Two days after the Maid Café Incident.

I invited Mura and Shiina-san over to my house to discuss the preparations for the university festival.
Mitoma-san with her usual persuasion managed to convince me as she spent the night with me again and I had a hard time sleeping because she hugged me tightly the whole night.

Mitoma-san was relaxing on the sofa with a comfortable look adorning her face.

“Senpai, let’s just do it with the two of us~”

“What are you talking about… I invited you guys because I wanted to talk about money and preparation of all the stuff.”

“Well… it’s not like it matters, anyway.
It’s that president guy who should manage it after all.”

Come to think of it, that was certainly true.

Although the president had his own job, I was doing most of the work for the club activities.
He was just taking naps next to me or going out to play when he finished, and I couldn’t believe that Mura was doing his job properly.

And I’m also worried because Shiina-san, who has been appointed as the treasurer, seemed to be doing a lot of work.

However, according to the university’s regulations, the president of the club has to go to the university and get permission for various things, so I should listen to what they have to say.

“Well… anyway, as I’m the one who has taken the responsibility! So, I want you guys to cooperate with me.”


“What’s with that face…?”

“But I don’t want anyone to disturb this peaceful time between senpai and me…”

“Don’t we spend the whole day all alone by ourselves.”

“That’s not enough.
I want more!”

She said that while pulling my arm, which was behind the sofa, and placed it on her deep and large cleavage.

“Hey, what are you doing!”

“Well, if it’s just the two of us, I will let you touch my b*obs~”


She leaned closer to me with a mischievous smile and blew her hot breath on my ear.

I jerked my arm and the large bre*sts that were sandwiching it bounced left and right.
They were so plump and soft, like large marshmallows, that they bounced back by the motion of my arm with their elasticity.

When I managed to pull my hand away in recoil and escape from that bewitching valley, Mitoma-san was looking at me and laughing with her hand on her lips as she was enjoying my embarrassing reactions.

“Hey, stop it!”

“Haha~, Senpai is so cute~”

“Hey, Mitoma-san, you should take better care of your own body or else that day won’t be long when you will regret tempting me.”

“Fufu~ I will wait for that day Senpai~”

Really, whether it was when we slept together, or when she came to my house for the first time, or during the Maid Café Pancake incident… Why does she always try to tempt me like this?

Even if she likes me, I’m pretty surprised that she would do that, without any hesitation.
Well, if that’s just her personality, then I guess that’s how she is.
But to be honest, it’s kind of troubling for me.

However, despite my thoughts, she grabbed onto me again, this time with more force.

“W-what is it?”

“Oh, it’s nothing… I just want to hug Senpai?”


“Can you come over here?”

I hesitantly approached her as she stood there with her arms crossed, and she whispered into my ear.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a special treat for you, Senpai.”

My mind was thrown into chaos by the warm breath and the force of her words.
As I tried to respond to her, she interrupted me with her last words.

“So, just relax and enjoy these moments.”

Her final words, combined with her breath, sent shivers down my spine, and a warm temptation ran through my body.

I involuntarily turned my head towards her, and she smiled at me with a lustful look in her eyes.
I tried to say something, but I couldn’t get any words out, worried that she would say something before me which would break that final thread of my sanity.


“You’re so cute… are you embarrassed?”

“I—I’m not embarrassed!”

“Oh, so you are embarrassed.”

“…Y-yeah, it looks like I am.”

“Heh… so, Senpai likes it when his ears are teased?”

“T-that’s not it!”



“See, you’re weak here.”

I couldn’t even come up with a retort to her teasing.

**Ding – Dong**

Suddenly, the intercom rang which offered me a lifeline as Mitoma-san left me from her tempting clutch.

“Oh, they’re here.”

“Arhg… I wanted to spend more time with you alone.”

“Come on, we can do it later on.”


I slipped my arm out of her clutches as she gave an uninterested response and went to the hallway to meet the two of them.

We spent about two hours discussing the preparations for the university festival.
Thanks to Shiina-san, we also had a lot of talks regarding the budget, and we decided on the schedule during the remaining time.
And soon we ended our meeting for the day.

“Wait… Muu-chan, we can do that later.
Senpai and Suzune-san can hear us.”

“Well, it’s fine.
Just let them be together.”

“No, I can’t… it’s embarrassing.”

“Just ignore them.”

“That’s impossible…”

I sighed a little as I heard them flirting even after closing the entrance door.

“They’ve become quite close, those two.”

“I envy them.”

“Huh? Envy?”

“Well, it seems like I’m not being noticed, so it’s okay…”

“Oh, really?”

Mitoma-san muttered a little with her head down as she looked a little depressed.

“By the way, Senpai.”


“We talked about going shopping next week, right?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right.”

At today’s meeting, we divided the circle members into groups, and each of us decided to go shopping, but we decided that we, the officers, would prepare the ingredients for cooking.
That’s why we decided to go shopping together.

“So, um, is it okay if I go to a place I want to go?”

“A place you want to go?”

It’s a festival, after all, and I promised to go around with you, Senpai.
I’m also thinking about what to wear.”

“Ah, well, isn’t the circle’s booth costume good enough?”

“No, I don’t want that.
It’s a festival, so I want to wear something special!”

“You don’t have to go that far…”

“Come on, there will be fireworks at night, so why not wear a yukata?”

“A yukata, huh…”

And it would be nice if you could start fresh with this after everything you’ve been through, Senpai!”

“It’s okay, really.”

“No, it’s not okay.
I want to do this!”

“I see… well, if that’s what you want.”

“Okay, then it’s a promise? After we disband with the president and the others, we’ll go shopping?”

“Uh, sure.”

And just like that, I was swept away in the flow and ended up planning a date with her.

[PoV] Suzune Mitoma :

If I’m going to confess, it’s better to wear something special.

After all, this is a special occasion.
I have to make sure to make it a lifetime memory!

Hehehe… I wonder what kind of reaction Senpai will make.

I also wonder what his answer will be.

Well, I know the result already but…

Anyways, I have to prepare diligently for the special occasion!


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