The Lords Of Light were having their daily meditation in the Southern Skies when they received the urgent message that the Anderson team was in great peril and sent a vision to Sam. Sam received the message instantly and would have been killed by the lava had he not acted immediately. The Anderson team were united. They had found out that to defeat evil, they had to be united. Unity is indeed the greatest power. None of their powers individually could have opened the ground for them to escape. United, they were powerful, they opened the gateway and escaped.

Sam was really happy about the great lesson he had learnt. He explained it to the rest of the Anderson team and they got the message clearly.

Meanwhile, there was someone who wasn very happy about the lesson the Anderson team had learnt, Tarantella! She had finally recovered from her daze and had gone straight to the castle of the Dark Lord again. She told his two demons, Revolta and Rebella to take her to him. When they arrived in the great Hall Of Darkness, Tarantella looked at the evil minions the Dark Lord had. When she finally reached his throne room, she saw him seated on the throne, uh I mean she saw his red eyes blazing at the corner of the room where he was looking into his great globe of Chaos.

”Mmmm ” she heard him say when she was near him.

His voice seemed to come in two pairs.

”You let them escape once again. You are becoming careless Tarantella ” he said.

”No, those group of Andersons are a lot more trouble than I thought ” croaked Tarantella.

”Remember, this is about your revenge and also your duty to the realm of Darkness ” the Dark Lord said.

”Forgive me my lord but I think it will be better to send one of your demons to destroy them ” Tarantella said in a hoarse whisper.

”Hmm, what an interesting suggestion. But first I will sent my spy, Bat-Eyes to find out what they are planning. Go Bat-Eyes! Serve your Master well and send him the plans of the enemy! ” the Dark Lord said and sent Bat-Eyes to find out what Sam and the others were planning.

Meanwhile, Sam and the rest of the team were talking about the possibility of blocking Tarantellas view. They knew that Tarantella was probably spying on them. Suddenly, they felt an evil presence all around them.

”Tarantella is spying on us again ” Sam whispered.

Meanwhile, the Dark Lord and Tarantella were watching the junior Andersons from the globe.

”They have sensed our presence, I think it will be better to call Bat-Eyes back before they destroy him ” said Tarantella who suspected what will soon follow.

Meanwhile, Nancy was directing the boys to where the evil waves were coming from. They all saw Bat-Eyes as he was spying on them. He tried to escape and would have had it not been for Lucy who sent the golden light from her eyes after him. It reached him before he could get away. He exploded in a blinding ball of flame. The Lord Of Darkness was furious. His spy had been destroyed and he now sought to destroy Sam and all the Andersons and even the World. He went into his room where all sorts of evil minions were kept. He removed a potion and showed it to Tarantella.

”Now we shall awaken and revive some of our demons whom we have lost in this battle between good and evil ” he hissed.

Then the gruesome twosome began to chant slowly at first and then quickly. At the end of the chanting, the potion began to bubble. Then it smashed spilling goo everywhere. And where the potion fell, a demon slowly rose from the ground. First Sikel-Iton, then Firel-Iton. Next was Villainous. Then the Lord Of Darkness began to chant again and Bat-Eyes body rejoined and he arose. Then the Lord Of Darkness summoned Revolta and Rebella too. Finally, he summoned one of his most trusted minions Siserpentia and then he remembered something and summoned Bat-Wings, the fastest flying demon in his chaotic kingdom to lead the demons.

”Hmm, hmm, hmm ” chuckled the Dark Lord to himself. ”Now they will not escape ” he thought to himself.

Now you may all be wondering where Carlane was. Carlane had run away to his Castle far in the South since he felt that if Tarantella ever saw him, he would be a pile of ashes meaning that he would suffer dearly. Since then, he never dared to show his face in Tarantellas presence. Carlane also thought that he was now free to do what he wanted and began to live like a real wizard. He had always despised Tarantella and had always meant to ruin her spells but between himself and his inner soul, for he really had a soul, he was happy that Sam had arrived in that world and had begun to ruin Tarantellas plans. Carlane intentionally brought Skittles himself for Tarantella to use in the spell for he knew that Tarantella had been blinded by vengeance and would do anything to hurt Sam. He also knew the possibility that the spell could fail. It was also Carlane who weakened the enchanted wall.

Carlane still had memories of the time he was a little boy. He had been baptized with the name of Peter. Tarantella had killed Peters parents and kidnapped him. She then stole his soul and kept it in a glass jar. Little did she know that he had discovered a way to speak to his soul and by so doing was able to get information on Tarantellas plans. When he discovered that the demons of the underworld were after the Anderson children, he began to create a portal through which he could bring Skittles back and make him huge again so that he could rescue them. Carlane still had some flashbacks sent to him by his soul. He now wanted to get revenge on Tarantella.

