AP Chapter 1: Overbearing President

“Breaking news, at 1:10 a.m.
today, film star Ye Yi unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack…”

“Rong Cheng Entertainment has confirmed the news that Ye Yi’s long-time girlfriend and also the CEO of Rong Cheng Entertainment, Rong Cheng Yue, has fainted due to excessive grief and is currently receiving treatment at a local hospital in Macau…….
Affected by the incident, Rong Cheng Entertainment’s stock has fallen for two consecutive days, and the rising trend of its parent company, Rong Cheng Group, on the U.S.
New York Stock Exchange has also been affected……”

Recently, Rong Chengjue, president of Rong Cheng Group, announced at the company’s internal meeting that he will directly manage Rong Cheng Entertainment, and said that due to new business needs, an “IP expansion department” will be established to deal with the current rapidly developing film and television industry.
The industry insiders pointed out that shifting the business focus to expanding the content chain of film and television is actually a helpless action by Rong Cheng Entertainment without Ye Yi and its helmsman.

[TL/N: Copyright and intellectual property (IP) sits at the foundation of all film production.
It gives creators confidence that they own their work, and that they will be entitled to manage the distribution of the finished product.
In this context, it means that they want to own more movies and earn profit by directing those works.]

Maybe it’s because of the media frenzy these days, but on Rong Cheng Entertainment’s recruitment day, the place was extremely popular.
The company’s lobby, used for the interviews, was swarming with media, Ye Yi fans, elite interviewees and other busybodies.

“Ye Zhen, 23 years old, Ph.D.
in Applied Mathematics and Master’s in Theoretical Physics from H University.
She works in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science of H University and has published a thesis in <>…”

Having worked in human resources management for many years, the interviewer, named Sister Mei, always thought she had seen a lot of the world.
But after seeing such a resume, she felt a little insecure for no reason.
She sat up a little straighter and said to the girl with good looks and temperament, “Ahem, of course, Miss Ye is very welcome to apply to RongCheng Entertainment with such qualifications.
But this time, we are only hiring general staff for the trial operations department.
The salary is also—”

“I know,” Ye Zhen nodded, “Although I have a good educational background, I don’t know much about the entertainment industry.
I need to learn from the ground up, so I hope the interviewer will give me that opportunity.”

“Ah, so that’s how it is.” After hesitating for a moment, Sister Mei still checked her preliminary round, handed her a number plate, and then said, “I have great confidence in Miss Ye’s ability, but according to the procedure, there are still two rounds of interviews.
Take the elevator here to the third floor, over there is the second round of the interview. Jiayou to Miss Ye.”

Ye Zhen stood up, took the number plate, bowed halfway, and went to the end of the  corridor.

After seeing her off, Sister Mei picked up her resume again, and the more she looked at it, the more she clicked her tongue.
Seeing this, the colleagues around her couldn’t help but look over their shoulders and sighed, “Tsk, this little girl is really awesome.
She entered the junior class of H University at the age of thirteen, and after seven years of doing Ph.D, she has won many awards.

“Yeah, she is very intelligent.
I don’t know why she would think of doing an interview with our company.

“You say that,” a colleague elbowed Sister Mei sarcastically.
“We are at least a famous domestic tyrant company in China.
Our boss is handsome and rich, and has even become an Internet celebrity.”

“Pfft–” Sister Mei was amused and was about to continue gossiping when there was a sudden commotion at the entrance.
She glanced over and saw that the Internet celebrity boss of their company had appeared at the entrance without informing them in advance.
She saw him walking in a white suit and dark sunglasses as the front and the rear bodyguards cleared the way.
Amidst screaming girls, the expressionless man entered the elevator.
His aura, which resembled that of a young celebrity, did not lose out to the fresh meat of their company, Xi Gu. 

As a matter of fact, our tyrant president Rong Cheng Jue is a lot more attractive than their superstar Xi Gu.WWhy When he first became famous at a young age, a female reporter interviewed him: “Mr.
Rong is so handsome, there must be so many girls who want to marry you.
What do you think?”

His response at the time was something along the lines of, “Why should I have any regard for a group of women who can’t even get my name right?”


“What ah? My surname is not Rong.
It is Rong Cheng, and my first name is Jue.
Seeing that the reporter was looking more and more lost, he simply took out a pen and wrote on his nametag in Pinyin.
“Repeat after me, Jue (绝), two jade harmonise and form Jue, do you understand?”

This unique response was captured on video by the Busybodies and quickly rose to the top of Weibo headlines.
It made him famous and established his status as the president of “Internet celebrities.
Since then, he has been the subject of constant gossip, from rumours of love affairs to sex scandals.
Even the paparazzi saw him as a target and followed him everywhere.
As a result, the general public didn’t have to worry about having nothing to talk about in their free time or after a meal.

Of course, Ye Zhen did not know that an “Internet celebrity” was downstairs.
She was sitting in the rest area with a number plate in her hand, waiting for the interview to start.
This interview was conducted in a group of six people.
Just now, a staff member came out and informed her group to prepare, and told the topic: Please select a high-quality IP suitable for film and television and analyze it.

It is reasonable to say that since the group interview and the preparation time are given, the group members are allowed to discuss beforehand.
However, although some people glanced at each other a few times, none of them had the intention to open their mouths, obviously wanting to fight on their own.
But this is normal, after all, the question is not difficult.
The key is how to use their own views to convince the interviewers, so it is wise to avoid each other.

Sure enough, after Ye Zhen’s group entered the meeting room, a boy with glasses was the first to speak, “Thank you for giving us this opportunity for an interview, I would like to start by expressing my personal opinion.

As we all know, the representative genre of online literature is fantasy, and most of the works in this category are written by young people with hot blood and rich imagination, which is very influential among young people.
Therefore, if you want to create a high-quality IP brand, I think you should buy this kind of work, and among them, the most representative is “The Nine Cauldrons” written by an online author, I eat tomatoes..”

Putting her hand to her forehead, Ye Zhen hadn’t expected the idea she had in mind to collide directly with the first person.
Well, she didn’t want to be accused of passing off someone else’s wisdom as her own, so she had to change it.
While she was thinking about it, the person behind her said, “Youth campus novels also have an advantage among young people, and the investment and production costs are much lower than those of costume dramas such as fantasy.
At present, the IP expansion operation is still in the trial stage, so I think we should buy this kind of product first…”

“… I have a different view from the previous two people.
Not only novels are called IPs, but also songs.
As long as it’s popular and recognized, it can also be called IP.
We can use this opportunity to create our own original IP…”


It can be said that everyone is following the trend and trying to express new ideas.
Ye Zhen originally wanted to do this, but on second thought, everyone is just looking for new ideas, and it is kind of repetitive.
She might as well talk about something old-fashioned.
Old bottles of new wine are not unattractive.

It just so happens that she was prepared for this kind of situation.

After the first five people finished speaking, Ye Zhen said, “In my opinion, the core of IP is not content, but big data.
So, choosing high-quality IP is a process of sampling the data collection of various content that has been tested by the market, evaluation and optimization, so as to reduce the risk and difficulty of film and television adaptation, and measure the market purchasing power and fan stickiness.

Based on the above theory, I chose a novel that, well, even if people don’t read it, they will know what it’s about, and the title is called 《The Overbearing President》.”

“Pfft-” the room echoed with bursts of laugh

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