A few days have passed since Miyuki returned to her parents’ home, and everyone’s favorite Golden Week has come to an end, with the usual everyday life reemerging.
Of course, this doesn’t make a significant change for a university student who is usually free, but without the excitement of Golden Week, everyone seemed a bit bored.

The only thing that had changed around me was that Mitoma-san had been visiting me almost every day since the time when we spent the night together.
Although there was a slightly awkward atmosphere due to what happened that day, I’ve grown accustomed to it thanks to her frequent visits.

And so, today, the time was 5:40 PM after our lectures had ended, and Mitoma-san and I were at the club activities after Golden Week.

“It’s been a while since we came here like this.”

“Well, yeah.
The university festival is coming up soon, and we have to decide on a lot of things.”

“Oh, the university festival! I’ve never been there, so I’d love to go and see it!”

“Huh, oh, yeah.
We’re open to the public, so you can see it if you want.”

“…That’s not what I meant.”


“Well, I’ll tell you later.
Anyway, let’s finish this meeting quickly and have dinner together!”

“Ugh, okay.”

“Let’s go!”

And so, I was dragged into the club room against my will, and we reluctantly began our regular meeting.

By the way, the agenda for today’s meeting was to decide whether or not we would participate in the university festival this year, and what our role in it will be.
The deadline was early July, with the actual preparation period starting in late July, and the university festival was held for five days from August 1st before the summer vacation.From the second day, it was open to the public, and nearby high school and middle school students as well as families visited oftenly.
Our university is a little unique as the university festival is held in the summer, but it’s popular among students majoring in management, as it provides an opportunity to showcase their skills by coming up with ideas for the event.

At the scheduled time, about 20 people had gathered, and with the club president taking the lead, we started the discussion.

“Oh, by the way, what about the secretary?”

“The secretary?”

As we were about to start, Mura whispered in my ear.
It was true that it would be easier if we had a secretary, and it would be strange not to use the whiteboard even though it was made for that purpose.

While I was thinking about what to do, Shina-san who was sitting next to Mura asked, “Should I do it?”

I thought it would be easy to leave it to her since her handwriting seemed neat, but just then, someone stepped on my foot.


“Hey, are you okay?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah…”

They worriedly looked at me as I groaned in pain, but I reassured them that I was absolutely fine.
I glanced sideways and looked at the culprit who was none other than Mitoma-san, who was giving me an impish smile.

“So, what do you want to say?”

“Senpai, I’ll do it.”

“Huh? But Shina-san was—”

“I’ll do it.
(If I don’t, then I won’t be able to make plans to go around the university festival with my senpai.
So, I’ll take control from behind the scenes.)”

Overwhelmed by the invisible pressure she was emanating, I declined Shina’s offer and handed Mitoma-san a pen.

“So, with that said, let’s start collecting ideas for what we should do.
Does anyone have any ideas for what will be the best for the university festival?”

And so, the regular meeting about preparing for the university festival began.


After about two hours, we decided that our club’s contribution would be a “yakitori and kushikatsu (deep-fried skewers) stand.” Though it wasn’t related to our club activities at all, but since we had been offering food items for several years now, it was easy, popular with the masses, and we could make a decent profit from it, so it was decided by a majority vote.

Well, we all just want to use the profits to go to a drinking party anyway.

For now, we decided roughly what kind of plan to make by July and we decided to start full-fledged activities from July.
After all the points were conveyed to the clan members, we decided to disband.

On the way back home the same day…..

After finishing the cleaning duty, I left the classroom, and noticed that Mitoma-san was waiting outside for me.

“Sorry sorry… Did you wait long?”

“It’s okay~ If it’s for Senpai, I can wait until I die.”

“When Mitoma-san says that, it doesn’t sound like a joke.”

“(It’s not a joke though…)”


“Oh, it’s nothing.
Hey, let’s buy ingredients from the supermarket for dinner!”

“Ah, yeah… that’s right.”

I felt like I heard something absurd, but well, I was brushed off, so it’s okay.
We walked through the dark pathways of university and headed to the supermarket we usually go to.

“Phew… I wonder if it’ll be okay.”

“Excuse me, what’s wrong?”

“No, I’m just worried about the university festival.
This time, we have to take leadership, you know.”

“Certainly, we have to collaborate with the university in various ways.”

“That’s right~ Our circle’s president has other duties as well, but regarding the university festival, it’s the vice president’s main job… so, I’m really worried.”

“I’m also in the operations department, so if something happens, you can tell me, I’ll make sure to contribute as much as I can.”

“Ah, I’ll tell you if I’m in trouble.
But why did you volunteer to be the secretary… if you were one of the three officers, you would have been in the operations department.”

“It’s because it’s easy for me to make plans for the university festival with senpai~”

“Huh, plans?”

“You said before that you’re looking forward to going around with me, right?”

“…Sorry, I don’t remember.”

“Hmm, I see.”

I closed my eyes and apologized with a silly smile, and unexpectedly, a reply came back from her that exceeded my expectations.

With a voice that lacked emotion and the similar heavy feeling in her pitch-black eyes, she was snipping with scissors that I didn’t know where she took them from. 

[TL/N : She’s dangerous, dem… But that’s what we love about YANDERES!!]

“Oh, yeah… I remember that promise!”

“Did you finally remember about it, Senpai?”

“Yeah! I remembered it! How could I forget the promise I made with my kouhai!! Hahaha…”

“That’s good to hear!”

I tried my best to smile so that she wouldn’t scare me off and then both of us headed for our next destination.
While we were just about to resume our walk, I heard her murmur these words.

“Phew… I almost cut off Senpai’s ears.”

What the f—?!”

Of course, I was trembling for a while after that.

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