a terrible feeling before you loved him?

Maybe that’s why she considered the situation of being sold to the Duke’s house miserable and intended to swallow it.

At first, I wondered if she had brought it to feed the monstrous duke, but it wasn’t.

The drug had little effect on those who were strong and developed tolerance to the poison.

This was only for Leonie.

It could be used by women who do not go out of the territory.

The poison that noble ladies drink when their family is in danger of extinction.

Perhaps she came here with a lot of thoughts and lived her life enduring only looking at the Duke.

Anyway, I can’t believe the day will come when Leonie’s going to help me move forward.

I put the bottle in my inside pocket.

Thinking of using it at the right time.

I didn’t know the day would come when I would be using it soon.

As soon as the dungeon door closed, I poured the medicine into my mouth without hesitation.

Eighteen hours from now.

You go through an incubation period, and after 18 hours, you vomit blood.

Let’s negotiate again, then.

The Duke, who thought of the state of blood, thought that if I didn’t eat two meals, he’d come down to prison soon.

However, it was unexpected that the Duke went out on patrol in the middle of it.

It seemed that the effect of the drug did not appear immediately after eighteen hours.

Little by little, my vision blurred and I lost my energy.
I was dizzy because I was starving.

How long has it been?

As I leaned against the wall weakly, I smelled the smell of winter right in front of me.

When I gently opened my eyes, I saw a duke looking down at me with a cold gaze.

There was snow on his shoulders.

“I heard you were starving.”

The Duke opened his mouth.
His tone was cold enough to freeze the air.

“Is this a protest now? I don’t know the young lady’s heart at all.
What the hell are you thinking with this little head?”

If it had been the enemy, he would have slit his throat without thinking.

I laughed weakly at those words.
He stopped stroking my face.

“Are you crazy?”


I managed to open my mouth, my tongue ached, and my throat was sore.

“It was wrong.”

“Are you admitting your fault now?”

The Duke must keep his guests from committing such disrespect.
It is wrong from the very beginning.”

“… what?”


I took a deep breath and answered again.

“Recover the money you gave to the baron.
And from there we start again.
By making a deal with me, not the baron.”

Little by little I was out of breath.
The medicine was tightening all over my body.

Clearing my throat, I went on.

“It’s not a deal where the Duke loses money.
I will give blood as I do now.
Ten gold coins in a pack.
If you pull it out for about 5 years, it will be as much as the money you gave to the baron.
Either I die sooner or the Duke becomes emperor.”

“What’s the bottom line? Picking a card was a fair rule.
It wasn’t a trick.
Didn’t the Young Lady pick it herself?”

“It was not the right choice to choose my place among the four cards in the first place.
I already have some decent cards in my hand.
Do I need to choose my seat from the given card?”

“Leoni” is a card that you can use well.

Do I need to follow the fate of the blood bag, where I have to lie flat?

“I will be by your side, Duke.
Instead, I will be there whenever and wherever you want.
I’ll be there to make my place.”

The Duke looked at me with an incomprehensible expression.

“Young lady… You can’t always threaten.”

“And doesn’t the Duke fall for the temptation?”

I barely swallowed my saliva.
I felt my throat swelling.

“Let’s negotiate again.”

At the same time, beads of sweat rolled down her forehead.

He squatted down in front of me.
There was a great shade at the bedside.

He raised one hand.
His hands were large and brawny.

‘Are you going to hit me?’

I squeezed my eyes shut.

Contrary to my expectations, he put his hand on my forehead.

I felt a cool touch on my hot forehead.

“Why do you have such a fever? Did you eat something wrong?”

I’ve lost my spirits.

“… You’d better bring the contract quickly.”

“I don’t see why I should listen to this.
If you’re unhappy with the contract, talk to Viter again later.”

“Duke, bring the contract.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe.
She took a deep breath and chose her words.

If you walk, you will be late.
I swallowed poison.”

“… what?”

“You all know that I’ve been acting recklessly without supervision.
I’ve hidden the antidote in this spacious mansion… I’ll tell you the location of the antidote once we finish the contract.”

Only then did an expression form on his cold face.

“Leoni, playing around with your life.
You’re out of your mind.”

A grinding sound was heard.

“Isn’t the Duke the one who needs my life more than anyone else?”

I burst out laughing.

The Clown is the lowest rank card, but when it is with other higher cards, it is treated the same as that card.

I made up my mind.

Crazy woman willing to get out of this crazy prologue.

To be his clown.

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