Strong Winds Return Home – Chapter Twenty-Seven

As the silver dagger approached, Liu Xian’an’s eyelashes fluttered slightly, but he didn’t dodge, because at the moment when his eyes reflected in the sharp blade, the three thousand worlds in his mind suddenly became more beautiful and eye-catching.
The blue sky was vast, and the sun and the moon hung together.

Second Young Master Liu was very surprised to find that at the critical point between life and death, his thoughts actually completed another leap toward a higher dimension.
Many causes and effects that were beyond reach in the past now revealed their most authentic core.
Just like clouds and mists being blown away by a strong wind, the dao was within reach.

With a ding, the blade fell to the ground.
Yun You said angrily: “It’s useless to keep him anyway.
Little uncle, why don’t you let me kill him?”

The masked man said: “Because killing him is also useless.”

“At least he won’t be an eyesore here!” Yun You put the dagger back into its scabbard.
The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.
There were at least eight hundred disciples in Baihe Mountain Village, and he even heard that the old man who burned firewood knew how to heal diseases.
Why was the one he picked out and captured himself the one who was ignorant and incompetent? When the Liu family discovered that they had lost someone, whether they would report it to the officials and search the mountain could not be ascertained for the time being.
At the very least, they would strengthen their guard, so how could they keep the second young master?

Because Liu Xian’an’s various deeds were so lazy, Yun You even suspected that even if he threatened the Liu family with his life, he may not be able to replace him with a decent doctor.
After all, according to all the rumors, apart from helping the world in a gentle and refined manner every day, Master Liu Zhuang would pick up a big stick and beat his son in exasperation.

“Hey, you —” Yun You turned his head to the corner of the wall, but before he could finish his sentence, he was taken aback.
Because he found that Liu Xian’an was crying.
A tear slid down his face and lingered on his cheek for a moment, and then dropped onto his sleeve.


But Liu Xian’an had actually forgotten where he was.
A huge storm was being set off in his mind and the world was spinning rapidly.
The sea of clouds roiled with it as all things were re-formed and combined in a new dimension, from one to two, and from two to three.
Standing high in the sky, he witnessed the blooming of a flower and the collapse of a dynasty at the same time.
The turbulent and magnificent surge had already exceeded what a mortal body could bear, so there was no choice but to cry uncontrollably.

The masked man was also looking at Liu Xian’an.
He vaguely felt that he was not crying due to fear, but could not pinpoint the reason.
Yun You was annoyed by his tears and felt that he had brought this trouble back himself, so he had to solve it himself.
He raised his palm and was about to knock him out, when suddenly there was a crash from outside the cave.

The masked man clenched the hilt of his sword and dodged into the dark corner near the cave entrance. Crash, crash.
The sound continued to go on, but was unlike movement made by humans.
Sure enough, after a moment, a wild boar ran over on a rampage.
As if it couldn’t see clearly, it slammed into the entrance of the cave – bang – and then fainted.

Yun You breathed a sigh of relief and re-sheathed his dagger: “It’s the first time I’ve seen such a stupid bastard.”

The masked man turned back to the cave, and the hem of his clothing cast a shadow on the ground before vanishing in an instant.

And Liang Shu’s pupils shrank slightly as the shadow moved.

“Your Highness, there are indeed people in the cave.” Cheng Suyue lowered her voice.
“This place is remote, and ordinary people would never come here.
It should be Second Young Master Liu and the kidnapper who took him away.”

Liang Shu ordered: “Keep watch.”

Liu Xian’an leaned against the wall, hugged his knees with his arms, and fell soundly asleep.
He was truly tired.
The brain needed rest, and the body needed it too.
Just like a traveler who had journeyed thousands of li on the wind, his entire body was as heavy as lead, and he didn’t even have the strength to lift his eyelids.

