The Billionaire CEO Recognizes Me

I am not getting married to you.


She frowned and dropped the bowl on the table.

”Are you waiting for a call ”.

”Mind your business ”.

”Oh my goodness! ”…. She exclaimed looking at him.

He looked at her with confusion. ”What was that for? ”.

”Nothing ”. She walked straight to the bed and laid down covering her full body.

That expression of hers was out of shock, seriously she herself doesn know why she has suddenly succumb since she got here.

”This is not me ”, she murmured.

He heard what she said. He never knew why the girl was acting not like her. He already suspected that her attitude was a fake, so hearing that was a clear answer.

He threw his phone to the bed. She uncovered her face, stretching her arm to grab the phone.

”Don do that ”, he warned.

He knew very well that she wants to know what or who is making him restless so he said that to her even when not looking.

She retrieved her arm and covered her face once again.

He left the room leaving his phone on the bed. She heard a close door and she opened her eyes.

She guessed his phone would still be on the bed, as she uncovered herself she saw the phone on the bed. She grabbed it quickly.

Her thumb had mistakenly pressed the off button, she yelled in anger. She threw the phone on the bed and laid down.

Looking back at it she smiled mischievously.

”Where are they? ”, He searched the entire room downstairs. He decided to check the guest room upstairs. When he got there, he opened the door speedily and aggressively.

He concluded that they were here and they were.

When he opened the door. He furrowed his brow.

”What were you doing just now ”, he asked furiously.

”What?.. ”

His question was unimaginable.

e sorry ”. They apologized

”Don do that….in my house ”. ”When are they coming back ”.

Mrs Alani replied, ”It will take a while ”….

”When are you two leaving? ”

”By tomorrow ”.

He closed the door and left.

He went back upstairs to his room, when he opened the door. She was asleep but woke up.

He wished for her to be asleep but she decided to just wake up. He took the keys to his Lamborghini Veneno.

He searched his pocket but he didn see his phone. He looked at the bed, ”here you are ”…

He looked at the phone and looked at her, her eyes followed the phone. He led it straight to his face, and she followed it till she had eye contact with him.

”What were you doing with my phone? ”.

”Nothing ”, she nodded.

He sighed and left the room not wanting to pick up a fight.

She couldn sleep, and she never did. She decided to stay up till he comes back.

She walked around the room, the closet, the bathroom. She loved the vanity as well but finally ended up on the bed.

She scrolled through her phone, it was boring.

Four hours passed since Azai left the house. She was seated on the bed quietly when she heard a sound coming from the window.

She looked in the direction, her eyes could tell that she was scared.

The window suddenly opened, the night breeze blew the curtain open, She was in fright.

A figure came in through the window. At this point, she stopped breathing. One side of the body was seen before the full body was, it was Azai.

She was relieved, but frowned at him. When he was fully in, he closed the window and the curtain. Turning around he saw her awake.

”Why? ”…. ”Why? ”

They both had their questions to ask, but she went first.

”Why do you come in through the window? ”, There is a huge door downstairs ”.

He made a huge sigh of relief which was incomplete when the door opened.

He quickly sat down on the window bench.

It was Mrs Alani,

”I see you too are still awake, you should sleep, its already past ten…., aren you tired? ”.

”Are we? ”, She asked Mrs Alani looking into Azais grey eyes.

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