It was very difficult to believe that she would even try to kidnap Lucy until they saw Mr Anderson. Sam knew that he was Tarantella in disguise but he acted as if he didn .

”Hi kids ” Mr Anderson who looked really smart in his black suit and bow tie called.

”Im going to visit my manager Mr Hilton and I will be back very late in the evening because it seems my assistant Miss Rosy is having some problems with the shooting ” Sams father said seriously.

Sam watched as his so-called father Mr Anderson entered his car and sped off in a hurry. Sam looked angry and concerned as he watched his so-called father. He turned to look at Lucy and began to recall the times she played tricks on him along with George but he knew that he couldn afford to lose his own sister. He felt very sad and began to have flashbacks. Seeing Lucy playing with George and Nancy happily as though nothing was going to happen made him even sadder.

He didn notice John coming towards him.

”Hey Sam, what are you thinking about. You look like a Dreamer ” John tried to cheer Sam up.

”Nothing ” Sam answered. ”Its just that I can believe Tarantella is going to kidnap Lucy ”.

John looked at Sam, then he looked at Lucy and said,

”I understand what you mean. Lucy seems to think that nothing is going to happen. She is unusually calm ”.

”Yeah ” said Sam. ”I just can believe that Tarantella… ”

”You mean Tarantula ” John cut him short with a joke.

”Yeah, whatever. I just can believe she could go this far but seeing how clumsy she was I think that we can outsmart her just as I did ” said Sam a little proud of what he had just said.

”Hey Sam ” George called from behind.

They hadn noticed that he had crept behind them and was very interested in the utterance of the last sentence.

”Why don we get your Tarantula and hide in Lucys room and wait for Tarantella and when she is about to kidnap Lucy, we will throw it at her face and in her panic she will fall from her broomstick. A Tarantula will be the perfect remedy for Tarantella ” said George enthusiastically.

At this they all burst into uncontrollable laughter. The girls thought they had gone mad since they knew that Tarantella would strike during the night.

”I think it will be much better if we threw your golden crucifix with full force into her face ” Sam said jokingly since he knew how George always wanted to be near it.

At the sight of Georges serious face, Sam looked at Johns face and they both burst out laughing.

”At least that will be better than a Tarantula ” John said and the boys laughed louder and harder than ever.

That afternoon, as the family of Andersons were busily talking, Sam had another vision in which he saw the Lord Of Light unlocking their secret powers. He saw himself holding the hands of the Anderson team (the children of the Andersons) and flying with them into the portal of rings after Lucy had been kidnapped. The Lord Of Light showed him each of their special powers. Lucy was given the power to create Light in a time of darkness, Sam was given the power to sense anything before it happened and to ford off the powers of the enemy. John was given the power to call for help and communicate with any living creature on Earth while George could use the powers of Light created by Lucy to protect them. Nancy could direct them to their destination. Suddenly as the vision had come, it was gone and Sam snapped back to reality. He was now used to the visions and the others could no longer tell that he was having visions.

When he told them of the vision from start to end, he concluded by saying

”You didn think the powers of Light would leave us to face evil alone did you? ” he said as if he had known of their special powers all along.

”Well, we are now aware of our special powers but what we don know is how to use them ” Nancy who was paying close attention to every word Sam was saying said.

That night as Team Anderson, as they now called themselves were planning how to capture Tarantella, they heard Mr Andersons car pull up the parking lot and then Sam whispered.

”Get ready ”.

Meanwhile, outside, Tarantella disguised in Mr Andersons appearance had arrived at Sams house. She called Carlane her evil assistant and told him to prepare the stakes and also a sleeping potion with which she would induce her victims to sleep but forever.

”And one more thing… ” she cackled.

”Be sure to inform the Lord Of Darkness about this move that I am about to make. I want him to see how smart I am ” she said with a pretend smile which was a horrible sight as she had a rather numerous pair of little teeth which were totally out of place and her evil eyes seemed to glow menacingly and last of all, she had an evil curl at the sides of her mouth.

Then she began to change her appearance into that of her real ugly self.

Meanwhile, Sam, George, Nancy and John were hiding in the wardrobe and waited with the intention of rescuing Lucy from Tarantella. Then there was a thunderclap all of a sudden and a streak of lightning which illuminated the sky and as Sam peered through a little hole in the wardrobe, he saw the tall dark outline of Tarantella. All of a sudden, a window shattered and there was a scream and then Tarantella seized Lucy and was about to take her away when Sam, John, George and Nancy bounded out of their hiding places. Nancy was very fast and grabbed Lucys hand first, then George grabbed Nancys hand, John held Georges hand and Sam held Johns hand. It was now a tug of War between the Andersons and Tarantella for Lucy. Tarantella proved to be amazingly strong and then a most unfortunate thing happened, far worse than Lucy being kidnapped. George suddenly let go of Nancys hand in the struggle and both girls were taken away leaving the boys desperately shouting their names.

As if things couldn get worse, the portal from which Tarantella used to enter another world was far off but this couldn stop Sam. He suddenly grabbed George and Johns hands and leapt through the window. Fortunately, the window wasn very high up so and they landed on the soft grass below. They began to chase after Tarantella but alas she was quicker on her broomstick. But as the boys chased after her, they felt something new awaken in them and leapt into the skies. They were flying! Unbelievably, they were gaining on Tarantella and they disappeared into the portal right after her.

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