Liu Xian’an didn’t travel much, because he was lazy and it was unnecessary.
He had read hundreds of thousands of volumes of thick local chronicles, from north to south, east to west, and was familiar with all the scenery and customs.
He could wander freely upon closing his eyes, so he didn’t need to travel by boat or carriage to visit.

From Baihe City to Yueya City, even if he rode a lightning-fast horse, it would take nearly two months.
Moreover, Second Young Master Liu might not be able to handle “lightning-fast” speed, and topple over in panic.
This person hadn’t left yet, but his nasal cavity seemed to have been filled with wind mixed with gravel, so hot that it hurt his throat. 

So why did he just blurt out that he was going to visit the northwest?

Probably from too much wine, ba.
Liu Xian’an’s current state was between slightly inebriated and drunk.
It was true that he was not very sober, and upon thinking upon the problem, he felt even more dizzy.
So he stood up unsteadily and was about to make a slow march to the bedroom – completely forgetting that he was standing on the roof.

He didn’t panic when he stepped on air, just falling calmly straight down, and did not rejoice when he was picked up by Liang Shu.
With wandering eyes looking towards the deepest parts of the stars and clouds, he sighed.
The blue sky, was it righteous or evil?

Liang Shu could not understand how this man had survived until now,  falling to the ground or jumping off houses all day long despite having no lack of arms or legs.
At this time, Liu Xian’an was still immersed in the majesty of nature.
He put his hands behind his back as if standing on top of the world, closing his eyes to listen to the wind and opening his eyes to see……His Royal Highness Xiao Wang.

Liang Shu asked: “Why do you even get drunk slower than others?”

Liu Xian’an denied: “Not drunk.”

Then he slipped limply to the ground.
Liang Shu didn’t pull him up this time, wanting to see what he would do.
As a result, Second Young Master Liu lay on the ground for a while.
Maybe because he felt cold or uncomfortable, he got up again and looked around in a daze, then slowly started to walk unsteadily.
When he was tired from walking, he sat down on the ground with a plop and began to discuss the dao with Liang Shu.

From the state of emptiness and nothing in the universe before the creation of all things, to the various contradictions and oppositions after the creation of all things.
Is existence really existence, and is nothing really nothing? Now I have something to say, but do my words have meaning?

Liang Shu tapped his head: “Call someone who can speak the human language.”

Liu Xian’an muttered, a blind man cannot tell the color of his eyebrows.

Meaning, you don’t know how to appreciate it anyway, so we have nothing to talk about.

Liang Shu said: “Then I’m leaving.”

Second Young Master Liu went to grab his sleeve.
At normal times, he could always find a friend from the Three Thousand Worlds instead of Liang Shu.
But now that he was somewhat drunk, the worlds were drunk with him, and had turned into a colorful halo.
He honestly couldn’t grab hold of it or get in, so he had to forcefully hold onto someone – His Royal Highness Xiao Wang.
He even clenched his fingers until the joints were bluish-white.

“Don’t go.”

Liang Shu was pulled by him to sit on the ground.

Liu Xian’an gave a long sigh, adopting the posture of someone preparing to give a long speech.

Liang Shu ordered: “Speak a few words that are understandable.”

Liu Xian’an nodded.
Of course.

Then he said: “Daoists may not necessarily be conferred a title.
There was permanence before the beginning of the world, and everyone only drew many boundaries to fight for the word “meaning.” Outside the universe, the sage exists but does not care; within the universe, the sage talks but does not discuss.
The sage does not care about arguments, but the world likes to boast pridefully.
Why does the prince think this is?”

Liang Shu seemed to have returned to the days when he was a child and listened to those old white-bearded men.
He didn’t understand at the time how someone could speak so unlike a human, opening their mouths as if reciting a hypnotic mantra, and never thought that he would relive the nightmare now.

Liu Xian’an revealed the answer: “It is entirely because they have not seen the vastness of the dao!”

Liang Shu pressed his shoulder: “The dao asked me to take you back to your room to rest.”

After speaking, he relied on his own strength to carry the man back to the room without any explanation.
A-Ning hurriedly took his young master into his hands, but Liu Xian’an still gripped half an inch of Liang Shu’s sleeve, pulling that piece of fabric loose.
His Royal Highness Xiao Wang was careless and extravagant when he went out, unusually luxurious, but at this time, it seemed as if a wild cat had scratched his entire body.
The fabric on his shoulders was askew, and the gold thread stitched into the cuffs was even messier.

A-Ning was embarrassed and shocked, wondering why the young master was making such a scene.
He desperately wanted to break Liu Xian’an’s hand away, but with a rip, His Highness Xiao Wang’s sleeve was broken in half.

Liu Xian’an took the piece of fabric into his arms, climbed into bed, and fell asleep.

A-Ning was about to cry: “Your Highness, this……my family’s young master rarely gets drunk, so tonight he was exceedingly impolite.”

Liang Shu was also sweating from the torment.
The private goods hoarded by the ninety-year-old man had more stamina than all the spirits in the northwest combined.
It could be seen that an uncle was always an uncle, and should not be underestimated by younger people.

Liu Xian’an was so affected by this jug of wine that he talked nonsense for most of the night.
The next morning, he had a severe headache and lay on the bed for a long time.
He only recalled the phrase “go to the northwest to play.” As for what happened after and when His Royal Highness Xiao Wang left, he had no memory at all, his brain as clean as if it had been washed by water.

