Liu Xian’an successfully escaped from the study with his excuse, and within two steps of emerging, he saw his second uncle coming from the opposite side along with the subject of his excuse.
He immediately turned around and tried to hide, but was stopped: “Xian’an, hurry and come here.
His Royal Highness Xiao Wang was looking for you.”


Second Young Master Liu’s heart promptly turned into a bitter gourd.
From his birth until now, he had never been so busy at home.
First his sister, then his mother, then his father, and now there was His Royal Highness Xiao Wang.
Why did it seem like everyone was eager to hear him speak?

Don’t want to speak.
So tired, ah.

Liang Shu looked at his wrinkled and frosty expression, secretly amused, and in the end, he did not ask to hear the story of the pig butcher marrying a wife for the fourth time.
He just asked: “Where do you live?”

“North,” Liu Xian’an answered briefly.
“It’s still being cleaned, so it’s not suitable for entertaining guests.”

“Then take this lord to look around the village first.” Liang Shu was not dissuaded.
“The east side seems to have a nice view.”

Liu Xian’an cast an expectant gaze on his second uncle, because most of the east area belonged to him.
The master could tour around with the important guest, very good.
But Liu Fuzhi obviously did not think so.
He was currently working on a new medication and needed to be by the fireside at all times.
He really didn’t have much time to spend with guests, especially this sort of royal nobleman who was respected but didn’t know much about medicine and obviously just wanted to look around for fun – handing him over to his nephew, who was also idle, the two of them couldn’t be more compatible.
It could be said that they were a pair of idle people ordained by heaven.

Thus, Second Young Master Liu was forced to take on this task, and felt extremely downtrodden.

After Liu Fuzhi left, Liu Xian’an also retreated slowly.
Liang Shu wore a smile that was not a smile: “He said that he wanted to visit Baihe City together, but now that he has reached Baihe City, he is lazy and wants to run away.
Is this the hospitality of a forty-eight thousand-year-old? Walk!”

Liu Xian’an couldn’t resist, and staggered all the way: “Oh.”

Baihe Mountain Village was very large, almost half the size of the city.
Adding in the medicine fields and valleys in the mountains, it was even bigger if the boundaries were removed.
Liu Xian’an hadn’t taken two steps east before he lost his way in a daze and walked back and forth three times along a dilapidated mud path.
He also failed to go around it successfully, so he sincerely presented the perfunctory emotion in his heart: “That’s about it.
Okay, let’s go, ba.”

Liang Shu grabbed a strand of his hair: “Can you not tell directions in your own home?”

“I’ve never been to the east side.” Liu Xian’an felt bitter.
Of course, he had never been to Dayan’s vast expanses in the southeast and northwest, so how could he clearly know the distribution of mountains and rivers thousands of miles away? Clearly, it was because of reading books.
But Second Uncle’s garden was different.
There was no book that described it in detail, and new paths were built every few days.

His throat was still uncomfortable, so his defense was thin and weak.
Coupled with his lazy and tired expression, he looked like the dejected white cat in the Imperial garden that had been stroked too much, with a drooping expression and eyes.
Liang Shu looked at him and chuckled for a long time.
Finally, he did not make any more requests to continue sightseeing, and said instead: “Let’s go and see where you live.”

Liu Xian’an was relieved.

The two walked a long, long way.

In the entirety of Baihe Mountain Village, the waterside pavilion was beyond the description of “remote.” It could not be further north, and there was a section of uneven gravel road on the way, but the house was well-kept and simple, and a large tree with luxuriant branches covered most of the courtyard gate.
It was indeed suitable for a Sleeping Immortal’s enlightenment in the dao.

A-Ning was standing watch at the door.
The guest room had already been tidied up, but because there was only one room, the rest of Xiao Wang Palace went to live in the Xiangyang Manor prepared by Master Liu.
This was one-of-a-kind treatment.

“Where’s the wine?” Liang Shu stepped into the courtyard.

A-Ning quickly ran to the front hall and brought out the two small jugs of wine.

Liu Xian’an stood beside him, gingerly rubbing his throat.

