Chapter 3: The Scenery Remains The Same, While The People Are Just Like Old Times

Ye Zhen dreamed all night long.
Many people and various disturbing sounds occupied this dream.

When she woke up, she was still a little sleepy.
Ye Zhen hugged the blanket and watched the raindrops fall from the slanted corner outside the wall onto the flower branches that had not yet bloomed.
She wanted to stay like that for the rest of the day, but she received a call from Rongcheng’s Human Resources Department telling her to go to the company.

She had no choice but to gather herself and rush to the company.
When she arrived, she found that the HR department was not urging her to start work, but was informing her that someone was picking a fight with her.

“Director Du of the Distribution Department* is going to interview me again?” However, she joined the IP Development Department.

[TL/N: Film distribution is the process of making a movie available for viewing by an audience.
Online in streaming apps or offline in theatres.
This department takes care of that.]

Sister Mei from the HR Department escorted them into the elevator and said in a low voice, “You’ve just changed jobs and don’t know much about this business.
The distribution department is responsible for the centralized distribution of all the company’s projects.
The ultimate goal of film and television is to release them successfully.
So the people in charge have a very high voice in the film and television companies.
Since General Manager Yue is not here now, we have no choice.
Director Du’s father is also the boss of a large domestic theater chain.
I heard that she is not in her own company, so she came to RongCheng Entertainment for… Eh…” She said vaguely, “Anyway, if you really know the CEO well, you’d better find him to save you as soon as possible.”

Getting picked on and asking the President for help?

She must have accidentally fallen into some weird soap opera.

In order to avoid unnecessary dog blood and rebuild her serious and professional work ethic, Ye Zhen, with the attitude of seeking truth from facts, recounted yesterday’s interview to Director Du of the Distribution Department.
Under repeated questioning, she repeatedly said: I do not know the president and have no personal relationship with him.

However, the other party still refused to let her go, wearing beautiful makeup but with a mean face, “I heard that you are from Hua University? You’re doing scientific research, and ordinary people can’t understand it.
Have you come to our company to steal some secrets? Or do you have a problem with your integrity and need to change circles after being fired from Hua University?”

This is a clear splash of dirty water, and she is a fool to show goodwill to the other party.
Ye Zhen took a deep breath and smiled, ” Director Du, don’t say such things about Hua University.
It means the best in the hearts of the Chinese people and has great academic excellence and moral education.
I think you can’t deny this fact, so  don’t make jokes like ‘Hua University has to steal secrets from entertainment companies for scientific research’.
As for my personal situation, if you want to check it, go ahead.”

After that, Ye Zhen stood up, nodded politely, then turned around and walked out of the Distribution Department office, automatically ignoring the string of “the interview is not over” threats behind her.

In any case, she now has a letter of appointment from the Academy of Sciences of Hua University, stamped with the big scarlet seal of the Rongcheng Group.
So it is not up to a subsidiary director to decide whether she passed the interview or not.

She went back the way she came.
As she waited for the elevator to open, her eyes suddenly lit up when she saw the people inside.

Xi Gu.

If the king of the silver screen, Ye Yi, was the soul of Rongcheng Entertainment, then Xi Gu was undoubtedly the person in charge of attracting fans.
He is young, has an exquisite appearance, is both cool and cute, and has the unique vitality of today’s little fresh meat.
And wherever he goes, he has countless fans. 

Naturally, Ye Zhen’s eyes lit up, not because she had instantly become a fan, but because she remembered a rumor: The rumor was that Xi Gu and Rong Cheng Jue were childhood sweethearts, ah no, they were good friends who had grown up together.
Through Xi Gu, she can definitely find out where Rong Cheng Jue was.

Since he had put her in such a situation, she should go to him, the one who had tied the bell, and make him untie it.

Otherwise, her reputation would be in vain?

As for how to find Rong Cheng Jue, Ye Zhen stepped into the elevator, brewed her emotions, and looked at Xi Gu with a complex and expectant gaze.
Feeling the gaze, Xi Gu looked at her suspiciously.
Seeing this, the two assistants beside him immediately stepped forward to his left and right like the guardians* and said, “I’m sorry, Miss.
This is the artist’s private time.”

[TL/N: Protectors of Buddhist constitutions (dharma).
Actually called Dharmapalas, but I decided use another translation:)]

The other one said, “This elevator is for RongCheng Entertainment employees only.
Miss, if you are an outsider, please don’t take the elevator.
If you have any problems, please go to the lobby on the first floor to see the receptionist.”

