As the three boys were chasing Tarantella, something special began to develop inside them. A feeling of determination, bravery, sacrifice and especially faith. The Lords Of Light who were watching them decided to bless them with their special powers and knew that the boys would soon learn to use them.

After the boys disappeared into the portal, there was a sudden darkness and the boys felt as though they were floating in space and then they suddenly felt like they were falling into a never ending abyss, then all of a sudden, light appeared. A very bright light and then as the light faded away the boys saw the ground and landed with a soft thud. They looked around and saw bones of animals and human beings scattered all about. They were shocked and began to imagine what the world would be like after Tarantella had fulfilled her evil curse.

Meanwhile Tarantella had temporary frozen Lucy and Nancy so that they couldn move and had only the ability to look at her. She then ordered Carlane to tie them up and then she suddenly looked shocked. She had just felt the presence of Sam, George and John. She summoned the demon of the bones Sikel-Iton and ordered him to kill the boys.

As the boys watched, one of the Skulls lying on the ground suddenly got up and began to chant. As it chanted, all the other bones also got up and joined it to become one powerful body pile of bones. Then all of a sudden, the skull spoke.

”I am Sikel-Iton, the demon of the bones ”.

It gave an evil laugh and as it laughed a second layer of bones covered the first layer that had joined together. The second layer seemed to protect Sikel-Iton from injury or dislocation of some of the bones. After all the bones had joined Sikel-Iton, Sam realized that Sikel-Iton had taken the form of a dragon. Tarantella then ordered Firel-Iton, the demon of Fire to enter the body of Sikel-Iton. Firel-Iton obeyed her and as Sam watched, Firel-Iton approached in the form of fire and entered Sikel-Itons mouth straight down into his throat and when he finally reached the rib cage of Sikel-Iton, he settled there. Then all of a sudden, Sikel-Iton began to chase the boys.

The three boys ran away in an attempt to evade Sikel-Itons attempts at crushing them with its foot or frying them with Firel-Itons fire. Then all of a sudden, Sikel-Iton began to inhale deeply with its mouth. Everything including the boys were sucked into Sikel-Itons hideous mouth. The boys tried to fly forward but Sikel-Itons inhaling was as strong as a Black Hole, proverbially speaking and so the three Anderson boys were sucked into Sikel-Itons mouth. Then Sikel-Iton closed his mouth.

Tarantella cackled with glee.

”Well done Sikel-Iton. It was much easier to get rid of those boys than I thought. Now Firel-Iton, its your turn ” she said with an evil grin.

”Oh no ” exclaimed John.

”We are going to be fried! ” George and Sam looked horrified because Firel-Iton began to climb from Sikel-Itons rib cage to roast the boys alive.

”Quick, we can fly up Sikel-Itons windpipe, come out when we reach his skull because if Sikel-Iton sneezes, Firel-Iton will probably come out of his mouth and nostrils. We can then come out through the eyes or ears.

The other boys, John and George thought it was a good idea and immediately began to fly up Sikel-Itons windpipe. It was much easy because Sikel-Iton didn breathe but since Firel-Iton was a demon, he felt them fly upwards through Sikel-Itons windpipe which was a big mistake because he left a trail of fire wherever he went and this started fire in Sikel-Itons windpipe. Sikel-Iton didn mind that because every demon loves fire but what he did mind was the smoke which began to build up inside him. He began to sneeze.


And as he was sneezing, the three boys were pulled backward into his nostrils and out when he sneezed. Firel-Itons fire also came out and was gaining on the boys. In desperation, Sam twisted himself while flying so that he faced Sikel-Iton while still flying away from the fire and stretched his arms in front of his face to shield himself. Then the fire reached him and hit his hands but instead of burning him, it backfired and hit Sikel-Iton who exploded due to the force of its own sneeze. The fire then hit his skull and burnt it to ashes. Sam swerved as one of the bones narrowly missed his head. Sam stared at his palms in wonder and George and John were equally amazed at what had just happened.

”How did you do that? ” John asked in amazement.

”I don know. It just happened ” Sam said, still puzzled at what had just happened.

Meanwhile, in Tarantellas castle which was found on a high mountain surrounded by darkness and thick volcanic lava, the black flames of her candles burned. Her castle was surrounded by an enchanted wall which allowed only Tarantella and her victims into the castle. Tarantella had Lucy and Nancy taken to the highest tower of her castle where she usually performed the darkest of magic and sorcery. There she lit some candles and brought out a big book which was filled with dust and covered with cobwebs. She was really mad because the Andersons had destroyed Sikel-Iton and Firel-Iton, her two most evil henchmen and was looking for a way to punish them.

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