Yun You was almost in awe.
At first he thought the other party was pretending, but later discovered that this was not the case.
The rumors were not wrong, this was really a good-for-nothing who would sleep even if the sky was falling.
He even patted that face with a cold dagger, but didn’t see the other person open his eyes.
On the contrary, it made the person’s tears fall again.
He choked up and sobbed in his dreams, crying unceasingly.

“……Since Liu Fushu can snatch someone from the hands of the King of Hell, why doesn’t he treat his own son?”

The masked man said: “Pack up your things, let’s go.”

Yun You was puzzled: “Now?”

The masked man said: “Wild boars don’t run into caves for no reason.
There must be people around to drive them in such a way.”

Yun You asked: “You mean that the people looking for him are searching nearby?”

“Not at all.
The Liu family only had dozens of doctors come over this time.
Even if they found out and reported it to the officials, they would not be so fast.”

This was the consulting room they had prepared, but now that he had caught the wrong doctor, there was really no need to wait any longer.
He pulled Liu Xian’an up from the ground: “Let’s go!”

Second Young Master Liu opened his eyes with difficulty, his thoughts still torn between fantasy and reality as he walked unsteadily.
After leaving the cave, the sudden light woke him up a little bit.
Perhaps it was intuition, or maybe he was longing for his friend in another world, but without knowing why, he suddenly called out: “Royal Highness Xiao Wang.”

Yun You frowned: “Who?”

As soon as this word fell, a shadow suddenly appeared like a thunderbolt, descending from the sky with great force that caused him to stagger a few steps back, and Liu Xian’an also sat on the ground.
Liang Shu stretched out his hand to grab the person, but was forced to dodge back by the edge of a sword.
Cheng Suyue also swept down from on high.
Yun You had already reacted at this time, and unsheathed his dagger with murderous intent in his eyes, engaging her in battle.

The rest of the guards stepped forward quickly, trying to send Liu Xian’an away from the scene, but how could Yun You be willing? He kicked Cheng Suyue away, and with his other hand, let loose a cloud of purple-blue smog.
If one looked closely, they could see hundreds of highly venomous bees buzzing and flying toward the crowd.

“Your Highness!” Cheng Suyue was so entangled by Yun You that she couldn’t leave her position, so she called out.

Liang Shu turned around and picked up Liu Xian’an.
Placing him high in a tree, he pressed down on his upper body: “Hold on tight!”

Two guards also followed, supporting him one from the left and the other to the right.
Liang Shu turned to pursue the masked man again.
Regarding He Rao and Chang Wanli’s statements, this person’s martial arts were indeed strange and wicked, with signs of a shortened lifespan everywhere – making his opponent short-lived, as well as himself.

Liu Xian’an hugged the thick branch, trying his best to extract himself from the three thousand worlds, but he was taken in by the beautiful scenes that he had never before witnessed, and still couldn’t leave completely.
Thus, the guards next to him were terrified, not understanding why Second Young Master Liu wouldn’t stop crying.
What had those two villains done to him in the cave?

Liu Xian’an looked at the back of Liang Shu’s black cloak.
He was also anxious at heart, so he slammed his head hard against the branch – boom!

A guard gasped and quickly stretched out his hand to protect his forehead, calling: “Cheng-guniang, Second Young Master Liu doesn’t seem quite right.”

Cheng Suyue and several other guards were still no match for Yun You, so she could only send an anxious glance toward Liang Shu.

The masked man said: “His Royal Highness Xiao Wang doesn’t seem to be trying to save a life.”

Liang Shu drew his long sword out of its sheath: “This lord is here to collect a debt from you on behalf of the tens of thousands of people in the Bai River Valley, and nearly a hundred people in the Tan family.”

The masked man, Feng Xiaojin, sneered upon hearing these words, and his originally pale lips attained a bit of ruddy color at this time: “What do the lives of tens of thousands of people in Baihe have to do with me? Everything was due to Tan Xiaozhong’s evil cause from the beginning.
He deserved to die.
He should have died slowly of cold and hunger in the wind and rain, but was fortunate enough to be killed immediately.”