“Wait, wait…” Just when they thought that Ye Zhen was about to open her mouth to harass Xi Gu, she said, “Ah Jue, Ah Jue told me—” Ye Zhen stopped halfway, seemingly a little embarrassed, and didn’t say anything else right away.
However, the two assistants who were blocking her stopped moving when she called out an unexpected name.
Xi Gu’s eyes immediately lit up as well, obviously wanting to hear the last part of the sentence.

Of course, Ye Zhen wouldn’t let him down.
She continued, “He said the number 620602 has a special meaning to him.
Xi Gu… Can you tell me why?”

Sure enough, Xi Gu was very interested in this topic.
“620602?” He repeated it over and over, and then said, “I also think this group of numbers is quite familiar.
Ah, just what does it mean? (hiss…) Oh, I can’t think of it right now.
When did Ah Jue tell you?”

“Yesterday during the interview.”

Unexpectedly, Xi Gu suddenly became excited.
He put his hand on the assistant’s shoulder, leaned over and looked her up and down.
“Yesterday’s interview? Are you the girl he personally recruited here yesterday?”

The gossip spread so quickly that the corners of Ye Zhen’s mouth twitched.
“Something like that.”

“So you really knew Ah Jue before,” The expression on the top star’s face was like that of the most dedicated paparazzi.
“Did he really hire you as his personal secretary?”

No wonder Director Du was so hostile to her.
It turned out that the original version of the gossip had been updated so much.
She was the one who was unable to understand it.
Ye Zhen held her forehead and said, “You misunderstood.
I was interviewed to enter the IP—”

“—Ah, I remember,” Xi Gu said, patting his assistant’s thigh as he suddenly realized, “620602 is my aunt’s birthday.
June 6, 1962, just half a year older than my mother.
Yes, I remember it clearly!” He nodded more affirmatively.
“I didn’t expect Ah Jue to even tell you his mother’s birthday.” He must be very interested in you.” Xi Gu felt so good to be the first to know the truth.

“…” Well, the more they talked about it, the darker it became.
She decided not to mention any of that nonsense and got right to the point.
“I heard that you are Ah Jue’s friend.
If it’s convenient, can you give me Ah Jue’s contact information or tell me where he is? I really need to find him.”

“What happened? Yesterday he showed his love in such a conspicuous way, but today he turned his back on you? That is too much!” Xi Gu’s heart pounded with excitement at this strange situation.
He didn’t get out even after the elevator reached the floor he wanted.
He closed the door again and pushed the button for the basement floor, saying, “Let’s go.
I’ll take you to him personally to get justice! Don’t worry, I will always help you!”

No wonder his fans always boasted that their idol “grew up eating scripts.
This man was good at acting with his whole body, showing his ability and experience.
She felt deeply that she had made a mistake by talking to the wrong person today.

Fortunately, the two assistants under Xigu’s care are reliable enough.
The left guardian said, “Xi ge, the producer, director, and screenwriter of ‘Treasure of the Great Tang Dynasty’ are all waiting for you upstairs.
They want to ask for your help to finish filming the last part of Ye ge’s movie.”

“Yes, Xi ge,” said the right guardian.
“Whether we choose the movie or not, we should at least go see it.
Even if we don’t care about their faces, we should go for Ye ge’s reputation.
After all, this movie is considered a masterpiece in his legacy.”

“Chattering endlessly,” Xi Gu said impatiently.
“Since it depends on Ye ge’s face, what else do you want to talk about? Call them right now and tell them to change the script of the last part properly.
No matter how many scenes there are, no matter what temporary role they give me, I will take it.”

“That is true, but Xi ge, how can you play a supporting role now? You should show off to them.
The sponsor of the《Treasure of the Great Tang Dynasty》is not our company.
For what reason ah~”

“That’s right.
Xi ge, you are also a person of great reputation!”

Xi Gu punched his assistant twice and said, “All right, zip it.
You have a lot of work to do!”

That was probably the assistant’s choice.
With an outward smile, Ye Zhen wanted to cry.

There was someone who was considerate and responsible about his affairs after he left.
Ye Yi should be happy.

Translator ramblings^^

Well I like Xi Gu, he seems like a fun character who probably going to be the wingman or something lol.

Ah a lil translation break: The chapter headline meaning.

The phrase “景如旧人如故” is a Chinese idiom that describes a long-lasting friendship that remains unchanged despite the passage of time or changes in circumstances.
The meaning behind this is that although the environment or circumstances may have changed, the relationship or bond between friends has remained steadfast and consistent.

I don’t really have much to say today, but I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter!! Also I really want to know whether yall like reading my comments at the end or not? I know for some it might be annoying-_-

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