicine for decoction.

While decocting the medicine, he thought indignantly, which doctor can just casually detoxify Gu poison? Don’t they all treat these common diseases seriously?

He took the medicine and personally delivered it to Taohua’s room.

Liu Xian’an and A-Ning at the front were still busy, unknowing of what was going on behind them.
Auntie Hua was at the end of the line, and when it was her turn, it was nearly dark.

“Taohua has heat stroke?” Liu Xian’an took a cloth bag and said to A-Ning, “You go and take a look at her.
There is only Auntie left, I’ll remove her Gu worms.”

“All right.” A-Ning removed his apron.
“After that, I’ll go to the kitchen and boil a pot of water so that you can soak your hands when you come back.”

It was quiet in the backyard since people had been going down the mountain in batches and there were not many of them left.
And it was dinner time now, so it was even more empty.

A-Ning knocked on the door a few times, but seeing as no one answered, he pushed it open himself: “Taohua, are you sleeping?”

There was no movement on the bed.

“Taohua?” A-Ning called again.
For some reason, he suddenly felt that this dark room was a bit strange, as if something wasn’t right.



Down the mountain, Liang Shu was shaking Shi Hanhai down for good wine.

Poor Shi-daren was about to cry.
It wasn’t that the official refused to give it, but that there really wasn’t any more.
Even if wine was brewed immediately on the spot, wouldn’t it have to wait a year or two?

His Royal Highness Xiao Wang said slowly: “But this lord wants to treat guests.”

Shi Hanhai had heard this sentence more than ten times, and his ears were growing calluses.
He thought, then the prince might as well cook me up, ba, and see if that can entertain this distinguished guest. 

While the two were talking, Cheng Suyue suddenly rushed in.

“Your Highness, Shi-daren.” She said in a low voice, “Something has happened on the mountain.”

[1] Kun (鲲) is a legendary giant fish that could transform into a giant bird. ⮐

[2] This type of wine was traditionally brewed and buried when a daughter was born and taken out when she got married. ⮐

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