you are the main character of the party?

— It’s here.
On the debutante page.
Well… here! If it’s your debut show, you can enjoy the feeling of being the main character at the party.
Step into the banquet hall right before the first song starts and grab everyone’s attention.

In other words, the main character of the party arrives late, right before the first song starts.

So it must have meant that the director, who was nothing more than an insignificant attendee, was already lurking inside the banquet hall to meet Cedric.

‘How do I pull the director out?’

The trouble didn’t last long.
Lillian was well aware of the blind spots of adults.

The fact is that children who live alone in crowded places are usually thought of as children who have lost their parents.

Lillian went to the banquet hall.
As if it were natural, the guards blocked it.

“Little lady, this place requires an invitation to enter.
Call your parents.”

“Oh, I lost my father while I was going to the bathroom for a while.
He’s probably inside, could you please let me in?”

Lillian’s polite words worked well this time too.
The guard seemed to think of Lillian, who was well-dressed and well-mannered, as an aristocratic child.

I just changed my clothes, but the treatment has changed so much.
It is ridiculous to think about being hit by a door when I first came to the Duke’s house.

The young guard smiled kindly at Lillian.

“Oh no.
You must have lost your parents.
Let me check if they are inside.
What’s the name?”

“This is Winston Bernauser.
He has light gray hair.”

“All right.
Please wait a minute.”

The guard said so and disappeared inside.
If the director is inside, he will probably come to the director without difficulty.

Of course, I had no intention of waiting for that.

Lillian stood there like a shy child, holding her hands tight until the guards were gone, then turned around and ran as soon as the door was shut.

‘I’m sure he’ll know right away that it’s me when he hears the story, right?’

The director must have been frantic to find her after she disappeared, so when he hears that a girl with short brown hair was looking for him, he will immediately know she is there.

He will come out and wander outside.

That stupid face was red with rage, and I somehow laughed at the thought of that.

‘If Swan had seen it, she would have said that my personality was bad.’

But Lillian had no intention of denying it.

Even if someone knows her story and curses her or blames her for being a bad girl.

Even though she was afraid of it, she could never be a good kid.

‘You’re the only one who’s good, Swan.’

All the bad things were my fault.


With the director thrown out, the next goal was to find a way to enter the banquet hall.

‘Because I have to tell them that I’m the child of Duke Maynard.’

Besides, if you just wander outside, you might get caught by the director.

Then there was no answer.
But as I experienced earlier, I needed the invitation to enter the front door.
Or find an adult with an invitation.

‘But I can’t call the Duke.’

Everyone already knew that Duke Maynard had no children, so she couldn’t lie about losing her father as she did earlier.

She quickly gives up breaking through the front

The next place Lillian was aiming for was the garden.

‘I just saw that the balcony is connected to the garden.’

Of course, the balcony was not so close to the ground that you could climb directly from the garden.

I thought I could climb it by putting about three stairs, but even though the height of the three stairs was not that high when I came down, it was a little difficult to climb with my bare body.

‘Still, it’s worth a try.’

If that didn’t work out, she was thinking of attacking the back door where the attendants used to go.

I came all the way, and I couldn’t just sit back and do anything because the front door was blocked.

Lillian made her way cautiously along the corridor to the garden.

‘There’s an empty balcony over there!’

There was also a moderate shrub next to it.
Maybe I can climb up there.

Lillian hurried to the balcony.

It would be difficult if someone saw it and called the guards.

‘When no one is around, you have to do it quickly!’

Fortunately, the balcony was not far.

At the moment, Lillian tried to hold on to the branch of the shrub.

“Here you are.
You little rat.”

As if waiting, there was a hand grabbing Lillian’s wrist.


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