Sam was horrified by his discovery. So he now wondered whether what he saw was just a dream, whether it was a vision or whether it really happened. Sam was now determined to tell his father about his dream and discovery.

”Dad has got to know about this ” Sam thought. ”He has to tell me about the connection Tarantella has with our Family ”.

Finally school was over, Sam hadn had a very good day. He couldn calculate well during Maths because all his brain could think about were the words written in that mysterious book. Sam didn even feel like playing. He just felt like throwing up the food he ate that morning.

When Sam went home, he immediately began to search for his father but Lucy told him that their Dad had gone on a business trip and showed Sam the letter she found on top of the Dining Table.

”Oh, not now! ” Sam said with a disappointed sigh. ”I had something very important to ask him ” Sam said then he realized his mistake.

”About what? ” Lucy asked curiously.

”Never mind ” Sam said in an attempt to evade the question.

”No Sam, youve got to tell me. Don attempt to evade the question this time ” Lucy said curiously.

”Okay Lucy, Ill tell you but youve got to promise not to tell anyone especially Mom ” Sam said.

”Okay ” Lucy said with a puzzled expression.

”Its about a strange dream I had last night ” Sam said in a low tone.

”Oh, the dream ” Lucy said in satisfaction.

”What? ” Sam said in surprise. ”Who told you about it? ” he asked.

”No one told me, I had the same dream too ” Lucy said.

Sams jaw dropped so low Lucy thought it was going to fall off.

”How can that be? ” Sam asked. ”I had a dream, you had the same dream and John had the same dream too ” but before Sam could utter another word, Lucys jaw also dropped.

”I wouldn be shocked if Mom and Dad also had the same dream. The dream seems to have happened to all those who were in it ” Sam said.

Sam then told Lucy of his research in the Library and the frightful inscription he read under that book. He also told Lucy about the last sentence which talked about the curse. Lucy now knew the real reason Sam needed to see his father. Sam really needed to know what the curse was especially now.

That evening, when Sams father came home Sam immediately went to ask him about the curse. At first nothing seemed to come out of Sams mouth and then all of a sudden, Sam just spilled it out. Sams father could still not understand what he was saying. He asked Sam to explain it slowly but his father still didn understand till Lucy told him. Sams father whose name was Mr Simon Anderson began to understand what they were saying.

”Kids relax, Tarantella was killed long ago. Shes not about to get you ” he said.

”What?! ” Sam and Lucy exclaimed together.

”You mean you didn have the dream?! I think Im going to black out ” Lucy suddenly began to feel sick.

”I just don understand why I had the dream, Lucy had the dream and even John had the same dream. It was as if we were really there, as if it really happened ” Sam said.

Now it was Mr Andersons turn to be shocked.

”What?! ” he exclaimed in surprise.

”George also had the same dream. Every kid in this family is having the same dream ” said Mr Anderson enthusiastically. ”I refuse to believe what you are saying. Tell me this is a bad joke. What was this dream about anyway? ” Mr Anderson said doubtfully.

”It was about the rise of Tarantella ” said Sam and Lucy together.

This was too much for Mr Anderson. Mr Anderson found this very strange and it felt to him as if a giant had knocked him down with full force.

”Dad, Ive got to ask you something really important ” Sam said. ”What was the curse Tarantella uttered when she was about to be burnt? ” Sam asked.

”Well if you really want to know, I will be glad to tell you Sam. I have always wanted to share this with someone but the only person I could trust was your mother. The family Tarantella cursed was our family but the curse didn actually work until now…I think. You are the last of the Andersons. I mean, not like you are the last ones but you are Tarantellas target. You and everyone who had the dream ” Sams father said sadly and mysteriously at the same time.

”But what has John got to do with our family. He also had the same dream but he is not a member of our family ” Sam asked in confusion.

”There is another secret I must let you know Sam. No one, not even your mother knows about this. I once had a brother who I haven heard from since we were about your age. When your grandfather told him about the curse Tarantella had placed on our family, he ran away frightened. He changed his name since then. I think there is a chance that John may be his son. If that is true, then John is actually your cousin ” Mr Anderson said.

”Well Im glad to know that John may be my cousin. At the very least, we
e in this together ” Sam said feeling a little happy.

”Dad, do you know about the curse of Tarantella? ” Sam asked.

This question seemed to echo in his mind.

”I mean, the words she uttered, the exact words ” Sam said trying to explain it to his father.

”Well she said…

I was rising then I fell,

The first of the Andersons were responsible

But I will rise again

And so make the last of the Andersons pay

The rest of the Andersons

Will then become as I am now

Then I shall rule the world

As its all powerful Queen ”

Mr Anderson quoted.

Sam gasped for his fathers voice had just sounded like Tarantellas voice when he was quoting the curse. Lucy had also heard that voice.

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