A-Ning stood beside the bed with a downcast face: “The young master was drunk last night, tore the prince’s clothes, put the rags into his arms, and insisted on sleeping together.”

“Wait.” Liu Xian’an turned over and sat up.
“Who did I want to sleep with, the rags or the prince?”

“Of course it was the rags!” A-Ning’s eyes widened like a cat’s, and he said in shock, “Young  Master wants to sleep with the prince?”

“I don’t.” Liu Xian’an breathed a sigh of relief and lay back down again.

“If the Master of the Village finds out about this, he will use a stick to teach the young master a lesson.” A-Ning placed a wet cloth on his forehead.
“The prince and Cheng-guniang are going to the Wanli Escort Bureau tomorrow.
The young master should rest for a while, we also must go down the mountain today.
Firstly, to bid them farewell, and secondly, the young master must apologize to the prince and pay for the clothes.
Although the prince likely won’t ask for it, the proper etiquette must not be overlooked.”

Liu Xian’an ignored his nagging and took the rags out from under the pillow, looking at them for a long time.
He didn’t know where this divine power had come from.
His head was still humming and aching, so he didn’t try to think about it any more and just wrapped up in the blanket and fell asleep again.
A-Ning sighed at his young master’s heartless appearance.
Fortunately His Royal Highness Xiao Wang was easy-going, otherwise he didn’t know how last night would have ended.

Outside the window, the disciples of Baihe Medical Hall were still busy.
The constant noise was heard by Second Young Master Liu, and he did not sleep soundly.
If he was not at ease, it was easy to dream and encounter that pool below the waterfall.
But somehow, this section of the avenue had become particularly long at the moment.
Halfway through, there was still heavy fog in the surrounding area, and he stood there in the middle, becoming more and more at a loss as to which direction to go.

The more he slept, the dizzier he became.

In the afternoon, A-Ning made his family’s young master stand by the bed, forced him into a newer and better-looking robe, and combed his hair neatly.
Although he didn’t bring any new clothes when he came out this time, Second Young Master Liu was fortunate to be very good-looking.
As long as he was not wearing tattered and disheveled clothing, he was still pleasing enough to the eye.
This was suitable enough for an apology.

The carriage moved forward briskly on the mountain road.
Liu Xian’an drank the Yindan tea in the water bag and finally regained his senses, but when he woke up, he couldn’t remember what had happened the night before.
He only remembered that he seemed to have discussed the dao and the way of humanity with His Royal Highness Xiao Wang for a while.
Wasn’t that pretty decent? Thus, he didn’t think there was anything wrong.

A-Ning: “Oh, you prefer not to speak.”

The situation in Chixia City was quite different from when everyone first arrived.
The gloomy silence had long been swept away.
There was stall after stall on the sides of the street, the restaurants were frying and cooking in a lively manner, and a few little tots were playing in the streets.
They discussed buying a sugar figurine for Taohua, who had already come down the mountain and was recuperating at home.

Liu Xian’an leaned on the carriage window and looked out.
From the corner of his eye, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a team galloping past in the distance on the other end of the street in the direction out of the city.

A-Ning saw: “Young Master, it seems to be the prince and the others! Uncle, can I trouble you to hurry up? Be careful not to hit the common people.”

The coachman agreed and swung his whip to urge the horses to go faster, but no matter how fast they went, it could not match the speed of those other horses.
When they arrived at the city gates, even the billowing dust had dispersed.

“Second Young Master Liu?” Shi Hanhai was also standing there, and upon seeing Liu Xian’an, he hurried to meet him. 

Liu Xian’an jumped off the carriage and gazed at the official road outside the city gates: “This……”

Shi Hanhai explained: “His Highness received an urgent letter this morning.
It seems there was some trouble at an escort agency, so he rushed over to investigate.
Cheng-guniang asked that I tell the young master that you will meet again someday.
Oh, by the way, the prince also left a team behind to escort Second Young Master Liu back to Baihe Mountain Village.
He can leave at any time.”

Liu Xian’an was extremely depressed upon hearing these words.
Even though he had known Liang Shu would leave soon, there was still a big difference between leaving tomorrow and leaving now.
Not to mention that he was drunk last night and had no idea if in those drunken words there was a treasured word or two of farewell…..he was eighty percent sure there was not.

He turned around and boarded the carriage, saying to A-Ning: “Let’s go home today too, ba.”

Shi Hanhai wanted to persuade him to stay, but he felt that Second Young Master Liu seemed to be in a bad mood, so he wisely didn’t speak up.
He only rushed back to the government office and ordered the servants to prepare the best and largest carriage.
How big was it? It was said that it used to be a cart used by carpenters to pull wardrobes.

Even so, Shi-daren felt very guilty and apologized again and again, saying that it should have been bigger, but time and commodities were limited.
In addition, the carpenter was still living on Dakan Mountain, so he could only clean the ready-made one well and lay down the softest mat.

A-Ning quickly said: “It doesn’t need to be so big!” This is too big!

Shi Hanhai insisted: “No, it has to be this big, this is the prince’s request.
When he came here, Second Young Master Liu rode a horse all the way and had to lie down when he arrived.
In addition, there are melons and fruit snacks as well as some wine, which I have already prepared.
They will be delivered soon.”

Liu Xian’an, who had locked himself in a room all this time, heard these words and silently stuck his head out the window. 

Yes, look how big it is.

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