er neck, trying to untie it.

“What did you say, Miss? Could you please speak a little louder?”

In response, Ye Zhen bowed in pain and leaned back.
She never thought that one day her own cleverness would get her into trouble.
It was impossible to hide it, but her life was in danger.

It was a mother with a child nearby who turned her head and noticed something was wrong.
She cried out, “Oh my God, help her! The scarf around her neck is caught in the handrail!”

Rongcheng Jue, who had already left the escalator, unconsciously turned around and saw a scene that tore his liver and guts apart*, “Ye Zhen-“

[TL/N: 肝胆俱裂 – overwhelmed by grief or terror.]

The following actions of the President were purely instinctive.

According to onlookers, at the critical moment, President Rongcheng went against the tide with unstoppable momentum.
He broke through the crowd left and right, jumped up and down, and finally leaned on the handrail and performed a beautiful “eagle roll”* like a god descending in front of the girl.

[TL/N: 鹞子翻身 – a Chinese phrase that literally means “hawk turning over” or “eagle rolling,” referring to a quick and agile movement made by a hawk or eagle in midair.
The phrase is often used to describe a person’s swift and nimble action, especially in a dangerous or critical situation.]

He had the aura of an overbearing CEO, and it was obvious that he’s the sort that practises these beforehand.

Unfortunately, his brilliant and handsome demeanor ended there and then—

The CEO hugged his sweetheart tightly and raced down the escalator, shouting, “What’s wrong with you, Ye Zhen? You can’t die!” His actions were so intense and his words so exaggerated that the crowd of onlookers were stunned for a full five seconds before they remembered to remind him, “Hey, what are you doing? First, take the scarf off the girl’s neck!”

In front of the crowd’s cameras, Rongcheng Jue wiped away a tear with his elbow, “….Oh”


After being tossed around, Ye Zhen couldn’t speak when the scarf was finally untied from her neck.
It wasn’t because she was suffocating or lacking oxygen, but because the scarf had strangled her throat.

Rongcheng Jue carried her all the way to the car and wanted to continue holding her.
Sensing this, Ye Zhen raised her head and looked at him blankly.
Rongcheng Jue withdrew his hand, feeling wronged.
Then he patted his own shoulder and said, “Then just lean on me.
Don’t hold back if you feel uncomfortable.”

Without waiting for Ye Zhen’s answer, he ordered the driver, “What are you waiting for? Hurry to the hospital!”

After being injured like this, Ye Zhen naturally had no objection to going to the hospital.
However, it was unnecessary for the president to accompany her.
She didn’t want to draw attention to herself in the hospital, so she took out her phone and wrote a heartfelt message to Rongcheng Jue, asking him not to delay his work.
The entire cast and crew were eagerly awaiting his arrival and inspection, and he was the star of tomorrow’s wrap party (exclamation mark added here).

After reading the message, except for taking the liberty of scanning Ye Zhen’s WeChat QR code and adding her as a friend, which he did without consulting her, Rongcheng Jue was very cooperative.
As soon as they arrived at the hospital, he put on sunglasses and got out of the car without looking back.
Ye Zhen thought he had really gone to do what she had told him.
However, when the hospital staff had them checked in and led them to a fairly decent double room, she pushed open the door to find Rongcheng Jue sitting there with one leg wrapped in a bandage.
However, this did not seem to affect his ability to shake his leg with ease.

“You’re here,” said Rongcheng Jue, unaware that he had been exposed.
Seeing Ye Zhen enter the room and stare at his “injured leg”, he immediately increased his acting skills by slowly putting down the crutch and showing a steady and gentle expression.
“It’s no big deal, I just twisted my foot when I ran too fast while carrying you.
I have to stay in the hospital for one night for observation.
Don’t worry about me.
Ahem, I’ll stay in the bed next to yours tonight.”

“…..” Looking at her medical record, Ye Zhen felt a bit suspicious if the diagnosis of her needing to stay overnight in the hospital for observation was the work of a certain person.

“Are you hungry?” said Rongcheng Jue, feeling guilty as he rubbed his nose and quickly changed the subject.
“The doctor said your throat was sore today and you can only drink porridge.” He pushed the porridge towards Ye Zhen.
“Drink it.
I personally went to the hospital cafeteria to buy it for you.” The tone of his voice contained a hint of taking credit.

She couldn’t hit the smiling face.
Besides, Ye Zhen couldn’t argue with someone who was clearly trying to be friendly, and she didn’t have the energy to do so with her voice still hoarse.
So Ye Zhen just drank the porridge and pushed the bowl back to a certain person.

The certain person immediately said, “I’ll wash it, I’ll wash it.”

It was just a disposable plastic lunch box, so Ye Zhen couldn’t stop him if he wanted to wash it.
When he finished washing it, Ye Zhen directly opened the door and gestured for him to go out.

“I injured my leg, how can you be so heartless? Besides,” Rongcheng Jue said, picking at the door frame and looking very pitiful, “there are reporters outside now, I really do not dare to go out…”

Hoho, who’s to blame?

With an expressionless face, Ye Zhen pointed at the hospital gown on the bed and said: I want to wash up.

Rongcheng Jue loosened his grip and said, “Oh…..”

Half an hour later, Rongcheng Jue was let into the room.
Ye Zhen had finished getting ready for bed and was ready to turn out the light and go to sleep.

“You go to sleep, good night,” Rongcheng Jue said hurriedly.
“I’ll sleep soon too, I won’t disturb you.”

Ye Zhen’s response was to pull up the curtain of the bed, perfectly cutting off the space between the two of them.

On the other side, Rongcheng Jue stubbornly said the necessary lines of the male lead, “Don’t be afraid tonight.
I’ll be here with you.”

Heh, anyway, the emergency button to call the doctor is right next to the bed, what does she have to be afraid of~.

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