Let me explain better. The day before Tarantella had been burnt at the stake, Peter had wandered into a cottage along with his parents to spy on Tarantella but unluckily for them, Tarantella felt their presence and killed Peters parents right in front of Peter. In a way, Peter was also killed. Tarantella then imprisoned his soul in a glass jar and hypnotized Peters body to do her bidding but she gave him a new name, Carlane, the evil demon responsible for Car Accidents and it was through this that CARLANE was born.

Meanwhile, back in the present world, the Anderson children were under attack. The demons had arrived and had started unleashing evil. Sikel-Iton and Firel-Iton once again joined forces. Bat-Eyes and Bat-Wings then joined forces to become one enormous Bat. Rebella and Revolta then also joined together and Siserpentia turned into a huge snake bigger than any snake that they had ever seen in reality or in a movie.

”Uh oh. We are surrounded Sam ” John said.

”What are we going to do? ” Lucy asked.

”This is a crowd, the demons are surely going to get us ” George said hopelessly.

”No, they are not ” Sam said a little nervously.

Sam seemed to be trying to think but he couldn focus for very long.

”Watch out Sam! ” John shouted as a huge bat swooped down from the Skies, ready to grab Sam but Sam ducked just in time.

”Lucy, it would help a lot if you introduced them to Light ” Sam commanded.

Lucy understood what Sam meant and concentrated strongly. There was a flash as a bright white light came out of Lucys eyes. Bat-Eyes was blinded by the light and flew into a mountain with such force that both he and Bat-Wings were disintegrated and the mountain cracked. The mountain collapsed and buried them. Sikel-Iton was blinded for a while but as he didn have eyes but huge eye sockets, the light didn have much effect on him. He continued to approach the Anderson Team with speed.

”This will be my great victory! Hahaha! ” Sikel-Iton laughed.

At the realization that Sikel-Iton would gain the credit of defeating Tarantella and the Dark Lords enemies, Rebella and Revolta as their names implied rebelled against him and hit him very hard. He fell on Siserpentia crushing her and Sikel-Iton then disintegrated into a pile of bones. Firel-Iton in a rage at their treachery rushed at Rebella and Revolta and burnt them into a pile of ashes.

Meanwhile, Carlane had made Skittles gigantic and they began to head towards the mountainous region. Carlane thought that they would never reach there in time so he cast a spell on Skittles to make him fly. Since Skittles wasn used to flying, he didn have perfect balance and twisted around so much that he felt all the food he had just eaten would come out. Firel-Iton then stood up and laughed a very low laugh that made the ground tremble terribly. He looked at the Andersons and then he began to head towards them. At that moment, Skittles and Carlane arrived. As Firel-Iton was about to burn them up, Skittles puked sending a slimy gooey slobber that put out Firel-Iton. When Sam saw Carlane sitting on Skittles, he began to fly towards Carlane angrily but Skittles said.

”its okay Sam, hes on our side ”.

”Huh? ” Sam said puzzled.

What Skittles had just said came as a blow to Sam who spun out of control and crash landed.

”How come hes on our side? ” Sam asked.

He still didn quite trust Carlane. Carlane then narrated his long sad story to them and they all expressed their sympathy.

”Sam, right now, Tarantella can see us and if she sees me and calls me by my demonic name, I will be forced to obey her will ” Carlane said.

The Andersons then felt Tarantellas presence.

”Shes about to call me! ” Carlane screamed in horror.

”Not this time ” Sam said and assembled the Anderson team.

They held each others hands and accidentally held Carlanes hand, forming a complete circle.

”Unity! ” they cried out.

All of a sudden, the force field surrounded them again and then there was a violent wave impact as Tarantellas sight was disrupted and the Lord Of Darkness globe of Chaos shattered.

”What does this mean? ” Tarantella asked as she began to tremble uncontrollably.

”It means their will and power is stronger than your curse and that they are more powerful than we thought ” replied the Lord Of Darkness.

Just at that moment, one of the bottles containing some spells dropped and cracked.

Out of it came Peter Anderson (Carlanes) Soul which headed towards Carlane with utmost speed. It hit Carlane and entered his body. There was a low rumbling as Carlane began to tremble violently. There was a flash of lightning that illuminated the Sky and at that moment, Villainous came out of Carlanes body. He gave a mischievous laugh as he darted away. There was another flash of lightning which struck Villainous down. Villainous then disintegrated and slowly disappeared. As Sam watched, Carlanes hood was ripped off and torn apart by an invisible force. There was a bright white light which changed Carlanes robes from black to white. The light then disappeared and Carlane, uh, I mean Peter Anderson slowly got up. Sam looked at his face and saw for the first time, a look of great joy and gentleness. Sam noticed that his eyes were no longer hollow but were blue. Peter Anderson was FREE!

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