It was a really dark night and Sam was lost in the middle of a dark forest. Sam was a boy, about thirteen years old and a blonde. He had no freckles on his face. He had a very strong personality. Sam had been following a strange low pitched voice calling his name and now he realized he was lost. Then all of a sudden, there was a loud pop and smoke covered the entire forest. When the smoke had cleared, Sam saw an old man who was hunched over. He had a dark hollow look in his eyes with an evil frown. He looked at Sam and began to laugh loudly. This laugh sent a shiver down Sams spine for it was like the hiss of a poisonous snake. The man opened his mouth and shouted a string of curious words and then he began to chant,

”Oh great Tarantella

My evil mistress

For so long a time

We have waited for this night

Oh Tarantella arise

Arise and take revenge

On the last of the family

Who burned you on the stake ”.

Then there was a huge green flame and out of the flame stood a tall shadow. Sam was paralyzed with fear. He tried to run but he just stood stiff watching the face of a thin tall old woman. Her eyes were glowing red and there was an evil curl at the sides of her lips.

”Ha! ” scorned the woman whose name appeared to be Tarantella. ”Finally I have risen and I shall have my revenge on all the Anderson Family ” she said.

When Sam heard those words, his senses came back to normal and he began to run but the Witch cried.

”Don you want to see your sister and friend again? Don you want to see your cousin George again? ” she said.

Suddenly Sam stopped running.

”What have you done to them?! ” Sam shouted.

”Oh what a temper ” the Witch said in a hoarse voice. ”I wouldn say that to an evil witch such as myself if I were you ”.

She stretched her cloak and Sam, Tarantella and Carlane the Witchs assistant disappeared. When they reappeared, Sam realized that they were in a cemetery. Sam heard his familys voices calling him. He looked towards the direction the voices came from and saw his family tied to a stake. Carlane was about to burn them up. Tarantella cackled at Sam.

”Sorry my boy but you all have to pay for what you did to me ” Tarantella said.

”Im not your boy and Im not afraid of you! ” Sam yelled in anger.

”Well, you are really brave but we shall soon see if you

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