After a while, A-Ning came out of the room and everyone present hurriedly surrounded him and asked him how Taohua was doing. 

“The prince’s method was very useful.
Taohua’s pulse condition has stabilized a lot now,” A-Ning said.
“If all goes well, she may be able to wake up tonight.”

“Thank goodness, thank goodness.” Auntie Hua wiped away tears of joy.
“I just knew that little girl would be lucky.”

The rest of the people were also very happy.
The boulder that had been pressing on their hearts for the past two days was finally lifted, and they immediately said that when they all went down the mountain this time, they must set up banquets in the city for a few days.
When there was a lot of noise, Auntie Hua began to wave people away, telling them to go outside to discuss it, so as not to disturb the patient here.

Everyone dispersed, leaving only Sang Yannian standing there stupidly.

“Doctor Sang, just in time,” A-Ning said.
“My young master invites you in.”

“Me?” Panicking, Sang Yannian pretended to be calm and asked, “Is there something wrong?”

“Taohua’s condition is much more stable now, can Doctor Sang take care of her for a while? My young master and I have to go see other people and Cheng-guniang and Taohua’s mother also stayed up all night.
They are really tired and need to rest for a while.”

“Of course, of course I can.” Sang Yannian hurriedly nodded, then said hesitantly: “Is Taohua really waking up soon? But her pulse yesterday was extremely dangerous, and she even stopped breathing several times.”

“En, she’s about to wake up.” A-Ning was very certain.
“My family’s young master said so, he can’t be wrong.”

Sang Yannian didn’t ask any more questions, and only followed him to the door.
He saw Taohua’s mother talking to Cheng Suyue, and her expression looked much more relaxed than before.
Liu Xian’an moved away from his seat beside the bed and said to Sang Yannian: “She doesn’t need any special care at the moment.
Just keep an eye out for any further convulsions.
Also, don’t let her catch cold, otherwise, I fear that all previous efforts will be wasted.
These are the things to pay attention to, so I will leave it to Doctor Sang.”

“All right, Miracle Doctor Liu, go get busy,” Sang Yannian said.
“I will take good care of her.”

After Liu Xian’an and A-Ning left, Cheng Suyue also supported Taohua’s mother and the two went to the next room together to rest.

The surroundings became quiet again.
The windows were in disorder, with a few thick towels hung to keep out the wind.
However, this also kept the light out, and only a few thin rays of sunlight penetrated through the gaps, swathing the dust that danced in the air.

Taohua was stuck in bed, looking pitifully thin and fragile.
Like a butterfly in early spring, she only needed a gust of wind to irreversibly blow her life to its end.

Sang Yannian took her hand out of the bed and felt her pulse tremblingly.
It was indeed more soothed and stable than yesterday, and beat more vigorously.
A-Ning had not lied.
Taohua was gradually improving, and it was very likely that she would awaken soon.

After she woke up, she would tell the truth, that she was poisoned and nearly died due to drinking his own medicine, and then……

A chill ran down Sang Yannian’s spine.
No, he couldn’t let this happen.

There was no one else in the room besides himself.

And Liu Xian’an said just now that if Taohua was blown by the wind and filled with cold, it was very likely that her condition would be aggravated.

He looked out the window with a pale face.
It happened that it was windy outside.
The treetops shook, blades of grass rustled, and the clouds in the sky were also dark.

It was about to rain.

Sang Yannian stared at the unconscious Taohua, his chest heaving slightly.
After a long time, he inwardly gritted his teeth, as if he had made up his mind.
He stood abruptly and hastened to the window, lifting the cloth towel hanging on it.
The wind immediately rushed in. 

“Cough.” Taohua coughed a few times after it blew on her, and then called softly, “Mother.”

The milky voice was kitten-like, and grabbed the hearts of adults like a beast’s claws.
Sang Yannian’s face paled further, and he thought to himself, what am I doing? He had already harmed her once, then concealed it once, and now he really wanted to harm her a third time?

