you somehow make a dud.
That’s the truth of a bad hand.

Even if you choose a mafia, you’ll be killed by the police on the first day!

What, then I’ll be in this dreary clerk’s office.

After lying in a dry hammock for about two years.

Do I have to die when new blood comes?

This is just different from the original Leoni’s death place, isn’t the situation the same?

“Take a rest.
Then I’ll…”

While I was idly thinking about the situation, the scribe stood up.

Next to him was a thick stack of papers.

“Well, you’re going to the secretary’s office to get approval, right?”

He nodded cautiously.

“I’ll go get the approval.”

… yes?”

“Give me that.”

If I want to live comfortably, I need to stick right next to him.

Even if it’s not that, I’ll get you promoted! I’m going to coax him into to.

Die this way or die that way, it’s a matter of judgment.
You should put an iron plate on your face.


He wasn’t even in the office.

I turned around and heard the butler say that he was in the bedroom, so I went to the bedroom.

My arm muscles were sore from carrying heavy papers.

Leonie’s forearms were really thin.

Will I be able to run away properly?

“Here are the documents.”

He was looking at the papers that had been pushed up to his bedroom.

I put the papers down on the desk where he was sitting.


The wad of paper fell with a loud sound.

“Why do you do it yourself…”

“I’m a secretary.”

Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten.
He took off his glasses.
The gold chain fell off, revealing the sharp eyes hidden by the glasses.

“I’m also here to see His Highness.”

I shook my hand and sat down on the sofa next to me.

“Aren’t you going?”

“You need to check the documents.”

He sighed and put his glasses back on.
And he pulled the papers I brought towards him.

He said after turning the pages for a while.

“Young lady, there is no secretarial seal that should be stamped here.”

“Oh, that.”

I grinned.

“I read it carefully.
I even wanted to take a picture.
It’s so perfect to the point of tears.”

And she raised her thumb as a thumbs-up sign.

He sighed once again at my words.

“If you’re free.”

He brushed his hair back, his curly black bangs falling to the side.

“I’d like you to stop by the butler and get some blood drawn on the way.
They say they don’t have enough blood.”

An indifferent voice rang in the bedroom.

“Oh, I’m not going to draw blood from today.”


His face was grimly crumpled.

“Did you forget the contract?”

“Who said I wouldn’t give you blood?”

I lay down on the Duke’s bed.
A cozy blanket wrapped around my body.

“I’m not picking it up.
Just change the way, it just bites the nape of the neck, just like your ancestors did, in a primitive way.”

I turned my lying body to the side.
A tilted Duke was seen.

There was a crack in the face that had always been solid.

“So, if you want to eat it.”

I patted the covers.

“Come here and lie down quietly.”

A short silence followed.

He looked at me silently with an expression of unknown thoughts.


The Duke, who had been staring at me lying on the bed, strode towards the bed.

I didn’t think you’d agree.

I sat up, slightly embarrassed.

He sat down next to me, the bed tilted at an angle.

“Is it your preference to sit down and bite?”

Just do it.

Having said that, he raised one arm and wrapped it around my shoulder.
A stiff chest touched my face.

He buried his face in my neck and took a moment to catch his breath.
Without hesitation, he bit my neck.

A stinging pain ran up her neck.

I sucked in a breath.

‘Wow, he bit me.
He is like an animal.’

At this point, he didn’t look like a vampire, but like a huge beast.

It felt like being bitten on the back of the neck by a huge beast living in the north.

With his untamed teeth, he sucked my throat.

I swallowed hard.

I felt my pulse thump and beat loudly at the nape of my neck that had been bitten by him.

I was frozen and barely came to my senses.

I put my hands on his chest and pushed hard.

He was pushed out more easily than expected.

He parted his lips, but her neck still twitched.
A stinging pain remained in her neck.

He languidly licked his lips.

Blood smeared at the corners of his mouth.

“It looks like the young lady is very bored.”

He let go of his shoulder and fell.

“It wouldn’t be bad to give you a new experience once in a while.”

He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his mouth.

“Are you outside?”

“Yes, Duke.”

The voice of the waiting soldier was heard.

“Right now, the young lady…”

He crumpled up the bloody handkerchief and threw it into the trash.

“Send her to the dungeon.”


The prison was on the second basement level.

The room was shady and cold.
Water condensed and flowed down the walls.

The only light was the light from the perch hanging in front of the prison.

As the fire moved, the shadow of the person standing guard shook from side to side.

There was straw on the floor, but it was not enough to keep out the cold.

I could hear rats crawling around and occasionally gnawing on straw.

I breathed in my hands.
For a brief moment, the warmth stayed and dispersed into the air.

I collected my frozen feet.
She squatted down and buried her head in her lap.

The Duke, thinking of the state of blood, wouldn’t want to keep me in prison for long, but it was so cold that I felt like I had to endure a little bit.

He locked me up here to discourage me.

Aristocrats, especially women, would be frightened just by being imprisoned in a dungeon.

He seemed to think she would beg for forgiveness in a few minutes.

I had no intention of responding lightly.

It must have been about two hours.

“Are you satisfied with the food in prison?”

A familiar voice came from above.

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