side the couch.

He took some pictures of him and dax before he leaves.

She heard a door bell. She went to have a look when she saw who it was, it was the vet.

The vet was quite younger than expected. He was still a teen. Dax ran all the way from upstairs. She looked at him running and headed towards her.

Her fear of animals came back but she dissipated it quickly.

He hugged her and she hugged him back.

He barked and licked her face. That was something she isn going to get used to.

When she saw Azai coming, she pushed him away. He obeyed her and released from her embrace.

She opened the door for the vet when dax ran to the vet, waggling its tail, being all over him.

He smiled at the dog, quickly looking at Ava. Not thinking much nor asking questions

” Ill be taking him ”. She picked up her phone from the couch and took a secret photo of him.

Azai saw this. He walked slowly to her, seizing her phone, he fell it to the ground intentionally but it wasn damaged.

She looked up at him. His reason was, ”You never liked him ”.

He rubbed daxs fur and left. She picked up the phone and took more pictures of him.

She took the vets contact, telling him to update her on daxs health and send her some pictures.

At first he thought she was weird but she only cared for him. She had wanted to offer to give him some cash to carry out this task but he didn ask so she didn bother.

”Bye. ” The vet waved at her. The dog barked at her. She lifted her leg to hit him and he ran back and forth, slowly making his way back to her.

She laughed till she closed the door then she frowned. She went to go see Azai.

When she got there he was already dressed up to leave the house.

”Where are you headed? ”. she asked closing the door.

He looked at the closed door and looked at her.

”Im going to go meet someone ”. ”Who is it? ”. She asked crossing her arms.

He sighed and walked to the door. He left the room without saying a thing.

She went into the bathroom to go take a bath. She took her time knowing that no one was waiting for her to get out.

But when she was done, the towel was a little bit wet so she waited for a while to let it dry.

Azai arrived at Nylas. He rang the bell. He waited for a few minutes before she opened up the door.

He tried hugging her, but as usual she kept ignoring him. ”You
e here this early, what happened? ”.

”Nothing. Im sorry I didn reply to your text yesterday ”.

”You were busy ”. She asked walking to the fridge.

”Yeah…. kind of ”

”Doesn matter, here…. ” she offered him water to drink.

”I haven had breakfast ”. He said to get attention.

”Oh my gosh, I….Im sorry I didn have breakfast too and I don have anything to give to you ”.

”Its okay ”. He said to calm her down. ”We could go out to have breakfast. I haven done that before though ”.

”Me too…. lets go ”. ”There would be no need for that ”. Koda said coming in through the main entrance.

”I bought us some breakfast ”. ”Why? ”, Azai asked furiously. ”Whats in it? ”, Nyla asked curiously.

Azai and Nyla both asked different questions.

But Koda answered Nylas instead, ”Its pasta ”.

”I hate pasta ”. Azai said looking at the package, picking up the bottle of water that Nyla had offered earlier.

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