The book Tarantella had pulled out was entitled ”Summoning Evil Creatures ”. She read it with glee.

”Lets see how good the Anderson boys are in dealing with evil creatures ” she said.

”Hmm?! ” murmured Lucy unable to comprehend the depths of Tarantellas evil.

”Hmm ” Tarantella said in a relaxed tone. ”Where is Carlane, he should have been here by now with a piece of dogs fur. I didn think getting a piece of Skittles fur… ” she was saying when Lucy interrupted.

”Skittles fur?! ” Lucy and Nancy exclaimed in horror cutting Tarantella short.

”Don hurt Skittles. Why don you find any other stray dog than Skittles? ” Lucy asked.

”I would prefer Skittles for two reasons. Firstly, he will be able to knock the Anderson boys like Skittles and secondly, he will be much more ideal for my purposes and will especially hurt my most hated enemy Sam. He shall pay for destroying Sikel-Iton and Firel-Iton ” said Tarantella coldly and with that she left the room to find the ingredients for her spell and also to find Carlane.

”Where are you Sam, George, John? ” Lucy wondered. ”I really wish you could rescue us from this evil witch ”.

Nancy began to concentrate hard. Her concentration sent psychic waves to the boys who instantly began to follow the direction from which the psychic waves were coming from. Back in Tarantellas spooky castle, Carlane instead of bringing a piece of fur from Skittles had brought Skittles himself. Tarantella was very furious with him because she had only wanted to create an evil version of Skittles. She later calmed down after torching everything she could find. She nearly even put a curse on Carlane if he had not been quick enough to evade it and disappear from her sight. When Tarantella had calmed down, she decided that using Skittles himself for the spell would be worse since it would make Sam feel the pain of destroying her two evil demons but what she feared was that Skittles would prove stubborn and turn against her but her hatred for Sam blinded her fully and she proceeded to use Skittles. She opened her spell book to the right page and began to chant;

”Skittles Skittles Skittles

Great and Strong

Find my enemies and crush them all

Find the Anderson boys whom I hate

And smash them all with a wave of your paw! ”

Then she chanted a string of curious words and Skittles began to grow. He grew and grew and grew. He grew as tall as the Castle itself, twice as long and as big. Tarantella ordered,

”Find the Anderson boys and destroy them! ”

Skittles began to walk towards the direction of the boys.

”No! ” Lucy screamed. ”Don do it Skittles, don become as evil as those two evil people. Remember how we took care of you since you were a puppy ”.

At this Skittles hesitated and turned to look at her. He began to walk backwards and this made Tarantella angry.

”What are you waiting for?! Go and get the Anderson boys and destroy them! ” she cackled loudly and maliciously as Skittles began to run towards the direction of the boys.

”What have you done to him?! ” Lucy cried sadly.

”Oh ” cackled Tarantella. ”Don be such a silly girl. Hahaha! Im just retrieving what I lost ” she cackled in a high pitched voice.

Meanwhile as Sam and the others were moving towards the Castle, they heard a giant stomp. They stopped and listened as it grew louder and then out of nowhere a giant dog appeared.

Sam recognized it immediately as Skittles.

”Skittles! ” he exclaimed in amazement and awe. ”How did you get here and how is it that youve gotten so big? ”

He began to fly towards Skittles to examine him when Skittles suddenly swiped a paw at him.

”Sam watch out! ” John screamed but it was already too late because the next moment Sam fell to the ground unconscious.

He felt a sharp pain and to him there was darkness for a while and when he opened his eyes he saw a sudden bright light and found himself in Heaven and in Gods presence.

”It is not yet time for you to come here. Though you have fulfilled all expectations, you still have a lot of work to do on Earth ” God told him gently.

”Am I dead or still alive? ” Sam asked in puzzlement.

”You are dead for the time being but you will soon go back to Earth ” God replied.

”Before I go back, may I ask what is wrong with my dog Skittles and how he can be brought back to his senses? ” Sam asked.

”Skittles is being controlled by Tarantella but there is still a way to restore him to his senses because Tarantella instead of using a single hair from Skittles fur used Skittles himself due to her hatred for you. You can break the spell by reminding Skittles of who he is ” God said. ”Time is running out Sam and Tarantella must be stopped ”.

All of a sudden Sam was surrounded by thick mist and began to fall into darkness. He closed his eyes and the next time he opened them, he saw John looking at him. They were in a Cave and Sam had just regained consciousness. The two boys, George and John had tried all they could to help Sam regain consciousness. They were just about to give up hope when he suddenly woke up. He told them all he saw.

”Are you alright Sam? ” George asked.

He was really concerned.

They began to wonder if they could stop Tarantella from seeing them because they could feel her presence.

