The man who stands above all

”what is immortality, what is power, what one wants to achieve by getting on top of the world and being so strong that nothing can harm you? Let me tell you what you get after achieving the so-called immortality, The so-called power is loneliness a deep emptiness.

I have everything that is a dream for many but still having all I have nothing all feel nothing ” a man speaks with various bubbles floating in front of him.

Various bubbles were floating around him and a dragon on which he is sitting.

The dragon had a long golden body with an easily bigger head than the planet Jupiter. He then sighs and adverts his attention from those floating bubbles onto him.

” you again start doing with your preaching lessons Did these long years make you go insane? You know they can hear you right ” the dragon asked the man who ignored him and start again staring at those bubbles.

after a long silence, the dragon asked, ” want to go there again and enjoy? miss tina must .. ” Before he could finish his sentence the man says ” NO ” with no emotion on his face.

” so, now what are you going to do, ”the dragon asks as he looks at the man sitting on his body. The man had long black shiny hair with a deep black eye. A handsome face with a well-built body that is hidden under long white clothes with several ornaments.

” don know, ” he said and look at the floating bubbles in front of him. He has no emotions on his face while looking at those bubbles after a few minutes, of staring he simply lifts his hand and pops one bubble. The bubble burst with tremendous force but that doesn affect both of them.

” common you can just destroy those like that, ” the dragon says as he then inhales all those force and exhales creating a new bubble that floats with others.

” Shane, I have a request, ” the man asked without even looking at the dragon now named Shane. ” and I have told you infinite times that it can be possible ” Shane too says without even looking at him.

The man now shows traces of anger on his face he then asked politely not letting anger overpower his sense ” you the all-powerful the power himself. The omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent God. The one who breathes universes in and out is incapable of killing me is that a century joke ”.

Shen inhales which sucks the nearby bubbles and then exhales creating fresh bubbles that start floating around them. ” you too know, shiva that you are me and I am you. How can I kill myself? ”.

” you and I are the same I have had enough of this bullshit. If you can kill me then free me from this curse from this feeling of having nothing why can I get the same satisfaction that you have how are you not affected by this emptiness HOW? ” shiva asked as he then stands up in anger the sudden action destroy many bubbles but they ignore that.

” Because I am serving my purpose of existence ” he then looks at the bubbles around him and again inhales the ones that got destroyed by shivas actions.

” you are not serving your purpose of existence you think you have achieved your fate by coming into the existence realm but you are denying the fact that this journey of reaching here is not even a step in your purpose. ”.

” then tell me my purpose, ” shiva asked frustrated because again the whole conversation end up on the same question that he had asked infinite times.

” Again you will receive the same answer shiva, find your purposes, ” shen said as he said that a transparent energy wave blasted from shivas body that destroy all the floati

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