Nothing to worry about. Demian was just thinking too hard that he imagined things that were not. How could the girl he had prepared change overnight. This is not a world in a fairy tale. This is the real world where everything is cruel to the ignorant.

Demian looked back at the beautiful girl who looked happy after he agreed to the idea that the girl had conveyed. Shes still the same Elen, he muttered to himself.

Elen went back to her room, unaccompanied by the butler. The old man who had served Demian for a long time immediately came back in, helping him carry the files from the finished work table to the table by the window.

Demian heard a knock on the door, interested in knowing who had come this time. Is Ellen back?

”Father. ”

The voice of the man who called him like that was only his second child or youngest son. He grinned at the butler and swiftly the man headed for the door.

His youngest son–Evan–appears after the door opens. His face was unusual, sullen, just like last night when Demian announced that he would take Elen to the palace dance. Instead of one of the two sons he adored.

”Didn Father explain to you why you can come this time? ”

The sullen face of his youngest child, who is already 15 years old, is getting worse. ”I don want to understand! Won ! ”

Demian took a deep breath. Compared to Lex, his second son, Evan is more difficult to understand. Whether its the clothes you want to wear or the food you don like. Maybe also because Demian poured too much affection on Evan.

”Would you like a new horse as a present? ”

he shook his head. ”I don like riding and don want extra, ” he concluded.

”Don you like horse riding? ” he asked.

Even though he knows that his youngest child doesn like him. Mostly he asks for horses because boys and girls his age like to collect horses. So Evan also tried to do the same thing. As one of the Dukes family and the richest in the kingdom, Evan had to adjust to the current trend.

”Father knows thats not true! ”

Duke Demian laughed. He then put his quill back where it was and pushed the chair back. Approached by Evan who flopped down dramatically on the couch in the middle of the room.

”Could you prepare some tea, Agustin! ”

”I will immediately prepare, sir, ” said Agustin quickly.

Agustin glanced at his masters son before leaving.

Demian knows that Agustin has started to suspect him. Thats why, every time Demian discussed plans to encourage Elen to become queen candidate, Demian always kicked Agustin out of the room.

”We talked about this, Evan! ” remember Demian.

”I know! But, it was still annoying that such an ignorant child could go to the palace ball which was only once a year. Usually, we stay to celebrate birthdays with friends who are just as bad as him! ” Evan gasped as he spoke.

”Ah, it will only take place this year. If she succeeded, her birthday would be held at the palace next year. Otherwise, we can get rid of her by marrying her off next year. ”

Evans face did not improve at all. However, he was no longer complaining like last night and just now.

”Do you want to listen to what Father has to say? ” He asked.

Evan slowly nodded his head. Then he took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

Demians office door opened. Two maids entered pushing the tea inside, Agustin following behind. Agustin glanced at Demian slightly and started serving tea.


Why is her previous life could Elen endure all this tiring process that made her beautiful? Plus she couldn eat while it was happening. Even when the dance party is over.

”Are you intending to kill me again in this way? ” she asked.

Imelda stopped applying blush for a moment and looked at Elen questioningly. ”What do you mean, Miss? ”

Elen felt like she was throwing herself into her trap, how very embarrassing. If his words were heard by the Duke, she would be in trouble. It could be that his request to practice swordsmanship was even rejected without a second thought.

”Im just talking nonsense! ” Elen replied with a chuckle.

She wanted to hide now.

Imelda breathed a sigh of relief. She glanced at the other maids who didn seem to notice them and then brought his face closer to Elens. ”You mustn say that, Miss. Do you know how many ears hear? ”

Elen was very surprised by the reaction shown by Imelda. Instead of being worried because of the possibility that Elen was being threatened, the reaction shown by the nanny was more like what had happened.

”I hear you, Imelda. Forgive me! ” She said.

Only Imelda Elen could apologize like this. Imelda was one of the few people who cried when she was arrested in her room in the morning. It was a few people who ran after the horse-drawn carriage to stop the capture. Elen was sure there was someone else back then, but her memory was a little hazy.

”Can I eat something? ” asked Elen hoping to get an answer, yes.

Imelda pursed her lips. ”Prepare green tea for Miss! ” She ordered later.

Ellen was stunned for a moment. He doesn like the taste of green tea. ”No, give other than that to me. ”

Imelda laughed. Because she knew that Elen didn like green tea thats why. Then they finished everything quickly.

Elen was standing prettily in the front hall of her residence, waiting for the duke who had yet to appear. Elen didn expect that she would have to repeat her meeting with the Crown Prince now.

She didn expect it because she might not be ready to meet again with the man she once loved.

Even in her previous life was so stupid that she could be deceived by people who promised her love. This time, she wouldn be tricked anymore. Otherwise, everyone who ever hurt him would be astonished.

”Sister–you are so beautiful! ”

Elen immediately turned her head, in the hall that led to her brothers room. The youngest, Evan was walking there in very beautiful clothes.

”Thank you, Evan. What are you doing? ” Elen Evan remembered not going with them in her previous life. However, since she had just asked his father to practice swordsmanship, there must have been some changes to the actual life story even if it wasn much.

”Im going with Lex. Or should I just go with Big Brother? ” Evan tilted his head slightly confused.

”Even if you ask your brother, you still can go! ” The dukes voice split the atmosphere in the hall.

Evan looked sullen for a moment. He really wanted to come to the palace ball.

Elen could remember that every year Evan and Lex were taken to the palace dance by the Duke. She will stay at home and enjoy her birthday with Imelda. Remembering that pissed him off.

”Is the train ready? ” The duke asked the butler.

”Yes sir. ”

”Come on, Elen! ”

Elen felt compelled to approach Evan. ”Evan, Ill bring you a present later! Promise, ” she said with a smile and left.

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