The Deceitful One

Walking Bag of Gold

hesitated for a moment before saying, ”By the way, there seems to be someone following you. ”

Detective Watson chuckled, ”Im already aware. I just wanna see what the kid is up to. ” He said with a playful smile on his face.

”Alright. As long as you know. Again, if you need anything please let the church know. ” Bishop Walls exchanged a few more words with Detective Watson before they parted ways.

As soon as Detective Watson left the office room, a young priest who was standing beside Bishop Walls, serving tea and snacks to the duo, asked in puzzlement, ”Father, isn he just a detective? How come you
e so respectful to him? ”

”Just a detective? Hmph! What do you know? Hes a Rank 3 Transcendent! ” Bishop Walls snorted.

The young priest sucked in a breath of cold air. Rank 3!? Thats the same as the Bishop. No wonder! ”

Outside the Church.

Bryan repeated the plan to the old homeless man who was looking at him with a daze, for the third time.

”Fine, fine, fine! Just give me the money already. Ill do as you say. ” The old homeless man who was at his wits end stretched his right arm in front of Bryan.

Bryan reluctantly handed him 5 pence. He now only had 2 pence on him. Never mind, its an investment. If the plan fails, Ill just steal it back from this old fool. Bryan muttered in his heart.

”The bun? ” The old man looked Bryan straight in the eye.

Tsk, petty bastard. Bryan thought. Then he took out the half bun from the pocket of his jacket and handed it to the old man but not before biting a big chunk out of it. ”You better not play dirty tricks on me, old man. Or Ill give you a thorough beating. ” Bryan sternly warned him.

The old man didn even bother listening to Bryan as he stuffed the remaining bun into his mouth. Then he carefully counted the money and put it inside his clothes tightly, afraid that Bryan would take it back.

Right then, Detective Watson exited the Church and started feeding grains to the pigeons flocking to the nearby sidewalk.

Bryan saw this and instructed the old tramp to take his position. Before he left, Bryan glared at him and warned him again. The old man rolled his eyes at him. How can an old man like me with half a foot in the grave outrun you, punk. He mumbled and took his position at the crossing of North Winston Avenue and 10th Street.

Seeing him not pull any ticks, Bryan took his position as well. From the place where he was currently, he would intercept Detective Watson from the back while the old man would move in from the front.

Soon, Detective Watson finished feeding the pigeons and walked towards 10th Street. Seeing him walk towards the ambush point, Bryan signalled to the old tramp who was in front of the Detective, he then started approaching him from the back.

Detective Watson on the other hand had an indiscernible playful look in his eyes. Lets see what you
e up to.

The next moment, the old tramp bumped into Detective Watson and then snatched the brown suitcase from his hands. Right on the heels of that, he ran at a speed that was clearly impossible for a man of his age to do.

Fuck, this old bastard clearly told me he had hip problems and could barely run. Bryan was taken aback at his speed. He quickly composed himself and ran towards him.

The old mans face was full of smiles thinking about how everything in the suitcase belonged to him now. Hehe, Ill just run off with this suitcase while that foolish brat is fighting off the blond man. Hmph, how dare you give me just a small piece of bun.

While the old man was letting his imagination run wild, he didn notice that Bryan was running towards him instead of the detective. All of a sudden, he came crashing at what seemed like a wall to him. The suitcase slipped out of his hand and he fell to the ground.

He looked up and was dumbfounded at what he saw. In front of him, Bryan stood in a heroic pose with both his palms holding the side of his waist. What the **! Why did he stop me? Wasn he supposed to confront the blond man?

Then he heard Bryan speak to him in a righteous tone, ”Old thief, how dare you try to rob someone right in front of the Church? I shall deliver punishment on behalf of the Goddess. ” After that, Bryan delivered a few kicks to his butt and then took the suitcase and walked towards the middle-aged blond man standing not far away.

The old tramp was still in a daze from the beating. Then he snapped back to his senses when he heard Bryan speak with his back facing him, ”Get lost before the police arrive. I shall give you a chance to redeem yourself. Hmph! ”

Realization suddenly dawned on the old homeless man, That little prick tricked me! He then scurried off. At least I still have the 5 pence The old man reached out for the insides of his clothes..and then he froze on the spot. ”Fuck wheres the money!? ”

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