The Billionaire CEO Recognizes Me

I am not getting married to you.

”Get the house clean, prepare the dishes, I want the dishes to be as delicious. Everything has to be epic ”….

Hey mom! ”

Mom, ”… ”

Mrs Alani turned around.

”Oh my goodness, you are here already ”

She hugged her tightly seizing her breath.

”How are you? ”.

She asked scanning her body with her eyes.

”Im okay ”.

” Sit down ”… she offered,

”No thank you, Im good ”.


A man putting on a black mask walked in through the main door, Ava was struck with the beauty and figure she just saw. He looked at her and looked back at the lady whose expression had just changed

He looked away from the both of them and headed straight to his room.

”You…, rest here Ill go check on him ”

She left Ava in the living room. Ava took a stroll around the very huge living room.

The door to his room opened, he threw the mask on the floor, with raging eyes he stared at Mrs Alani

” Who is that? ”

”Who is she? ”… ”Shes a person don be disrespectful ”.

”Ive already told you and Mr Gael, whats with the pressure? ”.

Mrs Alani looked at him with questioning eyes.

”There is no pressure, we know you are waiting patiently for the right time to introduce Nyla ”.

”Definitely ”… he replied with a stern voice.

”And you know clearly that your dad doesn like her ”

”Who is she? ” he asked once again, this time he was being serious.

”Does she know our identity ”?.

” No.., shes.. you can say middle class ”.

”Middle what… ” He repeated sternly.

Mrs Alani could tell in an instant that Delvic had lost his cool on this one.

” Same with Nyla but you rejected her ”.

Mrs Alani gasped in defense.

”We didn reject… we just don want her for you ”.

He looked at Mrs Alani with confusion written all over his face, the look in his eyes was only one of questioning.

” Why don you understand, she…okay, for once have she visited me, No!.., she replied herself. Has she ever called me, No!.. she replied again. But she sure calls you everyday doesn she?…. ”

”Well you don approve of her in the first place, how on Earth would she be able to approach you ”.

” You always have that proud look on your face when you see her.

The one time that I met with her was at your party…, she looked at me with disdain ”.

Mrs Alani pouted her lips in disgust.

”Who does that to her future mother-in-law, I mean… look at the girl downstairs she was soo happy, I felt joy within ”. She placed her hand on her chest.

” Shes such a lovely girl don miss out on this one ”.

She reached out to hold Azai hand but he swiftly moved away from her grasp.

Azai looked at Mrs Alani with widened eyes. He had never heard her say something like this before about Nyla.

”Are you surprised, I should tell you more about her shouldn I? ”.

” You lie Mrs Alani ”.

”…Oh my goodness ”. She exclaimed.

” She hasn done this before ”. He was hell bent on what he heard about Nyla.

” Listen to yourself, you turn against your mother for a lady ”.

”So you did lie… ” Azai was so shocked.

” Of course, this is an example that if she actually did such a thing you would support her instead of me.

He was speechless. ”Jeez….Mrs Alani you made me believe that she actually did such a thing ”.

He walked to the Window bench and sat comfortably.

”Az…. ”

”mum, ”… Ava called her name.

Alani looked towards the door, she saw the girl looking into the room with the rest of her body outside.

Azai didn care to look at the girl, but his stare at her at the moment was unknowingly.

” Sweetie you
e here, are you looking for me? ”….

”Someone kept calling your name, I saw you come in here so I decided to come here to inform you ”…

Ava said with her sweet, solemn voice.

” Ill go to see who it is okay, take care ”…

She pecked the girl on her cheek and left.

Azai was still looking at the sunny weather outside through the window. She looked at him and walked inside closing the door. He looked in her direction but at the closed door.

What is her intent?.

” Hi!, my name is Ava, whats your name?….

His gaze finally shifted from the closed door to her amber eyes. He didn respond to her question.

”You must be Azais younger brother, Im his fiancée ”.

Azais younger what?… fiancée

He couldn keep calm hearing that word he quickly stood up, he walked too close to her that his shoulders wouldve moved her out of the way but she shifted a little.

He went downstairs to go meet Mr Gael. She followed him from behind but kept her distance. He got downstairs, looking for him. When he arrived outside, he was by the swimming pool.

He walked all the way there to go talk to him. When Mr Gael looked around he saw him. Mrs Alani was already smiling,

e here ”…., his expression exposed that he was very happy.

He opened his arms, this left Azai utterly dumbstruck and a sudden discomfort.

He took a step back, never believing that Mr Gael did that to him so he turned around to see if someone was behind him and it was Ava.

She ran into Mr Gaels embrace. ”How are you?…. ”

” Im doing great ”.

Azai stood staring at what was going on. How?… She…What is she?… he asked himself.

” I see youve met Azai ”… he said looking down at her. She nodded,… No.

” How is that possible, you just passed by him.

She looked behind looking at who she had addressed earlier as his younger brother.

The reason he came here was destroyed by her presence. He left them all to enjoy having her.

She released from the hug, chasing after him. He went all the way back to his room. He exerted his anger on the door by slamming it hard.

He sighed heavily. He feels suffocated around her than with Nyla. He sat on the window bench, looking ahead to the door, he saw her standing still, looking at him.

He shivered. ” How did you get in?.. ”

She replied him,…. ” before you closed the door ”.

He remembered slamming it hard and quickly the moment he entered the room, how did she manage to get in?.

” I earlier addressed you as Azais younger brother, sorry about that ”.

He ignored what she just said and asked….

” Did they give you any condition in this marriage?, Why do you call them mom and dad already?, Where did they find you? ”

” I apologize for calling you Azais younger brother ”…. she repeated and bowed slightly.

He became furious, ”Listen,…I don know what they told you but they certainly are keeping something hidden from you. Try asking them ”.

” They wouldn tell me, her expression changed completely ”. He looked at her, his brows tugged. A cold look appeared on her face.

” I will find out, eventually. Anyways, I am in your house because,… you can call this courtship ”.

He looked at the girl talking. Something wasn right.

” Courtship ”,… he repeated looking at her in the eye.

” Yes, I am your fiancée. We shouldn be doing this but they know quite well that you wouldn accept me so I agreed to a courtship ”. She spoke nonchalantly.

I need to talk to Mrs Alani, he stood up to leave.

”Don worry,… you wouldn hate me ”.

He scoffed at her statement and left the room.

She walked to the bed and sat down, suddenly she laid down, she loved the bed.

” I love the color of this room. He has such a nice taste ”.

He went down the stairs to go meet them. They were seated in the living room, Alani rested on Gaels chest, he saw this.

When he was closer, he held both their heads and separated them.

They looked at him, he glared at them.

”What is going on?.

Mrs Alani responded,.. ”You
e about to get married ”.

”They did this? ”

”Absolutely, lets not forget no one actually likes this Nyla of yours ”

”Stop it! ” he gave Mrs Alani a cold stare.

” Listen ”, Mr gael cut his gaze off her, ”she isn a bad girl afterall. Shes…. ”

”Fake ” he completed.

”What?, no she is not fake ”.

”She is and even if she isn , I dislike her ”.

”Tell us then who do you like? ”…

”Nyla ”… all of three of them said in unison.

”Exactly ”.

”Tell this to your parents when they get back ”.

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