Liang Shu brushed his robes out of the way and sat on a stool: “You drink tea.”

Liu Xian’an: “……”

His throat was uncomfortable, so he could indeed only drink tea.
It tasted weak, and he still had to smell the aroma of the wine opposite him.
The more he drank, the more dreary he became.
This was completely different from the drinking and conversing he had imagined, so while drinking, Second Young Master Liu’s thoughts flew away.

Liang Shu set down his wine cup: “There is also wine similar to this in the northeast.”

Liu Xian’an was pulled back: “What kind of wine is it?”

“It’s called Hundred Spirit Sorrow.” Liang Shu smiled.
“It has a big name, but it’s not expensive wine, a coin per pot.
Everyone in the local area can brew it, and it is strong and burns the throat.
There was once a group of scholars who wanted to go to the desert to write poetry, but instead of writing the poems, they got drunk in the yellow sand for a day and a night.”

Liu Xian’an smiled along, thinking that being able to get drunk in the desert seemed quite unrestrained.

Liang Shu shook his head: “If it were not for A-Yue bringing people on patrol and picking them up, I fear they would have already been dried up.
If you go to the northwest and see the desert with your own eyes, you will know that it is a fantastical domain that eats people and does not spit out the bones.
When the wind blows, the whole sky is covered by yellow sand and you can no longer tell the difference between north or south.
You can only hide behind the camel and wait for the disaster to stop by itself.”

In that sort of environment, just surviving was already putting forth every effort, let alone leading troops to fight.
Liu Xian’an felt that if it was him, he might not be able to survive for an hour, and then he would really ride cranes and traverse the dao.
But Liang Shu could guard the border so securely and still have time to come to Baihe Mountain Village to drink, and also had to deal with the cult in the southwest and the refugees in the four regions.
Thinking of this, he felt a rare awe for a person.

After a while, he couldn’t help but ask: “Are you tired?

These words belonged to the same category as Liang Shu’s “is there only you in that world?” from before.
They were both clever people who did not need to revisit the former conversation, so he was sure the other party would understand.
Indeed, Liang Shu did.
He smiled slightly: “I got used to it.”

He said this calmly, but Liu Xian’an remembered the old injury of his, so he stretched out two fingers and placed them on the other party’s veins.

Liang Shu once again silently concealed his pulse.

Second Young Master Liu lifted his leg underneath the table and kicked him.

Liang Shu smirked, and finally stopped teasing him.
Liu Xian’an read his pulse carefully for a long while, and said this time: “You still need to rest, at least three months.”

Were the same sentence spoken by the mouths of the Imperial Hospital physicians, His Royal Highness Xiao Wang would have found them annoying.
But now that they were spoken by Second Young Master Liu, perhaps it was his frown of genuine worry that had Liang Shu saying: “All right.”

That “all right” sounded unreliable.
Liu Xian’an didn’t believe he would listen, and Liang Shu indeed did not intend to listen.
Not to mention three months, even the three days he would reside in Baihe Mountain Village was already considered a rare time of leisure in his life – leisure also made him restless, and he had to think about the refugees, as well as Feng Xiaojin, who had fled to places unknown.

He tilted his head back and drank another cup of wine.

Liu Xian’an warned him: “The wine is a bit strong.”

Liang Shu did not take him seriously.
It was not as strong as the wine in the northwest.

Thus, Liu Xian’an waited for him to get drunk, but it didn’t happen in the end.
His Royal Highness Xiao Wang really had an astonishing capacity for alcohol.
Even his eyes didn’t look muddled, and on the contrary, his mood rose.
He pushed away the wine utensils in front of him: “Let’s go for a walk.”

Liu Xian’an quickly leaned on A-Ning: “It’s late, I’m tired.”

“Are you ever not tired?” Liang Shu grabbed his wrist.

A-Ning also stepped aside.
After all, such an opportunity did not come often, and not everyone was capable of taking the young master out.

All the disciples of Baihe Mountain Village were fortunate enough to witness their Second Young Master crouching down and acting shamelessly while His Royal Highness Xiao Wang was unmoved and dragged him away.
The technique was like a peerless scene of a bandit absconding with a daughter-in-law.

