Yu Xinlu’s tone was disdainful: “I can’t stand this He Shu.
When she first came to class, she pestered Lin Jianshen every day, but Lin Jianshen ignored her.
Then she rushed to fawn on other boys.”

He Shu was transferred from the ordinary class and was also among the best in her original class.

But since she entered the key class, her grades have always been at the tail of the crane.
This time she got the second to last position in the opening exam.
It is estimated that she will switch back to the ordinary class next time.

Cheng Chu shrank into her school uniform and said in a low voice, “Stop talking, let’s go.”

When she walked into the classroom, He Shu had already asked her questions, and when the two of them were coming, she turned aside and left Cheng Chu’s seat.

Yu Xinlu curled her lips, let go of Cheng Chu’s hand, and went straight back to her seat.

The learning atmosphere in the key classes is good, and many people are still immersed in their studies even after class.

The next period is the self-study class.
Cheng Chu feels depressed, and the mood for practising the piano is gone, so she just bowed her head and started to write homework.

“Are you not going to practice the piano?”

The preparation bell had already rung, and Gu Miao couldn’t help asking as he watched the girl next to him sitting in her seat, showing no tendency to move.

Is sitting here hindering him?

Then she was about to sit here, and Cheng Chu felt wronged inexplicably, and her voice was muffled: “I don’t want to go.”

The girl’s always brisk and cheerful voice brought a little bit of anger, and Gu Miao’s heart couldn’t help but distort.

“Why?” he asked in a low voice.

Cheng Chu held the pen, her eyelashes trembled slightly, “I’m in a bad mood, I don’t want to go.”

The evening wind was chilly, and the holly trees outside the window seemed to be shaking slightly.

Gu Miao turned his head and looked at the girl next to him.

A few strands of broken hair fell on her quiet side profile, and the peach eyes that were always blooming on weekdays were a little dim.

His heart sank subconsciously, and he couldn’t help but dislike his clumsy tongue.

It would be nice if he could speak well like other boys, and make her laugh.

The holly tree outside the window was rustling in the cold wind.

Gu Miao lowered his head, racking his brain to think about all kinds of witticisms he had heard, but when those words came to his lips, he couldn’t say anything.

He clenched his hands, stared at the blackboard in the distance, and said, “Don’t be unhappy.”

Cheng Chu was stunned.
For some reason, her frustrated heart was smoothed out by this stupefied remark.

The smile on her lips couldn’t be suppressed, she couldn’t help turning her head, wanting to say something.

But in the next second, she was interrupted.

“Gu Miao, how do you do this question?” The girl’s voice was light, but it was like strands of cold wind that pierced Cheng Chu’s ears.

When the words reached her lips, they were swallowed into her stomach.

She turned her head and saw He Shu standing by the table, holding a physics paper in her hand.

Cheng Chu sat on the outside of the seat, and He Shu’s gaze crossed her and looked straight at Gu Miao.

Suddenly she felt that she was a mass of air, which floated between the two of them.

Gu Miao didn’t speak; just glanced at He Shu lightly, took out the completed physics paper from the drawer, and handed it to He Shu.

Meaning, see for yourself.

“Thank you.” He Shu smiled and walked away with the paper.

Sitting in front, Yu Xinlu rolled her eyes at the air.

The classroom is very quiet, and the students in the key classes are very conscious.
Even if there is no teacher, they still work hard.

Only a few people in the distance gathered together and spoke quietly, but most of them were also discussing problems.

“What did you want to say just now?” Gu Miao asked.

Cheng Chu gave him a light look, “It’s nothing.”

Gu Miao saw that her complexion was not as cold as before, and his heart became calmer, and he whispered, “Yes.”

T/N: Hehe.

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