Chapter 4 – Reunion after 4 years!

It has been a year since I entered university, and now I am a sophomore.

During my freshman year, I experienced a lot of things, both good and bad and I want to work hard on them so that I can enjoy the next year without looking away.

So today, as the vice president of the club I am in, I was in charge of hosting a welcoming party for the new students.
We rented out a hidden bar in the city.

“So, with the hope that the coming year will bring happiness, cheers!”


With the call, the welcoming party, also known as a drinking party, began.
Of course, we served juice and tea to the freshman, but some of the upperclassmen and classmates with early birthdays were already ordering beer and causing a slight commotion.

But, we are university students.
The old man at the bar said ‘live your youth, don’t worry about money’ so it’s not a problem to make a bit of noise.

“Uwaa! What’s wrong, senpai!”

“What? You— are you dating?!”

“N-nothing like that!”



However, at this rate, it will be a course until morning.

Those of the same generation who are flirting with the junior students are too wild… but it’s okay to let themselves loose a little and enjoy the moment because tomorrow is a holiday.

And it’s alright to let your guard down and enjoy to the fullest.

That said, I was overlooking everyone’s relaxed state while sipping on my ginger ale from a seat at the end of the counter.

This ginger ale is incredibly delicious.
The ginger flavor and carbonation match perfectly with sweetness and most importantly, it is not embarrassing to drink in this kind of place.

Ah, that’s why it is cool.
As vice president, I can’t embarrass myself and drink orange juice.

“—Um, vice president?”

The one who called out to me was a new student.

“Hmm, what’s up?”

“Ah, I wanted to talk… um, is the seat next to you available?”

The girl speaks to me, a little bit lowering her waist and casually putting her hair behind her ear.
Since I’m not talking to anyone in particular, I nodded and gave my permission.

“Thank you… “

“No no, it’s fine.
Do you want anything to drink?”

“Ah, um… then, orange juice please.”

“Okay, boss! One orange juice!”

“Coming right up~”

“Alright, this is good”

“Thank you”

I asked the busy store manager and received a teasing gaze.
Unfortunately, there isn’t such a relationship.
Generally, I’m not thinking of taking her home after she is drunk or anything like that.

But, it’s also nice to talk to a cute junior sometimes.

“So, what do you want to ask?”

“Ah, well… I have various questions about university…”

“Ah, about university?”

I wonder if the reason for her approaching me is that only, something seems fishy…

Well, it’s not like I was particularly interested.
But I was a little curious because of her awkward expressions.

“Ah, um…?”

“Sorry, sorry.
It’s fine.
So, uh, shall we talk about circles or something first?”

Despite being a little disappointed, I explained about university to the freshman.

In the conversation, I explained various things while considering self-introductions.
Her name is Shiina Akane.
She is a freshman in the Department of History in the Faculty of Humanities.

I am in the Department of Electronic Information in the Faculty of Engineering, so there probably won’t be a direct connection.

She has bob-cut hair, dyed in brown color probably because of her college debut, and she was wearing fashionable clothes which you often see in colleges.
The so-called mass-produced female college student.
Her face is also well-formed and she seems to have had various romantic experiences in high school.

And there’s something like, the atmosphere is somehow similar to my ex-girlfriend.
But, it’s bad to compare both of them, so I shook my head to remove those unwanted thoughts.

“About part-time jobs… how should I go about it?”

“Ah, I work as a tutor at home, but… how about, I’ll have you take an interview next time?”

“Is that okay!?”

“Of course, no problem.
I’ll talk to the head of the cram school.”

“Thank you!”

As she heard the reply she was expecting, her face broke into a satisfied smile.
Well, I’ve become the kind of senior who can make an impression, and it’s kind of frustrating that I am still remembering my ex-girlfriend at this moment.

Like this, after talking for several tens of minutes, a voice called her from behind us.

“Ah, Shiina-chan.
Over there, the senior is calling you? The chairman is calling you.”

It seemed like it wasn’t for me.

But something was strange.

This voice… I think I have heard it before somewhere…

It was a voice that I have heard somewhere in the past, a voice that touched the depths of my heart.

“What, is that true!?”

“Yeah, come on, go over there quickly.”

“Ah, okay! Sorry.
S-senior! Thank you! From now on, please take care of me!”

“Oh, okay… see you later.”


Saying that, Shiina-san runs off in a hurry.
A call from the president.
The image of the president is quite womanizer, I wonder if it’s okay.

“—Um, senpai?”

This time the same voice called out to me, it looks like it was the same person who called Shiina-san moments ago.

But what does she need to talk to me about?

Senpai?… Is she also a freshman? But the way she was referring me to was not that of someone who talks to someone for the very first time.

My questions increased and the situation was unclear, so I turned around and looked in the direction of the voice and I was at a loss when I saw the figure of the person standing behind me.


“Senpai, it’s been a while hasn’t it?”


Yes, I clearly remember the girl standing in front of me… But she had an affectionate gaze towards me?

I think it would be wrong to say that I still clearly remember her, the memories I have of her are rather hazy and were buried deep within my mind, but when I saw her in front of me all of the memories of that event resurfaced in my mind.

A familiar voice and a face that I’ve seen before, her voice was elegant and lovely and her face was so bewitchingly beautiful that I couldn’t help but stare at her in awe. 

Exactly four years ago, the girl who was about to be killed by the serial killer who appeared on the subway.
The girl I barely saved and she gave me a paper bag before we parted and then we never saw each other again.

She was none other than Suzune Mitoma.

“What’s wrong? I chased you and came here to meet you, you know?”



[PoV] Suzune Mitoma :

Ugh, Shiina-san, was getting awfully close to Senpai.
I thought they would talk for a few minutes and then she would leave, but it looked like she was in no mood to leave his side. 

I really can’t forgive this.

Really, this is why girls are…

Why did she approach Senpai while wearing such a short skirt?

Is she perhaps hitting on him… ?! 

Should I just take care of her… so that she wouldn’t get in between us? 

Well, I’ll introduce her to the club president.
The club president seems to be a bit of a pushover, and the only reason I came to this club was to meet senpai…

I’ll meet him soon… Fufu~ the long awaited is finally over… 

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