Blood donation bag decided not to be kind (2)

As soon as I realized that this place was in a novel, I tried to run away.

But a week ago, she changed her mind when she saw a cart loaded by a soldier.

The cart came on the cold northern dawn.

The wheel rattled for a while before stopping in front of the castle gate.

As usual, I couldn’t get out of the locked door and looked down at the window endlessly, but the cart was visible.

To be exact, the frozen feet on the cart…

The swollen, blackened feet looked like stones.

The soldier pulled the straw blanket.

I saw two pale corpses.

I was surprised and covered my mouth.

“There was a fire marks next to them.”

They were two maids who were said to have run away at night for love.

They were found frozen to death within nine hours.

Just before they died, their wrists were twisted as if they had seen something terrible or struggled.

I turned my head.

The expression of pain, eyes wide open and stiff, felt like my future.

I could hear the voices of the servants chattering after seeing the maids returning to the corpses at dawn.

“Tsk tsk, if there was even a warming stone, they could have endured.”

“It’s not something that is given away so easily.”

It was the end of those who took nothing.

The Northern Territory can never, ever cross.

To escape safely, the Grand Duke’s warehouse key was essential.


“Today is mushroom stew and onion water.”

The maid poured water into a cup.
A sour scent rose from the water.

“Do you have any regular water?”

“I can’t.”

Should I melt the snow?

If I could, I wanted to go out and eat icicles, but they won’t allow it.

After living for a few days, I could see the situation going on.

At the duke’s residence, there was a “blood task force” that managed blood without the knowledge of the duke.

They were very strict about my health.

Even the slightest movement was vigilant and even prevented going out.

It was in the name of protecting the guest, but it was more like surveillance.

They did all sorts of things for “blood condition” rather than “Leoni’s condition.”

Isn’t it better to soak your body in herbal water all day long to purify your blood? Last time, I had to suffer from a splitting headache with aroma therapy at my bedside.

Thanks to that, I came to know about 100 ways to purify blood.

They were faithful servants that brought tears to my eyes.

“I’m not going to eat.”

I put the fork down roughly.

A loud sound echoed through the hall as the cutlery hit the bowl.

“Where are you uncomfortable?”

Uncomfortable? It’s very uncomfortable.

As I laughed softly, the maid flinched as she picked up the fork that had fallen on the floor.

Looking at my diet, these people don’t intend to keep me alive for long.

It is natural for a person to have a good balance of basic nutrients to live a long and healthy life.

They were concentrating on the fresh blood they were about to draw.

You think a healthy future is worthless to someone who will die soon.

Yes, the cycle was always constant, and a new blood bag will come soon.

The sixth blood bag in that way will live in the Duke’s castle for a while, like me, and be saved by the heroine.

Without a strong background, I’m destined to die after eating only dry flesh.

I stabbed the chicken breast with a knife.

In a way, this was not a dish for me, but a dish for the duke.

This is the reason Jeju black pigs are fed expensive fruits.?

The reason for feeding livestock high-quality food is not because livestock is valued.

It’s for the customer who will buy it.

Thinking like that made me feel dirty.

Moreover, after that day, the face of the duke could not even be seen.

No matter how much money you paid for it.
From the outside, you may look like a guest, but is it okay to be treated so badly?

“It may not suit your taste, but all the food served to the lady is of the highest quality.
Cooked with high-quality organic ingredients carefully selected by the chef…”

“I want to eat cheap and stimulating food.”

“It’s difficult if you do this.”

The maid’s tone contained contempt.
It was far from the attitude of the aristocratic lady.
Leonie would have been discouraged if she raised her voice, but I’m not.

“Why? Are you going to beat me up or starve me?”

“… Lady, we are doing our best as the Duke’s servants.
If the lady doesn’t comply, we can control it in our way… ”

“Try it.”

I chuckled.

“If you put a gag on my tongue, so I can’t bite it, I won’t be able to eat anything.
So what about the fresh blood supply? How will you do it?”

At my words, the head maid bit her lip.

“It is easy to kill people, but difficult to save them.
If you kill me while controlling me, do you think the Duke will stay still?”

I knew why the employees were treating Leoni like badly.

The lowest rank of the nobility, without a large estate, wealth, or honor.

