Shiva enters the universe as all the knowledge of this universe enters in his mind. He then glance at the vastness of the universe which is so big that one cannot see its ending but for him, this is just a mere bubble. He then found one planet glowing differently from the rest of the planets ” shen aura, so that is the planet that he wants me to go first. Lets see what it has to offer me ”.

He then just takes a small step which brings him to the top of the planet. The size of the planet is small like earth it has the same blue color with white clouds.

” it is the same as one of the planets named earth in a different bubble but this one has its own specialty sometimes even I wonder how can shen create all of this, ”He thinks while staring at the globe in front of him.

”from where do I start, ” shiva said as he then began searching for a suitable place. ” I want to start with something which can cool my head so lets start with this cold region ”.

He then looks at the mountains which are covered with icey snow smiling he takes a step towards them and within a fraction of a second, he reaches the top of the mountain which is the highest top of all the mountains in the region.

After reaching the top he looks at the surrounding a vast land covered with snow as far as his eyes can go one can only see the snow-covered mountain and nothing else The temperature is so cold that it can literarily freeze water within a seconds. He then takes a deep breath and then smiles ” yes, its so beautiful and relaxing ”.

” I will search this mountain with my legs after having a nice sleep, ” shiva said as he then drifts into a peaceful sleep unknown with the scenario happening below several feet of the mountain.

At the utmost bottom of the mountain, a pack of wolves can be seen growling at one black wolf in front of them. The pack consists of several white-fur wolves some silver-fur wolves and five golden-fur wolves. One golden fur wolf who is bigger than the rest an alpha came forward and said ” mati, you have been banished from this clan for the sin that you have committed, and for the punishment, you have to go to the top of this freezing mountain and have to leave there for ten years. If any one of the other wolves sees you down from that mountain then you will be killed ”.

” you can do this, dear he is our child you can give him such a harsh punishment, ” another golden fur wolf said she is slim compared to any wolf but she got cut by a scar-eyed golden fur wolf ” his Highness is right, a sinner needs to be punished irrespective of who he is. Even if he is a king he is not above the pack laws ”.

Other wolves nod their heads in agreement with this wolfs words. Mati is silently listening to all of then he looks into his fathers eyes and can see the pain and guilt of saying such words. He can look into the eyes of his mother and can see the same pain and guilt. In the eyes of his friend wolves, he can see uncertainty and thoughts. He can also see the blind belief and trust in such belief in the eyes of others.

” Father, what is my sin if just being of a different color from others is a sin then Aren you all different ” mati asked as a wave of blue aura burst from the scar-eyed golden wolf pushing back the mati he then said, ” your existence is itself a sin. A black-furred wolf is a child of a demon how can such a being be a part of the prideful and powerful ruler tribe of the vadi region the Zerat tribe ”.

” Killen, mind your language are you trying to say that our queen has given birth to a demon child, ” said another golden-furred wolf to which Killen said ” absolutely not, royal guard jiu I never even let those thoughts born in my mind let alone to speak. I am telling you that the demon has possessed him our prince has long died the one who is speaking to us is now the demon. If I am wrong then say how did he get that black fur? no one in the tribes history has that kind of fur ”.

All became silent after hearing Killens words even mati mother have no words to refute him back. ” I am … I am no demon …mom… Dad… I am mati ” mati said as tears started falling from his eyes. The King with a heavy heart says ”you are banished go or you will be killed ” with that he turns around and started to leave. everyone one by one leaves the place except the mati, his mother, and a few wolf guards who guard the entrance gate of the freezing mountain.

Mati look at his mother who is standing at the other side of the gate he shouts again and again that he is not a demon but his sound falls on the deaf ears of guards who with a howl close the gate of freezing mountains. For a few minutes, mati bangs his head on the gate to break it and screams but after seeing no effect he stops and sits down after a few minutes, the gates disappeared into nothingness.

Mati became panicked as he didn know about this thing he is just a child after all. He howls loudly and ran frantically from here and there to find the gate but couldn get anything. Giving up because of exhaustion he sat on the open ground of ice to take a break but fate still want to play with him.

As he is resting a sudden voice makes his ear prick up. He then heard a loud screech and felt a dangerous threat to his life so trusting his blood instinct he dodges to the side barely missing the bolt of ice. The ice still damages him making some of his blue blood fall on the white snow.

He didn look at the attacker because for him that doesn matter the only thing that mattered, for now, is to run for his life If he didn want to be killed so with all of his remaining strength he ran. Even though he didn know where he is running but he just runs again fate had some other plan for him.

A huge shadow appeared above him and before he could outrun it he gets hit by another white beam. This time due to previous exhaustion and injury he couldn manage to dodge and get hit by the beam freezing him on the spot.

After that, the huge shadow descend and pick up the ice cube with her claws and flew away. Mati can see himself being carried high up on the mountain he tries to break free of the ice cube but can unable to even put a scratch inside the cube let alone break it.

” I want to live, I want to survive to help me anyone please help me ” he cried for help but no one can hear him due to him being inside the cube This is his inner cries for help the huge monster then bring him inside his cave which is few meters down from the top of the mountain but before the monster can go inside his cava a huge pressure descend upon him which crush him down.

Due to sudden pressure nowhere the monster loses his grasp on the ice cube. The cube breaks from the pressure freeing mati from the trap then a sudden voice rang in his mind ” go upward only he can save you . Hurry up ”.

Mati doesn know who the owner of the voice is but seeing himself free from the grasp of this monster he ran upward

His species is well-gifted to climb any mountain thats why they are the apex predator of this land after some really powerful otherworldly beings and one of the beings is that monster.

He runs with all of his strength without even stopping to breathe for air. The monster recovers from the sudden pressure and then looks at the broken cube. she became angry that someone stole her prey and dare to attack her so with a powerful gust of flap she take the skies and start searching for her prey.

She found the little black cub who is ruining towards the top of the mountain. She screeches and shoots off in his direction to catch it again. Mati listening to the powerful and dangerous screech increase his speed again. He has to find this man if he wants to survive and he will find him no matter what.


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