Grandma Tao pushed Su Miaomiao, and Aunt Song pushed Xie Jingyuan, and walked out of the warm community side by side, heading for the lakeside park.

The two baby strollers were from the same brand and model, only the color was different, one was black and the other was pink.

Xie Jingyuan was wearing a small black coat, sitting upright, revealing a fair and handsome face.

Su Miaomiao lay comfortably in the stroller, with her big eyes casually watching the greenery and pedestrians on the side of the road.

The two children were so beautiful, they attracted a lot of attention, and someone chatted with Grandma Tao, “Are they twins? They are so cute!”

Su Miaomiao looked at the young woman who was asking the question, and then at Xie Jingyuan, but saw him pursing his lips slightly, as if unhappy.

Su Miaomiao understood Xie Jingyuan’s dissatisfaction very well.
He was the majestic master of the Qingxu Temple, who slayed demons, but she was just a little cat demon captured by him.
How could she be qualified to be his sister?

She never thought of being equal to Xie Jingyuan, even though Grandma Tao loved her like her own granddaughter.

A white butterfly flew across, and Su Miaomiao was immediately attracted to it.

Xie Jingyuan tilted his head, taking that scene into his eyes.

After reincarnation, Su Miaomiao retained a lot of cat nature, so he couldn’t treat her as a normal person.

A cat was a cat, just like Su Miaomiao had been able to cultivate a human form in her previous life, but she was still a cat in many ways.

The spiritual energy in that world was thin.
After two years of cultivation, he could only use the thin spiritual energy to strengthen his body, but he couldn’t cast spells.

There were demon cultivation methods, Su Miaomiao said that she could only use spiritual energy, but Xie Jingyuan had no way of knowing how it actually was.

In his previous life, Xie Jingyuan was able to deter Su Miaomiao with his cultivation and prevent her from causing trouble in the world.
In this life, if Su Miaomiao’s cultivation surpassed his…

The scene of Su Miaomiao trying to recruit a benefactor from the brothel appeared in his mind, and Xie Jingyuan’s eyes turned cold when he looked at her.

A demon like that would become very obedient when she met a strong person, but she would show her ferocity and do evil when she met a weak person.

If a Taoist priest was easily deceived by the cute and naive behavior of demons when they revealed their original form, then he would be not far from death.

In short, Xie Jingyuan would always keep an eye on Su Miaomiao, not to give her the chance to do evil.

After walking slowly for about ten minutes, they arrived at Lakeside Park.

It was a working day, and there were not many tourists in the park.
Some old men and women were scattered everywhere, some with their children, and some were dancing.

Grandma Tao and Aunt Song put Xie Jingyuan and Su Miaomiao down.

Not far away, there was an old grandpa waving a bubble stick, and with a single wave, a string of bubbles flew out.
The grandpa’s grandson, also about two years old, was clumsily chasing after the bubbles.

Su Miaomiao liked to catch bubbles in the park the most.
As soon as her feet touched the ground, she ran over to poke the lower bubbles first, and then jumped up to poke the ones that were slightly higher.

Auntie Song looked at it with a smile, and said to Grandma Tao, “Miaomiao is usually lazy, but she has strong athletic ability.
There are so many children in the community, but Miaomiao is the best at jumping.”

Some children couldn’t jump with both feet off the ground when they were two years old.
Su Miaomiao could jump up two steps, and she was even more proficient in landing.

Grandma Tao was also very proud of Su Miaomiao, but…

She lowered her head and looked at her grandson Xie Jingyuan.

Except for jumping at the request of the doctor during the physical examination, at other times, Grandma Tao never saw her grandson running and jumping.

He was too quiet.

“Should Jing Yuan catch bubbles too?” Grandma Tao coaxed in a kind tone, “See how well Miaomiao catches.”

Xie Jingyuan thought that Su Miaomiao would catch it and make that child cry.

As soon as the idea came to his mind, the child really cried and ran over to drive Su Miaomiao away.

When Su Miaomiao saw the boy with a snot dripping from his nose, she didn’t wait for him to push her away, and ran away by herself and stood a few meters away, staring at the old man with big eyes, as if she would catch the bubbles as soon as the old man released them.

Although she looked very cute, the old man loved his grandson even more, so he took his grandson to another place.

Su Miaomiao still wanted to chase after him, but Grandma Tao hurriedly said, “Come here Miaomiao, you play with brother first, grandma is going to buy a bubble stick.”

Su Miaomiao ran back to Xie Jingyuan’s side.

Grandma Tao asked Aunt Song to watch the two children and went to buy a bubble stick.
There were many children in the park, and there were often vendors selling various small toys.

Aunt Song let Su Miaomiao dance for a while, and then encouraged Xie Jingyuan to do the same.

Xie Jingyuan pursed his lips and looked away.

A cat didn’t care, but he had his pride.

Su Miaomiao spoke for him, “Brother doesn’t like dancing, auntie, leave him alone.”

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