Like that I was lightly embraced for a moment by Mitoma-san.

…No, wait.
That’s not right.

Calling her by her given name, it’s a little embarrassing and I’m still not used to it.
It’s starting to sound strange to me now that I’ve never really called a woman by name before.
If I had to say, it would only be my little sister and my ex-girlfriend.
I may not need to be swayed, but since she told me to call her that, I have no choice.

“Umm… Suzune.”


“Ah, no.
It’s nothing.”


As I muttered her name as part of my rehabilitation, Suzune smiled happily.
When I denied it after seeing her expression, she gave me a sullen look.

It seemed like her cheeks were a little red, but maybe I was mistaken.

“No, it’s not like that… It’s just that I’m not used to calling you by name yet.”

Then Suzune’s face suddenly became blank, as if she were disappointed.

“You’re not used to it?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Oh… I see.”

“I’ve only ever called my little sister and my ex-girlfriend by their names.”

“If you mention your ex-girlfriend again, I’ll seriously kill you, okay?”

“Hey, I’m not worried about it anymore, so stop it.”

“Mmm… Then please stop bringing her up in our conversations”

That’s a fair point, but come on.
I want her to stop speaking in such a serious tone.

“Anyway, it’s just that I’m not used to it.
So don’t worry about it.”

“I can’t do that.
I’ll worry about it.”


“If you don’t call my name, then the number of times I’ve been called by others will be less than yours, won’t it?”

“Well, I’ll do my best… But you can’t beat Miyuki anyway, can you?”

“I don’t want that.
I’ll win against not only your ex-girlfriend, but also Miyuki-chan, so please keep saying it.”

She is surprisingly stubborn and her Yandere side is getting revealed little by little.

I looked at Suzune, who was showing a determined expression.

“Um, excuse me?”

“Huh? Oh, sorry… It’s just that Suzune looks so cute right now that I went into a daze…”

“Huh…? S-suddenly.
But, I’m happy, Senpai!”

As I thought that, she moved closer to me.

“Oh, um… what’s this?” 

“What’s wrong, Senpai?”

She smiled playfully.

Although her lovely smile made me happy, I felt a soft, squishy sensation on my arm.

The sensation was warm, and there was a pleasant smell coming from her, who was right in front of me, causing me to clench my fist tightly.

When I realized it, it was too late and she was already hugging me.

“Um… your b*****s are hitting me,” I said hesitantly.

“Fufu~… hey listen to me.
Why are you averting your face?” she replied with a sweet voice.

I lowered my waist in fear, and when she breathed out into my ear, she said in a sweet voice.

“I won’t let you go away from me Senpai…”

“Huh?” I said, shivering uncontrollably.

My face became hot in an instant, and Suzune pressed her bo*bs against me again with the same pressure as before.

It was different from usual, and because of the cheap university festival parka she had outsourced, the shape was clearly visible.

In addition, there was a protrusion at the top of her deformed chest, her aroused n*****s were stiff.

My spine stiffened and my body froze as I looked down at them.

“N-No way…”

When I slowly opened my eyes and met her gaze, Suzune, who had been sullenly jealous just a moment ago, now pressed her lustful body against me and said in my ear again, “It’s just a special service for calling me by my name, Senpai.”

“What?!” I exclaimed.

I had a hunch, but those words I heard in my ear had tremendous destructive power, causing my memory to momentarily fade away.

My vision and footing shook.
Immediately recovering, I whispered in Suzune’s ear, “W-What?! Are you serious?”

“I’m serious~,” she replied, puffing out her chest.

It was so noticeable that I instinctively covered it with my arm.

“What are you doing…?” I asked.

“Well… I am trying my best to seduce you.”

“But still we are in public.”

Her clothes were a little loose and if I changed the angle of my sight even a little bit, I would be able to see everything clearly.

“No that’s not it…! You are wearing clothes that are revealing your skin a lot.”

“Well, that’s true.
Shall I wear another T-shirt?”

“Then, come quickly with me and change!”

“Don’t rush.
It’s fine, isn’t it? We have about three hours left.
We might as well stay at the hotel and you know…?”

“Don’t say stupid things! Are you not coming with me tomorrow?”

“Well, I don’t want to!”

“I see… please, come quickly then…”

“But, I’m not wearing underwear because I thought I might wear a yukata tomorrow… I guess you could call it a trial fitting.”


“No, I mean under the yukata…”

“Oh, wait… Suzune, are you…?”

“Of course, I won’t forget to wear my underwear under a yukata?”

“Seriously… What should I do with this girl?!”

“I’m sorry Senpai for making you worry about it.”

“Haah… You’re such an idiot.”


“Anyway, just put them on for now.”

“Ow, that hurts…”

As I chopped her on the head with my hand, she made a pitiful sound and returned to her tearful state from earlier, holding her bag as she walked into the restroom.


I let out a light sigh, and the nearby university students and other passersby looked at me weirdly.

It’s because of things like this that we attract attention.

After coughing lightly and returning my attention to my surroundings, I sat on the bench next to the restroom and opened my smartphone.

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