e really a coward ” she said.

Tarantella stretched her hands and chanted.

Suddenly, snakes appeared everywhere. Tarantella ordered them to destroy Sam. They began to slither towards Sam. Sam climbed one of the Tombstones. When Tarantella saw that the snakes could not reach Sam, she shouted

”You little pest! Get down immediately! ”

She stretched her arms and out came a stream of fire but luckily Sam was wearing a Rosary. The Rosary reflected the Fire and suddenly, a bright white light surrounded the place and in the heart of the light was the reflection of a man who was shining brightly. The man had silky hair and a long beard. He wore a crown and in his hand was a staff which seemed to be made of pure gold and real diamonds. He wore a long white cloak. The man seemed to be a ghost but his appearance was very glorious. He seemed more like a god to Sam. The man spoke to Sam in a very kind and gentle voice.

”Sam, I am the Lord Of Light and I am always here to protect you in your darkest hour but only if you don despair. I am here to warn you Sam, your family is in grave danger right at this moment and even the World is in danger and you and your friends are the only ones that can stop them. Search yourself Sam for who you truly are. Tarantella has risen again and is now desperate to destroy you. Fight Sam. Fight for your Family but most of all fight for the World. For the first time, Sam began to see himself on top of the World and suddenly, his hope disappeared.

Sam stood alone in the graveyard. He was still thinking of what the Lord Of Light (His Hope) had said to him when he heard an evil cackle and suddenly, there was a puff of smoke and Tarantella reappeared along with Carlane the evil wizard.

”Did you really think that I would leave you without you coming to a knowledge of the fate of the world? Once you are out of the way, it will be easy for me to destroy the other members of your family and rule the world ” Tarantella said.

Her face seemed to shrivel and turned into that of a skeleton and then she screamed. The whole forest seemed to tremble and the Lord Of Darkness appeared. Then suddenly, the tombstones cracked and out came zombies. Tarantella ordered them to get Sam.

Sam was surrounded. He had to think really fast. And then all of a sudden, John, George and Lucy were hypnotized and began to walk towards Sam.

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