When Gao Lin went to the Baihe branch in Chang’an City, he didn’t know that it was poison that caused this disturbance, so he still followed the order of “controlling the plague” and directed the medical clinic to lend nearly a hundred disciples – more than the number of patients left on Dakan Mountain.
All these disciples went up the mountain overnight and Second Young Master Liu immediately turned back into a lazy rice weevil, lying flat in bed and refusing to move his precious fingers any more.

He was really too tired the past few days, and now that the heavy burden on his shoulders had been lifted, the accumulated exhaustion surged up.
It was as if his limbs were pressed down by a steel plate, so heavy that he couldn’t move.
He rested when it was dark, and did not wake up until the next evening.
His dreams were also chaotic and vague.
He couldn’t pick out a complete plot, and only remembered the empty pool beneath the waterfall.

It seemed that His Royal Highness Xiao Wang did not come today.

In the dream, he thought, oh, it seems that he went to the escort bureau.

The first guest in the Three Thousand Worlds did not say hello when he arrived, and did not say goodbye when he left.
Second Young Master Liu sighed slightly.
Although he was used to being alone, he still felt that his incident was quite regrettable.

A gust of wind blew, and thousands of petals fluttered down from the heights.
Liu Xian’an didn’t remember that there were flowering trees here.
He raised his head in surprise, and was blinded by a golden light.

Liang Shu lit the oil lamp on the table, and the bedroom immediately became brighter.
Liu Xian’an in the dream was also dazed and helpless in this bright light, until there was an itch at the tip of his nose: “Achoo!”

The Three Thousand Worlds became butterflies again, flapping their wings and flying in all directions.
Liu Xian’an sat up wrapped in the blanket, looked at the person before him with some surprise, and first thought dazedly, didn’t the prince go to the escort bureau? But he soon realized that dreams and reality were not completely connected.
In this world, the two had time to say goodbye.

Thus, his move suddenly improved.

Liang Shu was puzzled: “What are you smiling about?”

Liu Xian’an replied solemnly, “I’m not, ah.” As he spoke, he was still wearing the pajamas he wore to sleep.
They were thin and draped over his shoulders, covered in a layer of gold by the candlelight.
He originally transcended worldly affairs, but when he smiled, it added a bit of warmth and liveliness.

Liang Shu stayed in the northwest all year round, where even the flowers and plants grew thicker and stronger than in other places, and everything took survival as its first priority.
So he rarely noticed all the kinds of people and things that existed in the world purely for beauty, but at this moment, he felt that beauty was not without value.

Liu Xian’an said: “I didn’t smile.”

“Get up, I’ve got some good wine, it’s next door.” Liang Shu bent his fingers and tapped his head.
“Ask this friend to join us.”

His Royal Highness Xiao Wang in the dream was actually not here today, but Liu Xian’an thought, I don’t have to say it.
As long as I don’t say it, then His Royal Highness Xiao Wang in reality won’t know, and everyone can still pretend that the three people are having a drink.

He casually wrapped himself in a big gray robe and went to the banquet without even combing his hair neatly.
Liang Shu didn’t find it impolite either, and could almost understand the other party’s world.
In the book《Xiaoyao You》there was a record of an immortal whose skin was like ice and snow, slender and graceful as a maiden.
They ate no food, but absorbed the wind and drank the dew, rode the white clouds and flew with dragons, and finally swam beyond the four seas.
And such an immortal should not care if his own hair was neat or not.

This time it was Liu Xian’an’s turn to ask: “What is the prince smiling at?”

Liang Shu poured the wine: “When I was a child in Yueya City, I lived and ate with the disciples of Baihe Mountain Village for a period of time.
There were frequent battles, and other than the soldiers, the doctors were the busiest.
But no matter how busy they were, their clothing was always neat and clean, and even if it was covered in patches, there was not a single piece of extra thread in sight.”

“That is my dad’s requirement.” Liu Xian’an explained, “He often says that as a doctor, one should be clean.
Clean in appearance, clean in hygiene, and clean in heart.
If one is sloppy or unkempt and doesn’t even tidy oneself up, it will be difficult to gain the trust of patients at first sight.”

Liang Shu nodded: “Master Liu is correct.”

“But I am not a doctor, and I am not diagnosing the prince tonight.” Liu Xian’an picked up the wine cup.
“Naturally, there is no reason not to be comfortable.

Liang Shu smiled and asked: “Are you comfortable now?”

“Comfortable.” Liu Xian’an leaned back again.
Although the wine was a bit stronger, it had an endless aftertaste.
There was a breeze blowing flowers outside the window, the air was fresh, and the surrounding fields were silent.
It was the best summer night in his memory.

And His Royal Highness Xiao Wang, his new friend, was sitting opposite him.
He was different from other friends in the Three Thousand Worlds.
He did not value the dao of doing nothing.
On the contrary, he seemed to have been going against the way of heaven and changing the course of events with his own power.
Second Young Master Liu pondered over whether he should build a palace for him alone or open up a new world for him.
One without bamboo forests, clear springs, and plain white tiled houses, but something resplendent and magnificent, just like the other party’s clothes tonight, intricately detailed and gorgeously extravagant.

Liang Shu asked: “What are you looking at?”

Liu Xian’an replied: “The prince’s clothes.”

He planned to take a second look and try to dream them up next time.

The two drank half a jug of wine.
Liu Xian’an was not drunk.
His drinking capacity was better than what Liang Shu had estimated, and he could at most be called a little inebriated.
He was even more lazy and didn’t want to sit, so Liang Shu took him to the roof, where he could lie down and drink while watching the stars.

