”He won hurt you ”…. He said to her to get her to open the door.

She asked still panicking. ”What do you want to do if I open up this door ”….

She didn see the reason why he wants her to open the door. He didn reply to this question.

There was a moment of silence before she heard the dog bark.

Shortly after the silence, ”Hes gone ”.

”Hes gone? ”…. she asked for confirmation. ”Yes now open the door ”. She unlocked the door and opened it.

Dax ran into the room and unknown to her.

She was about to close the door when she turned around and saw him.

Her eyes widened in shock but she maintained her cool and was silent. That didn mean he didn smell her out.

Slowly she looked back at the door. Dax who had already got her scent turned around at looked at her. Her eyes would pop. She opened the door quickly.

She was about to close the door when Azai held the door.

With her unsteady breath she was able to ask ”What are you doing? ”…. why did he stop her from closing the door.

She spared a glance at him but hastily looked at the German shepherd who was soo close to her.

She ran to him and hid at his back.

He held her hand and pulled her to his front when he saw the dog had approached him.

”Azai ”. She yelled his name but stood still and went on mute after getting eye contact with dax.

He walked slowly, intimidating her with his actions. When he was closer, he tried to pull her down.

She refused to crouch to his height, but a sudden hand suppressed her. Azai held her shoulders and lowered her height till she was directly in front of him, there he licked her face.

She felt irritated because of the spit. Dax barked at her but it was friendly.

Azai smiled at the incident.

She stood up and walked into the room. Slowly closing the door and locked it.

Azai took dax with him to the living room. By the time they got there, the veterinarian had gone.

Ava looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She was surprised, that was her first encounter with an animal and he was soo friendly.

She took a bath to refresh herself, mostly to get rid of the spit. Azai didn know if she would have dinner that night thanks to dax.

It was Azais turn to watch the TV, but with dax. Dax remained quite the whole time he was with Azai and in his arm.

Azai couldn stop looking at him and rubbing his fur. He missed him a lot but can only see him once in a month, depends.

He had waited for Ava to come down but she didn .

Azai looked at his phone without thinking twice. Nyla sent a text.

Dax looked at his phone, as if reminding him what day it was, Its all about him and dax. He looked at dax and chuckled.

He checked his message and he saw her picture, hashtag Im bored.

She didn feel his presence when he came over and she never does until hes gone.

He looked at dax pitifully. Dax visits once in a while its only fair if he spends an entire day with him to make up for his absence.

His mum had one time intended to sell him but she couldn bear seeing her son ignoring her forever.

His mum doesn like dax, Ava too. He wondered why. And when he looks at dax, he looks and feels sad sometimes. He is only this happy with Azai.

He didn reply to her text. This made her worried. He had slept off with dax on the couch but Dax woke him up by 8 in the evening.

They both left to the room upstairs. When he got there he tried opening the door but It was locked.

He knocked for sometime before Ava who was inside opened up but looked around him and she saw dax.

She frowned lightly. He looked at dax, dax who thought was hiding came into sight.

”Hell sleep outside the room ”. He said this before walking in. She was relieved hearing that.

Its not that she hates dax but she doesn like animals.

She closed the door while he walked over to the couch and slept off.

She wondered how long he was going to sleep on the couch because she didn ever want him on the bed.

In the middle of the night, the door to the entrance of the house opened. Someone walked inside the house stealthily.

Dax quickly sensed this and woke up, he had a suspicion but the whole place went quite suddenly. He laid back down to sleep but his eyes were open.

The steps were heard in the kitchen, and suddenly the gas was turned on.

Dax stood up from where he laid and ran downstairs to check what it was that he had heard. He went into the kitchen and he got the scent of Someone.

When he looked back at the entrance door, it wasn closed. He quickly ran upstairs to alert Azai.

He tried opening the door but he couldn reach the knob, he hit against the door with his paw a few times, this action woke Ava.

She tried getting herself when she heard the sound coming from the door. She stood up carefully, as she knew it was no one else than dax.

She opened part of the door to look at him. He pushed the door open leaving her started and went straight to Azai.

He looked at Azai for sometime then ran back to her. She moved back a little as the distance between them was only inches.

He noticed this and came closer to her slowly. He pushed her by the leg.

She looked at him in confusion. He pushed her again till she was out of the room then he ran downstairs.

She understood what he was doing so she followed after him. When she got there, she saw the open door.

There was a visible crease on her forehead. She walked to close the door when she heard a sound coming from the kitchen.

She and dax ran to the kitchen, there they both saw the started fire. She quickly ran to get the fire extinguisher.

When she was done, she looked back at the door, it was wide open. But surprisingly she wasn scared in the slightest although the situation was spooky.

Dax had bark a few times but Azai didn wake up. She looked at the dog who was already looking at her. She ruffled his head fur.

She crouched to his height and asked, ”Whats your name? ”….

He barked at her. ”Roaf ”, that was her first guess.

He barked again, ”wolf, you know what forget it, Lets go upstairs ”.

She walked to the door and looked outside, so fearless. She frowned a bit then closed the door.

When they got upstairs to the room, she opened the door for dax to get in but he didn .

He laid at the door where he was at first and closed his eyes.

She urged him to go in but he refused. She left the door open instead, so she could still watch over him.

But the thought of who created the scene downstairs kept bothering her.

It seemed like the person knew the code and was in stealth mode.

But why the kitchen?.

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