A young lady who was only born as the daughter of a baron.

To pay off the debt, the baron tried to hand over Leonie to a rich and old guild owner.

Then, the blood on the mother’s side was manifested and brought to the duke’s residence.

It was practically the same as being sold for a huge amount of money.

It’s just that the owner changed from the old guild owner to the duke.

Leoni was intimidated and did not leave the room and only donated blood the whole time.

It wasn’t properly described in the prologue, but I could tell.

The outdoor fur shoes under the bed were as good as new.
It was a story that I didn’t even go out to the garden.

Leonie thought she had nothing to offer.

It was the same with other blood bags.

But there’s no way.
I’m the one holding onto the Duke’s lifeline.

You may have thought that my hand was an intravenous line, but in fact, I am holding the Duke’s lifeline.

I clasped my hand hard and slammed it against the table, the bowl rattling loudly on the table.

“Get it now, come on.
Things I should have eaten.”

So, treat me like a duke.

Half of the Duke’s blood runs in me!

I am the Duke’s only blood bag.

Although he is a cold and cruel Grand Duke of the North, for at least two years before the next blood is born.

No matter how stupid I am, he won’t kill me anyway.

I’m not going to give up anything anymore.

‘Please save me’ is not a sentence that will save me.

It was a sentence that Lioni must have shouted countless times under the Duke’s blade.

I decided to shout ‘kill me’ instead.

I decided to destroy the happy endings of the main characters with my life as collateral and survive.

“Hold her!”

The head maid nodded at the waiting maids.

The maids approached me in perfect order and tied my hands behind my back.

I quickly reached out and picked up the knife on the table.

“Don’t you dare come near me!”

The maids who tried to grab my arms hesitated and backed away.

“Hold her!”

“Why are you like this all of a sudden?”

What are you all doing? I said to hold her!”

The maids, who hesitated at the maid’s sharp voice, rushed again.

As soon as the cold hand touched my wrist, I swung the knife without hesitation.


The knife flew into the air and scraped the back of my arm before falling.

The blade left a pretty deep wound.

Blood began to flow from the long-lined wound.

The blood soon dripped, leaving traces on the white marble floor.

The maids who tried to grab my arm backed away in terror.

The surroundings became quiet enough to give the illusion that you could hear the sound of blood dripping in lumps.

“Ah, no! What should we do?”

The head maid screamed in agony.
Her face was pale blue.

The icy head maid must be human too.

You must feel some guilt for hurting me.

“What a waste of blood!”


Of course.


A commotion broke out in the dining room, and they were called into the Duke’s office.

Even though he knew I had arrived, he just looked at the papers in front of his desk in silence.

Feeling like a student who was summoned to the office, I frowned and fiddled with the hem of my dress.

Shall I issue a disposition? No! What did I do wrong?

The Duke, who had been reading the documents for a long time, opened his mouth after about 20 minutes.

“You eat and play all day.
What are you complaining about?”

Did I eat and play? It was suffocating.

Until now, it was the Duke in front of me who sat on the sidelines without showing his nose.

“… It’s a problem because we eat things that don’t taste good and play that we don’t have fun with.”

“You act as if you were forced into it.
I put quite a bit of money into your estate.”

Did you? I was embarrassed, but I stood up straight and answered.

“… that was given to my father, it wasn’t given to me.”

“The baron said he bought the estate and mine with the money.”

“I’ve never even stepped into the mine.”

The Duke, who was signing the documents with a quill pen, paused for a moment.

And he raised his head and looked at me.

“You used to be quiet.
You’re a good speaker.”

“Probably the last words of the day.
It’s hard to say anymore because I don’t have the strength.
All I ate today was unseasoned vegetable porridge.”

Blue eyes stared at me silently.

Yeah, let’s negotiate while we’re in eye contact.

I cleared my throat and continued.

“His Highness the Duke, in case I… I’m asking just in case.”

He leaned his head slowly against the backrest.


I took a deep breath and spat out the words I had prepared.

“Is the Duke by any chance poor?”


He looked at me with an absurd face.

T/N: So this is a note to clarify some things, the mc here has some sort of special blood that the Duke drinks.
It has the power to help him win the war.
The blood bags og fls niece,mc and others were chosen because they manifested the blood.
Not sure

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