come his wife was the aunt of the sixth victim.

The heroine, Isela Snowa, meets Deon to rescue her young niece, who has been taken to the duke’s mansion.

Deon falls in love with her at first sight, takes over the legendary holy relic she has, and finally stops.

She broke the blood’s bridle.

It was a very romantic story of salvation.

The fucking romance that will happen after I’m gone.

What’s frustrating is that the four people who were previously dedicated to him died because they couldn’t hold out, but I was also destined to be discarded.

Just because a new child would appear.

Since ancient times, there has been only one duke’s blood bag.

The hostages who died earlier were disposed of because it was dangerous to get into the enemy’s hands.

Words were a punishment, nothing short of a death sentence.

It wasn’t that the disposition was incomprehensible.

That’s why the blood bags were often kidnapped in the previous generation because security was bound to be lax when there were several hostages.

There was a precedent of paying a huge amount of money in exchange for prisoners every time, so they always left only one person behind.
[T/N: I think it means they were kidnapped from the Duke’s mansion or died while being sucked]

In addition, in this world, when many blood sacs were born, blood became lighter, and if there were numerous blood sacs left, more blood had to be consumed to gain its original power.
[T/N: blood sacs means a blood blister that fills with blood instead of clear liquid.
Blisters are small pockets of fluid under a layer of skin.]

It was a merciless worldview for extras, where they had no choice but to kill all but one.
[T/N: They had to kill everyone, except for those who didn’t have Blisters]

Even the Duke would prefer the blood of a young, strong man who lives long.

So, when the heroine’s niece, who was a little girl who was kidnapped, would have been killed without hesitation.

There are so many characters in the novels that I can not remember their names.

There were many nice and bold women in the novel.
Even if not the main character, the secretary who later assists the duke, the vice-captain of the knights, and the minister of art.
Many characters combine abilities and resourcefulness.

But of all, why the Duke’s blood bag?

“How can I be so unlucky?”

She let out a long sigh.

At least, if I possess even the lowest-ranking maid of the duke.
I’m confident that if you give me a broom, I’ll be able to sweep away every piece of fallen leaves.

I looked at the maid sweeping the snow from early in the morning.

I envied her tiredness as she rubbed her eyes and tried to drive away sleepiness.

It seemed perfectly normal and peaceful.

Like a person who donates blood every day, Leonie’s body was limp and flimsy.

Even a short walk made me short of breath and dizzy.

I’d rather have run away.
It would have been easy to plan if I had tried.

Leonie in the prologue didn’t know anything, so she couldn’t come up with any specific information.

Leonie died while bleeding, calmly without even being able to resist.

I couldn’t blame her for that.

Having read the prologue, I knew.

How desperately she wanted to live.

The reason she couldn’t even dare to run away was large because of the harsh, barren environment of the north and the vast snow.

But above all, the reason Leonie couldn’t escape…

It was because she loved the Duke, Deon.

Falling in love with the hostage subject is like having Stockholm syndrome.

Or is she a masochist who delights in getting her blood sucked?

‘It’s not because the treatment is good.’

It reminded me of the fish with onions that I had been fed to help clean blood and unclog arteries.

In the bowl, all the bones were removed, and only the dry flesh was left.

I wanted to eat the fat part, but the fat clogs the blood vessels.

In addition, the grease was stripped away, and the only sauce was lemon juice.

If everyone ate like this, they would have thought it was a meal unique to this world, but the employees’ restaurant smelled like grilled meat every day.

After watching for a few days, people here were not giving me a good place for me to protect the hostages, but only trying to make good blood.

So I gave the Duke blood!

A fresh blood donation car that moves with legs!

My arm was nothing more than an intravenous line.

In the novel, it was only written that Leoni would die, but I didn’t know that she was treated so badly.

Why the hell is this damn prologue showing no signs of ending!

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