The cloth towel was put down again.
Perhaps Sang Yannian himself hadn’t figured out yet why he put it down, but his hand loosened uncontrollably.
He knew that he couldn’t do such a thing.
It seemed that harming someone passively due to ignorance and cowardice was already the limit of his evil in this life, and he really couldn’t take a larger step into the abyss.

Taohua’s breathing gradually calmed down again.

Sang Yannian’s eyes burned.
He couldn’t bear her telling the truth after waking up, but really didn’t have the courage to kill.
He didn’t know whether it was cowardice or the remnants of a doctor’s conscience, but it didn’t seem to matter anymore.
Between murder and imprisonment, there was actually a third choice, and that was to go far away, leave here forever, and go to the ends of the world with anonymity.
Anway, he was alone, so why should he worry about staying in Chixia City?

After making up his mind, Sang Yannian ran out, but stopped when he reached the door and turned back to the table to write down the dosage of the medicine Taohua took that day.
He specially circled the words “black beetle,” then folded it and stuffed it into her hand before leaving the room.

After he walked away, Cheng Suyue jumped off the roof beam and Taohua’s mother also rushed over from next door, asking hurriedly: “I saw Doctor Sang leave, is it really him?”

“You go and watch Taohua, I’ll find Second Young Master Liu.” Cheng Suyue held the prescription.
“Maybe this time, she can really be saved.”


Sang Yannian rode his horse toward Chixia City, dust billowing all the way.
The wind blew his throat dry, and his face seemed to be slashed by sand and grit, but he didn’t dare to stop for fear that someone would chase after him – after the note in Taohua’s hand was found, surely they would come after him.
Thinking of this, he flicked his horse whip again and fled at a faster speed.

He rushed through the city gates, ignoring the startled eyes of the people on both sides, and scrambled back home to pack his luggage.
He had just rolled up all his valuables, but when he went out, he saw that an official from the government office was already guarding the door.

Sang Yannian’s knees gave way and he sat on the ground dejectedly.

Everything is over.

This was the only thought he had left.


It took Liu Xian’an three days to finally save Taohua.
Her parents held his hand and cried, thanking him so much that they almost knelt down to kowtow to the miracle doctor.
Liang Shu entered the courtyard with a package of snacks, and came upon this touching scene.
Second Young Master Liu seemed to be less than clear-headed, standing on the spot with his eyes out of focus.
Overwhelmed with gratitude, the patient’s relatives held his hands and said words of thanks such as “Taohua is alive” and “Number one in the world.”

Liu Xian’an: “En, en, en.
It’s true, it’s true, indeed.”

It could be said that his perfunctory methods had been brought to their extreme.

Liang Shu sent the couple away and waved his hand in front of him: “Wake up.”

Second Young Master Liu didn’t want to wake up.

Liang Shu said: “There are sugar cakes.”

He didn’t want to eat sweets either.
Liu Xian’an was so sleepy that he could ignore his rumbling stomach, and just wanted to go back to sleep quickly.
So His Royal Highness Xiao Wang once again experienced his ability to “step on his left foot with his right foot and fall while walking.” He grabbed the other’s collar and pulled him back before the Sleeping Immortal could fall on the ground.

Liu Xian’an shrank his neck and was about to squat on the ground like a loach and close his eyes tightly.

Others might be surprised when witnessing this scene and wonder why the noble son of Baihe Mountain Village was so persistent in wanting to sleep in the wild, but Liang Shu accepted this well.
After all, in the Three Thousand Worlds, this person should lie down wherever he walked.

Liu Xian’an couldn’t remember how he got back to the room or how he got to bed.
In any case, it was completely dark when he woke up, and only a thin candle was lit in the room.
A-Ning was using this light to check the book list he had written just now.

“Young Master, you’re awake?” He stood and poured a cup of warm tea, bringing it to the bed.
“There are sugar cakes, steamed buns, and the meal left by Auntie Hua in the kitchen.
She purposely stewed a pot of old hen soup and gave it to us and Taohua, no one else.”

“You go and drink it, ba.” Liu Xian’an stretched his waist, but still hadn’t recovered from his exhaustion.
“I’ll just eat snacks.”