In Baihe Mountain Village, nobody would do this.
Firstly, nobody would just casually go to his room, and secondly, they would usually just tell Second Young Master Liu to stop lying about and get up to move around.

After lying down for a while, Liu Xian’an asked: “Will it be dangerous for the prince to go to the Wanli Escort Bureau?”

Liang Shu: “It won’t.”

Liu Xian’an said: “Oh.”

No danger, no injuries.
No injuries, no need for a doctor.

Liu Xian’an first felt that it should be a little dangerous to be involved in the old case of the previous court where several families were slaughtered, but soon he inwardly condemned himself.
Just because he didn’t want to be separated from his new friend, he secretly hoped that the other party would be in danger.
What kind of despicable villain’s idea was this?

Noticing that he hadn’t spoken in a long time, Liang Shu asked: “Are you chatting with that friend of yours?”

“……En.” Liu Xian’an came back to his senses.

Liang Shu asked again: “Is he still bathing now?”

“More or less.” Liu Xian’an sat up.
“He did kill many people, but I thought he didn’t care, and the world also thought he didn’t care.”

“Then stop trying to persuade him,” Liang Shu said.
“At least in that world, he should be able to wash the blood off his body.
He doesn’t need to care about the eyes of the world, and doesn’t need the world to understand.”

Liu Xian’an said: “That is also good.”

“It seems that you don’t know him very well,” Liang Shu said.
“Why did you become friends?”

Liu Xian’an thought for a moment: “I don’t know either.
He didn’t say hello when he came, he just appeared suddenly and I couldn’t drive him away.”

Shaking his head with a smile, Liang Shu tapped the other’s forehead with the backs of his fingers: “Did you hear that? You are not welcome.”

“That’s not it.” Liu Xian’an dodged, not wanting His Royal Highness Xiao Wang in the dream to hear this sentence, otherwise, what would happen if he didn’t come again? 

Liang Shu wanted to chase the person away: “Leave quickly.”

Liu Xian’an had no choice but to cover his ears.

The two were drinking and having fun on the roof.
From a distance, Lieutenant General Gao and Cheng-guniang were stunned.
Of course, Lieutenant General Gao had it the worst.
He had followed along secretly, wanting to see who could be worthy of the prince showing off and spreading his tail like a peacock.
He even questioned his sister repeatedly, is she really a girl? Is there someone among the patients who looks like an immortal and shook the prince’s soul at a glance?

Cheng Suyue was very troubled.
Among the remaining people on the mountain, the youngest woman was forty-three.

“That is also possible,” Gao Lin analyzed.
“You see, the princess of Fei is young and good-looking, right? But the prince just didn’t want her, maybe he likes an older lady who still has charm.”

Cheng Suyue: “……”

You really make people speechless.

Gao Lin was puzzled at this moment: “Didn’t he say there were three people drinking?”

Cheng Suyue said: “That’s right, there are three.”

Gao Lin: “Ah?”

He rubbed his eyes and observed carefully for a long time: “Where are there three? Isn’t it just the prince and Second Young Master Liu?”

Cheng Suyue looked shocked: “There is another person, can you really not see them?”

I really can’t see them! Gao Lin was even more shocked than her!

Cheng Suyue held her brother’s shoulders with both hands: “Don’t scare me, there is another girl in red with hibiscus in her hair, sitting between the prince and Second Young Master Liu.
She is quite beautiful, you……really can’t see her?”

Gao Lin gasped: “Where did this girl come from in the deep mountains and old forests, no, where did you see the girl?”

At this moment, Liang Shu and Liu Xian’an just happened to raise their wine cups and bump them into something mid-air, as if there really was a third person there with a third hand and a third glass of wine.
Gao Lin’s soul almost flew away.
Was this his problem, or when he left Chixia City, did something unclean entangle the other three people?

Cheng Suyue held back her laughter and patted him on the shoulder with a serious expression: “Ge, keep watching, I’m going back to sleep.”

“Why are you going to sleep?” Gao Lin grabbed her.
“Tell me again carefully everything that happened in the city these days…..don’t go! Come back!”

Cheng Suyue stepped on the blades of grass, light as a bird, and disappeared into the mountains in an instant.

Gao Lin couldn’t hold his sister back, so he had to turn his head and continue to watch his prince talk to the air.
He had difficulty breathing and doubted life.

Liu Xian’an said: “There seems to be movement in the front.”

“It’s A-Yue,” Liang Shu said.
“Don’t worry about her.”

Liu Xian’an originally thought that he should have a drink with Cheng-guniang and Lieutenant General Gao since they were going to be separated soon, but the wine jar was already empty.
Even when it was turned upside down, there was not a single drop left.

Liang Shu asked: “Are you drunk?”

Liu Xian’an replied: “I’m okay.”

“You can drink well,” said Liang Shu.
“If you come to the northwest, I’ll treat you to a stronger drink.”

After speaking, he frowned: “Forget it.”

The interval between the invitation and the refusal was so short that Liu Xian’an didn’t even have time to picture the vast desert in his mind.
He asked unhappily, “Why?”

Liang Shu replied: “If people from Baihe Mountain Village come to the northwest, it must be because of chaos on the border, not a good thing.”

Liu Xian’an felt that this sentence was really unreasonable: “Then why do I have to be with Baihe Mountain Village? Couldn’t I come to play alone as a guest?”

Liang Shu moved closer: “What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly.”

Liu Xian’an raised his voice a bit: “I said, I can visit the northwest as a guest.”

Liang Shu looked at him and smiled: “Okay, when?”

Liu Xian’an: “…….”

He didn’t think this through.

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