Sam looked at them. They didn seem to know what they were doing. They just walked towards him with outstretched arms. Sam suddenly seemed to be pulled into the past during the time Tarantella was burned at the stake, then he was pulled into the future to witness a world without him, full of chaos such as monsters and strange phenomena such as the Volcanic Eruptions blanketing the whole world in Lava.

Then he snapped back to the present. He then fell slowly to the ground and at that moment he woke up in his bedroom. He bolted from his bed and began to think of the frightening dream he had just had. He was sweating profusely. His Dad was a movie director and he always had to travel. He was currently on leave. Sams mother was a nurse and she was always busy. Sams sister Lucy was a red haired girl with little freckles. She was about twelve years old. She was tall and slender. She also had a strong personality but she had one problem, she thought she was cleverer than everybody. They lived in York City.

Sam began to get ready for school. During breakfast, Sam tried to ask his father whether he knew anything about the burning of Tarantella but he decided not to. At school, Sam was not able to concentrate on his studies. John who was Sams closest friend noticed it. He was also a red haired boy with little freckles on his face. He was tall and also slim. During break time, he asked Sam what was wrong with him and Sam told him of the dream. Johns jaw dropped immediately he heard about Sams dream.

”I had the same dream ” John said.

Sam and John stood rooted to the ground.

”Lets go check out the Library. We might find something useful about Tarantella and her connection to my family ” Sam said.

So Sam and John went to the School Library. Inside the Library sat Miss Emily Jones, the librarian. Sam and John liked her because she was always ready to help them during research.

”Hello boys, what do you need today? ” she asked kindly.

”We are here to do some research on the famous witches and wizards of ancient times ” Sam said.

”Well, there are some books about Witches and Wizards ” said Miss Jones pointing to a particular shelf at the corner of the Library.

Sam and John searched and searched and finally found a book with a picture of Tarantella tied to a stake. Sam recognized her from his dream. They scanned several pages and finally saw a page in which Sam read the inscriptions below. It said;

”Here on this stake

Tarantella was burned.

The last of the evil witches

Was killed by the first of the Anderson Family.

But before she died she uttered a fearful curse ”.

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