[Pov] Suzune Mitoma :

Senpai’s chest is warm… and it’s fluffy.
He smells really nice.

“Suu…” [SFX for Sniffing]

“D-Don’t sniff me, I might smell.”

As I sniffed him, Senpai shuddered a little, and his chest shook.


“It’s a nice smell.”

“But I’m sweating…”

“Sweat? That might actually be a good thing.”

“Aah… please, stop it already.”

As he gave a pleasured moan in response, I couldn’t resist any longer.

I hugged him tightly, and let the scent of senpai fill my nostrils.

It really was a nice smell.

The scent of sweat mixed with the smell of fabric softener, a scent that can only be felt when hugging Senpai tightly.

Ah, Senpai.

I love you.

I really, really love you.

I want to sleep while hugging him like this for the rest of my life.

Can I take this bed home with me? If I do, I can sleep with Senpai and keep smelling his scent.

Oh, but can I atleast have his pillow? If I sleep while hugging his pillow tightly, I might be able to see him in my dreams.



“It feels warm being like this in your embrace.”

“Huh, well… I guess so.”

The sight of his uneasy demeanor almost causes me to falter.
Surely, even now his heart is beating out of his chest with excitement… At least, that’s what I could observe from his uneasy movements.

I find senpai incredibly endearing and lovely.
I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the love I harbor for him.

I know that he must be already aware of my feelings for him, even without me telling him outright.

But why won’t he say anything in return?

He’s such a difficult and helpless person to deal with.

I wish he would be more aggressive, but he seems content to remain as he is.

“…Ah, you’re warm too.”

“Fufu~ Well then… good night.”

I forgot my original intention and ended up falling asleep without looking at his sleeping face.

[Change of perspective] 

In the morning, when I woke up— or rather, I had already been awake for a while.
I felt the warmth of the summer sun filtering through the window and onto my skin.
I sat up, making shadow puppets with my hands as I felt the pleasant sensation.

Beside me, Mitoma-san was lying next to me as she was breathing comfortably in her sleep.

“Jeez… she did so many things for me yesterday.”

She said she wanted to spend the night, insisted on sleeping together, and even went so far as to say she wanted me to hold her— it made me wonder if she had feelings for me.

Well, it’s possible, I guess.

But college students are creatures that tend to do things on a whim.
She’s my kouhai, and I don’t want to make things weird.
Besides, if someone asked me if I liked her or not, I still wouldn’t be sure.

“I’m different from Mura, and I don’t feel like just going along with things without thinking about it.
If we were to have that kind of relationship, I want to be prepared and committed to it.

Well, as a university student, I guess thinking like this is pretty strange.

As I was thinking about this, Mitoma-san half-opened her eyes and sat up while rubbing her sleepy eyes. 

“Oh, you’re up?”


Rubbing her eyes and nodding her head slightly, she stretched her hand towards me and looked at me with a sleepy voice.


“Oh, are you okay?”

“Uhuhu…Se…mpai, you’re here…even though this is my house…why is that…ugh.”

Then, with a smile on her face, she jumped at me in her drowsy state.
My heart sank as I realized that her soft b*****s were hitting on my chest.
Though I have felt a lot even more so during last night, I couldn’t help but be amazed by the sponginess of her b****s.


“Hahaha…it’s so realistic.”

“N-no, it’s not like that…”

“Oh, wait? Why are you here? Where’s the doll from earlier?”

“I’m not a doll…”

“Wait, could it be…are you the real thing?”


However, saying that didn’t change anything for Mitoma-san.
She just smiled even more happily and jumped up to hug me.
It resulted in both of us falling back on the bed as she snuggled closer to me and we spent a few more minutes cuddling with each other till I forcefully separated her as she was not willing to let go of me at all.

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