“Okay.” A-Ning spoke again, “I have already made a list of medical books, and the money for buying the books will also be handed over to Shi-daren. But will Sang Yannian really study hard in prison? He was so incompetent even when he was innocent, and I’m afraid he will disappoint the young master’s good intentions again.”

“He won’t sit in prison for a lifetime.
He’ll come out in the future.” Liu Xian’an lifted the blanket and got out of bed.
“It’s up to me to send them or not, and up to him to read them or not.
Didn’t he leave the prescription including the black beetle in the end? When all is said and done, he is not a heinous sinner.”

On that day, after everyone discovered that the medicine box had been tampered with, the first suspect was Sang Yannian.
After all, Taohua’s family was kind to others, and the possibility of her being intentionally poisoned was unlikely, so the only possibility was that the poison was taken by mistake.
Naturally, people would not casually take medicine, but what if it was taken from a doctor?

Combined with the fact that Taohua had actually been sick at the time, this inference was reasonable.
Liang Shu said: “Perhaps he tried to cure the summer heat, but because of his poor medical skills, he made a bowl of poison.
You might as well release the news that Taohua is about to wake up, so that the mastermind behind the scenes will take the next step for fear of his crime being exposed.”

Liu Xian’an nodded: “All right.”

Sure enough, Sang Yannian was drawn out.

A-Ning asked: “After this incident, will he continue to practice medicine in the future?”

“I don’t know.” Liu Xian’an took a bite of sugar cake.
“If you are really curious, wait a few years until he is released from prison, and then send someone to the city to inquire.”

“I don’t have so much free time.” A-Ning remembered another thing.
“Oh, by the way, the prince said he is leaving.”

Liu Xian’an: “Cough cough cough.”

A-Ning quickly patted his back, slow down, slow down.

“Going?” Liu Xian’an coughed until his eyes were red.

“In two days, ba,” A-Ning said.
“Cheng-guniang said that Lieutenant General Gao would escort the food into the city today.
He also brought many disciples from the Baihe branch in Chang’an City.
After the young master explains matters on the mountain, we can go home.”

Liu Xian’an: “Oh.”

He took another absent bite of sugar cake, feeling that he had lost his appetite.

Not tasty, not sweet.

In Chixia City, Gao Lin entered the manor in a hurry, and upon opening the door, he saw his prince standing in the room with his arms spread open lazily and leisurely, surrounded by a group of servants as he tried on new clothes.

Lieutenant General Gao: “……”

Cheng Suyue stood next to him with her sword in her arms, and turned her head to explain: “My lord is going to have a drink tomorrow.”

What sort of friend was worthy of wearing such a grand outfit? Gao Lin asked: “Male or female?”

Cheng Suyue said: “I asked, and the prince said he doesn’t know.”

Gao Lin: “How can he not know if they are male or female, this is too perfunctory, ba!”

Cheng Suyue: “Then you go ask.”

While the two were talking, Shi Hanhai also entered the door with a wine jar in his arms.

His face was mournful, and he was about to cry at the sight: “Your Highness, don’t set this as a precedent, ah.”

Gao Lin was taken aback: “What is going on?”

Cheng Suyue explained in a low voice: “The prince used his power to suppress people and forced Shi-daren to blackmail a ninety-year-old alcoholic in this city.
I saw it and my heart trembled.
You didn’t see, the old man was really old.
His beard was nearly mopping the floor, and the prince wanted to grab other people’s wine.
I was afraid that he would completely faint due to anger and agitation.”

Gao Lin silently gave a thumbs up.
It was wicked, but indeed something their prince could do.

The wine was strong, and one could smell a throat-piercing spicy scent through the seal.
Liang Shu didn’t know how high that friend’s drinking capacity was, but thought that Liu Xian’an might be able to down three drinks.

However, they couldn’t find any better wine at this time, so they could only make do with it first.
When they met again in Baihe City or Wangcheng in the future, it wouldn’t be too late to make up for it with another jar of fragrant fine wine.

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