Speaking of such hatred, he suddenly clenched the soft sword in his hand.
It was a wicked, snake-like sword with dense barbs, soaked in blood and time to extreme smoothness.

Liang Shu’s sword was the complete opposite to his.
After Liang Yu took the throne, he personally dug out a piece of rare black iron from the treasury and handed it over to the best group of refiners, letting them temper the long sword in the volcanic lava.
It had not been named yet, but became a unique totem to protect Dayan.
In the northwest, the common people would even paste a portrait of this sword to their doors in order to pray for peace and invincibility.

Feng Xiaojin didn’t intend to kill Liang Shu, and only wanted to escape as quickly as possible.
He turned around in the air and shot two rows of darts from his sleeve, taking advantage of the moment Liang Shu dodged to knock Cheng Suyue down with a palm: “Let’s go!”

Yun You got up from the ground, followed Feng Xiaojin for two steps, and threw two smoke bombs backwards.
But he was still not reconciled.
At this moment, from the corner of his eye, he suddenly caught sight of Liu Xian’an lying on the tree and turned back.
Cheng Suyue shouted loudly: “Look out!”

The guards dragged Liu Xian’an away, but Yun You had already reached him.
Whatever was in his hand, he flung it all over, denser than the previous swarm of venomous bees.

Cheng Suyue didn’t have time to think as she rushed up to take Liu Xian’an away.
Liang Shu was already one step ahead of her, holding him firmly in the air.
Feng Xiaojin also took the opportunity to pull Yun You over, exchanging one for the other, and dove into the smoke that had not yet dissipated.

Liu Xian’an leaned into Liang Shu’s arms with wet tears still on his face, his breathing weary and hoarse.

Liang Shu’s hand rested on his back, and when he touched a wet area, his mind went blank.
He thought it was blood, but upon checking, found that it was sweat.
His whole body was cold and wet as if he had just been picked up from the water.

“Bring him back.” Liang Shu handed him over to Cheng Suyue.
“Have people take good care of him.”

“Yes!” Cheng Suyue called the guards to carry Liu Xian’an on their backs.
“How many people should be left for the prince?”

“None, have them protect him.” Liang Shu proceeded to chase after Feng Xiaojin.

The smoke had cleared by now, and there were only green hills before his eyes.


A-Ning and the rest of the disciples of Baihe Mountain Village were already very anxious.
Seeing that their Second Young Master had been sent back, they said Amitabha, Amitabha, and hurried forward on weak legs to help him lie down.
Second Master Liu Fuzhi also rushed back at this time, and personally checked his nephew’s pulse, saying: “He’s not hurt, not hurt.
It’s only that he is a little weak, likely from the fright.”

“He isn’t injured?” Cheng Suyue asked.

“He’s not.” Lui Fuzhi covered him with a blanket and sent his disciples to decoct a tranquilizing medicine, then asked, “Could the kidnappers be caught?”

“The prince went after them personally,” Cheng Suyue said.
“That major criminal of the Imperial court should be a stranger to Second Young Master Liu.
It was not intentional targeting this time, they just wanted to find a skilled doctor to heal their injuries.
The disciples of Baihe Mountain Village had better be on guard in the near future.”

After hearing the whole story, Second Master Liu’s first thought was also, why did they choose Xian’an if they wanted to kidnap a doctor……it seemed inappropriate for a doctor to say this, but it was true that the life of the kidnapper should not be long.

Liu Xian’an continued to mumble drowsily in his sleep, but no one could hear what he said, nor did they want to.
After all, even what Second Young Master Liu said when he was awake was confounding.

Only Liang Shu, who returned in the middle of the night, sat by the bed, put his lips close to his ear, and ordered: “Louder.”



Normal people: Casually assimilating new knowledge and life experiences.

Liu Xian’an: Witnesses the restructuring and rebirth of a literal new universe inside his brain.

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