Everyone was stupefied.

Liu Fushu and Liu-furen also looked at each other in blank dismay after hearing this.
This……how come they were so close? The only one experiencing pure happiness was Liu Nanyuan.
She thought that her second brother was truly capable to have developed such a deep friendship with His Royal Highness Xiao Wang after just becoming acquainted.
Then she wouldn’t be forced to marry, would she? Thus, she happily took her little maid and went shopping.

And after Liang Shu and Liu Xian’an walked around the streets, almost all the people in the whole city came out to see the prince.
Chang Xiaoqiu also quickly sat in the wheelchair and asked Chang Xiaohan to push him out of the hospital.
He wanted to stand with his sword in his hand, but his legs really hurt later on, so he had to give up this majestic posture and sit down.

On this day, Baihe City was even livelier than on New Year’s Eve.

Restaurants, teahouses, song rooms, and music buildings were all brightly lit, and the owner of a brocade shop hurried to hang up his goods.
Although there was definitely no shortage of good fabrics in the palace, what if there was a chance? Liang Shu stood at the end of the long street with his hands behind his back, looking at the exquisite and gorgeous town before him, along with the bustling and festive crowd, and sighed almost inaudibly.

Liu Xian’an said: “Sooner or later, the entire territory of Dayan will be like this.”

Liang Shu’s eyebrows twitched: “So you can guess other people’s minds?”

Liu Xian’an answered truthfully: “Only people’s hearts, they are not hard to guess.”

“Since that is the case, let us speak of it.
How long will it take for the entire territory of Dayan to be at peace?”

“It’s hard to say.
One hundred years, two hundred, five hundred, anything is possible.”

“It turns out that it will take so long, ah.” Liang Shu smiled.
“Then I can’t wait.
Maybe I will fight for a lifetime, and the four regions will still be in chaos.”

“You cannot.” Liu Xian’an thought for a moment and then said slowly, “Even if we can’t wait, that doesn’t mean that what the prince is doing now is meaningless.
The torch is passed from generation to generation.
Future generations will also one day wait for it.”

As he spoke, the wind blew and he coughed twice.
There happened to be a brocade shop next to them, so Liang Shu casually pulled out a cloak and handed it to Liu Xian’an: “Let’s go to the other side to have a look.”

The owner of the brocade shop was beaming.
He was also a bold man and repeatedly waved his hands, saying that he didn’t want money, and then took the opportunity to promote: “This batch of silk is also good, and feels like snow to the touch.
Does Second Young Master Liu like it?”

Liu Xian’an didn’t want to look at it at all.
He felt that the big gray robe on his body was very good, suitable for sitting and lying down without getting wrinkles.
Liang Shu didn’t plan to stay in this shop for too long.
If it was like snow, there seemed to be a kind of good fabric woven in Jiangnan given in tribute, but he forgot the name.
He just remembered hearing an Imperial concubine say with a smile that it was difficult to obtain an inch of brocade for a beauty even if someone had a thousand pieces of gold.

“What is the prince thinking?” Liu Xian’an asked.

Liang Shu looked at the loose old robe on his body and the new but mundane cloak, and felt that he may be the only person in the world who could wear these two things at the same time and still look pleasing to the eye.

“We might as well go to the south of the city,” Liu Xian’an suggested.
“It should be quieter there.
I saw that the government has sent people over, so they should help clear up the crowds.”

Liang Shu swept out the door and saw that the crowd had already dispersed.
Only a young man in a wheelchair was craning his neck to desperately look this way, his excitement beyond words.

Liang Shu commented: “Looks like there is a fool.”

Liu Xian’an spoke in aid: “In fact, he’s not bad.”

Chang Xiaoqiu had purposely asked Chang Xiaohan to push the wheelchair very slowly.
He took the chance to call Liu Xian’an over, and asked eagerly: “The prince glanced at me just now, what did he say?”

Liu Xian’an looked at his earnest eyes and replied briefly: “That in fact, you’re not bad.”

It wasn’t a lie.

Just now, the prince did take a glance at you.

And I did say that in fact, you’re not bad.

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