Meanwhile, in Tarantellas spooky Castle, Tarantella had seen Skittles supposedly kill Sam and began to cackle maliciously.

”Sam is dead and it will now be very easy to get rid of the other two fools. Then I shall destroy the Andersons and finally have my revenge and then I shall rule the world! ” Tarantella laughed wickedly.

”No! ” the girls screamed hopelessly.

”Oh, you don believe me eh? See for yourself ” she gloated as she pointed to her magic cauldron which could be used for brewing magic potions or for spying on her enemies.

The two girls looked into the cauldron eagerly and saw Sam talking to John and George.

”Hes alive! ” the girls sighed in relief.

”Impossible, no mortal can ever return to life after he has died. How can this be?! ” she yelled in anger.

”It seems that Skittles didn actually kill Sam ” said Lucy in amazement.

”Or maybe he actually died but since it wasn time for him to die, his soul returned ” Nancy said dully.

Then all of a sudden, something really amazing happened. Tarantellas face became white as a sheet. She grew really pale for a moment. The girls really enjoyed seeing her expression but they couldn understand why Tarantella was so shocked.

”Then it seems I have a really powerful enemy. This is going to be exciting ” she said.

Sam was still talking with George and John when all of a sudden, the walls of the Cave began to collapse.

”What is it now? ” John asked angrily.

”Its Skittles ” Sam said.

”No way, how could Skittles acquire enough strength to shatter the walls? ” George who had not yet realized that the giant dog was Skittles said.

”Quit talking and start running ” said John who knew that if they stayed in the Cave for too long they could be crushed.

They began to run towards the entrance to the Cave but as they neared the entrance, a huge rock fell in front of them and blocked the entrance and the whole place suddenly became dark.

Meanwhile, Tarantella was watching through her cauldron and so were the girls. After the rock blocked the entrance of the Cave, the Cave became dark. Lucy began to strain her eyes to try and see whether the boys were alright and then another wonderful thing began to happen. Her brown pupils gradually changed colour. They first changed to an orange colour, then to a golden colour. At that point Tarantellas Castle became very bright.

”No! ” Tarantella screamed in horror and flew away from her Castle to escape the light which she hated so much.

As Lucy continued to look into the cauldron, some of the beams of Light emitted from her eyes penetrated the Cauldron as if they had passed through a portal and began to give light to the darkness within the Cave. Both girls were amazed and so were the boys. The light became so bright that the boys had to shield their eyes but George found it difficult to close his eyes. He felt he could break the rock with the light. As he began to concentrate, all the beams of light became focused into a single pillar of light. George pointed to the rock. The pillar of Light moved with great speed and when it hit the rock, the rock exploded but that wasn all for a bit of the light as it diverged after destroying the rock hit Skittles in the head. Skittles began to tremble uncontrollably. Then with a scream, the demon that was controlling him left him and began to head for Tarantellas castle but it was not to be so for some of the diverged light headed towards it and hit it before it had the chance to escape. With a loud cry, the demon exploded.

The boys were just coming out of the Cave when it happened. They were happy that Skittles was back to normal but then they discovered Skittles was still the same size. This time however, Skittles made no attempt to attack them.

”Im sorry for all that I did. I didn seem to remember you Sam. Actually, I still don remember anything except your name ” Skittles said with a puzzled expression on his face.

”You don remember us? Don you remember how you got here? ” asked Sam.

”I belong here. Ive lived here all my life. Tarantella was my mistress… ” Skittles said. ”…but why are you asking me all these questions? ”

Sam could not believe his ears.

”Skittles, you don belong here. You were kidnapped by Carlane to be used as one of Tarantellas evil minions. Besides, why would Tarantella make a demon enter you if you were already a demon? You were our pet. You always used to play with us ” Sam said.

Skittles began to have flashbacks of the times he played with the Anderson children but Tarantella noticing that her will over Skittles was weakening sent a powerful psychic wave which made Skittles forget Sam instantly.

”Remember! ” Sam shouted and flew towards Skittles.

He approached Skittles and touched his head with both hands. Suddenly, Skittles fur began to turn to a gold colour but Tarantella was very powerful. She refused to stop sending psychic waves. Then Skittles fur began to turn red. When John and George saw this, they also flew up and touched Skittles head. There was a brilliant flash of light and Skittles fur became as white as snow. A white light surrounded him and he began to shrink to his normal size. A loud scream pierced the silence as Tarantella left Skittles mind.

Soon after that, the light surrounding Skittles disappeared and the three boys fell to the ground totally exhausted. Skittles ran to them and began to lick them happily. They had won. They had defeated Tarantella again, broken another of her spells and restored Skittles to his normal senses. Skittles was taken back home in a golden portal.

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