Chapter 17 – Bad Premonition

“Why… am I here?”

Despite murmuring this, I have had a bad feeling since yesterday.

The open campus of my university starts on the first day of the Golden Week.
Golden Week had already started three days ago, so high school and junior high school students had already started to visit our campus to see the research contents.
However, as the college students still have lectures everyday, so many people come to see the real college student life.

That’s when I saw her.
A familiar girl was in front of me while talking to her friends.

“Hey, Mura.
Have you decided what classes to take for the second semester?”

“What, second semester? Don’t be stupid, no one decides that at this time of the year.”

“Well, I thought that, but I heard that the second semester is busy, so I got anxious.”

“Yeah, don’t worry… By the way, what’s going on between Kazuma and that girl lately?”

“That girl?”

“You know, the one who came to the circle.
The one who talked to you after Shi-chan.”

“Oh, you are talking about Mitoma-san… Wait, Shi-chan…?”

“Yeah, Shi-chan.
She’s so cute, you know… that girl.”

“How are you suddenly so infatuated with her?”

“Kazuma is the same, isn’t he?”

Mura laughed and hit my back hard.
It actually hurts a little.
And as for Mitoma-san, our case is a little different.

“What’s with that look?”

“No, I’m not thinking of going out with her.”

“Not going out? What, haven’t you started dating yet?”

“Of course not… I am not worthy of a beauty like her.”

“Haha, that’s true!”

This time he laughed while holding his stomach.
It’s a fair point, but it’s still annoying to be told that by someone who’s popular with the girls.

“Who is not worthy of whom?”

As Mura laughed, I heard a familiar voice from behind us.


I was tapped on the shoulder and, when I turned around, Mitoma-san was standing there with an eerie smile on her face.


“Senpai, hello! And, the one next to you… Ah, you are the president of his circle, right? So, I heard that you felt sorry for the senpai, but… is that really the case?”

Not only the words but also Mitoma-san’s sharp eyes pierced Mura’s entire body.

Her words were so effective that even this guy lost his calm, who was mostly composed whenever he was bad-mouthed like this.

“Ah, no… the way you said it… you know?”

“Heh… so?”

“Ah, that… I’m sorry!”

Mura makes an unexpected apology.
I don’t want him to show that appearance to Shina-san.
It’s too uncool.

“…Um, senpai.
How about having lunch together?”

“Hey, wait a minute, I—”

It looks like Mura didn’t want to back down right now and was protesting a little, but Mitoma-san smiled cunningly and pointed in a certain direction.

“Shina-san is waiting for you out there.”

“What? Really? I’m going then!”

“Don’t worry~”

Then, like a cheetah who got caught by bait, he excitedly ran towards the direction where she pointed.
Watching him leave our sight, Mitoma-san immediately caught my arm and interlocked it with hers.

“Well, now that he has gone, let’s go!”

Really, this cute kouhai is sometimes scary.

While I was in this flow, I happened to notice a female high school student passing by.

No, it’s not like I have a lolicon-like hobby of liking high school students or anything.
It’s just that I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere before… no, I’m sure I’ve seen her before.

The atmosphere and tone of her voice, talking comfortably with her friends, and even her expression, all of it reminded me of someone.

“Well then, let’s go to the science department next time!”

She said that she turned her face towards me.
That’s when I finally realized.

Her bob cut hair of light brown color, and beautiful double eyelids.
Her familiar uniform, and most of all, a voice I’ve heard many times before.

She was the younger sister of my ex-girlfriend from high school.

“Um, senpai?”

“Ah… I’m sorry for getting distracted like that.
Let’s go now.”


I was about to be questioned by Mitoma-san about my awkward behavior and I pretended not to notice.

But all of that was futile because of what happened next…

“Ah, it’s you…”

Unlike her younger sister, she had beautiful black hair.
She had a slender body and modest b*****s, and her appearance could be described as that of a Yamato Nadeshiko.
Her hair and eye color were similar to Mitoma-san’s, but her atmosphere was completely different.

She was undoubtedly my ex-girlfriend, Kotone Minami.

“Oh, I’m just here for shopping.”

“I see… I’ll be going then.”

“Ah, come to think of it, your legs… are you alright now?”

“I said I’m fine and I don’t care either way.
Also, I don’t want to be involved with you anymore… well, then.”

“Wait a minute—”

Then, hiding her face, she ran away.
She was not a good runner to begin with so if I wanted, I could catch up to her.
But for some reason I couldn’t move my legs at all.


Kotone’s voice reverberated in my mind like a broken music player.

“I don’t want to be involved with you anymore…”

No matter how much I tried focusing on other things, her words came up in my mind every single time.

I swallowed that negative feeling that I haven’t felt in a long time and tried hard to push it out in some corner of my mind.

My head hurts a little and my feet wobble.

“Why now…?”

Memories of when we were dating in High-school kept resurfacing in my mind.

“It’s no good… Let’s not think about it anymore.

Surely, I shouldn’t be involved with her any longer.

I shouldn’t repeat what happened back then.

Let’s leave the past behind and head over to a promising future.

I don’t want to make the same mistake with Mitoma-san.

I don’t want to hurt her with any type of misunderstanding…

[PoV] Suzune Mitoma :

I was going to meet my elder sister, but suddenly I got a notification on my smartphone.

“Hmm? Is it perhaps from senpai?”

What happened all of a sudden?

Could it be that Miyuki-chan is already back?

I took out my smartphone and opened the LINE message and the contents of the message were…

“Thank you as always.”

It was a really short message.

“Wait, what’s going on? Is he giving me a sign that will attack me soon?”

Really? Senpai, and what’s with this timing… maybe he’s jealous of his sister talking with me? 

If that’s the case, then he is acting so cute! 

Ahm~ I’ll give him all the pleasure he wants.
I don’t need to think that much! 

Alright, now that it’s come to this, I’ll also attack him when my sister will be going back! I’ll definitely make senpai happy, so please be a little patient.

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