Chapter 6: The fat aristocrat knows good food

After discussing it, the two agreed to leave the labyrinth for now.

Mitrof was exhausted from his first exploration, and he was unaware of how sublimation would affect his body.
Fortunately, they both shared the mindset of not pushing themselves too hard.

On the way back, they encountered the goblins three times.
Grace shot and killed two from a distance, and Mitrof cut down one.

Mitrof was inwardly surprised at how reassuring it was to have Grace by his side.
He knew he could rely on her if anything happened.
It removed any unnecessary tension and anxiety, even during battles with the goblins.
Mitrof felt that his movements became smoother under Grace’s protection.

Finally, they returned to the surface from the labyrinth.
It felt like they had been underground for hours, but in reality, it was only a few hours.

“Let’s go through the procedures at the guild first.”

Grace said.
Mitrof, of course, agreed.

However, it was already the Labyrinth Guild that stood like a cover over the labyrinth leading underground.

They lined up at the reception in front of them, to perform the procedure for returning from the labyrinth, as well as to have their hunting items appraised and sold.
Each person received a bounty for goblin ears, and kobold materials were divided in half.

As a nobleman, Mitrof received such a paltry sum that it was almost insulting.

But this was the first money Mitrof had earned with his own hands in his life.
Just that fact alone made him feel special.

Even if the amount was so small that it would disappear after a single night’s lodging and meal, it was worth more to Mitrof than anything else.

While Mitrof chewed on those thoughts, Grace worked on completing the party formation procedures.

Generally speaking, parties have a lower death rate than solo players.

The guild also recommends forming a party as it is beneficial for them.
There are also tax incentives and the benefits of registering with even a little effort are substantial.

“Mitrof, your guild card.”

Grace spoke, and Mitrof handed over his silver card.

The guild employee inserted the card into a metal plate.
When they opened the drawer, there were rows and rows of molds with engraved letters on the thin tips.

With practiced hands, the employee quickly picked out a mold and lined it up with the top of the plate, securing it in place.
Then they pressed it down with a gun-like device.
They repeated the process for any additional letters on the card.

Mitrof looked at his returned card.
The bottom had been engraved with “Party: Grace and his name.

“We can also register a party name, but I left it blank for now.
We’ll have to think of something good in the future.”

Mitrof nodded.
Even cards with names other than his own felt like important possessions.

“Now let’s have a meal for the time being.
I owe you my life, so allow me to treat you.”

“A meal!”

Suddenly, Mitrof remembered his hunger.
He was starving.
Yes, he was very hungry!

“Guuu, my stomach is growling!”

Grace put a hand to her mouth and chuckled elegantly.

“That’s right, I’m hungry too.
Let’s indulge ourselves.”

Within the guild building, there were various facilities available.
Of course, there was a cafeteria where the meat of monsters deemed edible and ingredients found in the labyrinth were cooked.

The two entered the cafeteria on the first floor and raised a modest toast.
It would only yield a small profit for goblins and kobolds.

Nevertheless, they ordered a sweet-and-savory stir-fry of chicken, a bottle of red wine, and a colorful salad with nuts, which would be enough to cover their expenses for one night at a cheap inn.

As they raised their glasses, Mitrof drank the wine.
It was cheap wine that tasted sour, bitter, and lacked the full flavor of grapes, but it was delicious.
It soaked through his tired body and healed his tense spirit.

Mitrof finished his meal in no time.
As a nobleman, he had been drilled in table manners, so his eating habits were always refined.
In the cafeteria of the guild, where most adventurers were uncouth, he stood out.

Mitrof rubbed his belly.

He was still hungry, not satisfied at all.
However, he realized that he needed to change his life and not give in to his desires, especially when he thought about the future.

“Mitrof, don’t hesitate to order more.
I’m sure you eat a lot.”

“Thank you, but I’m good.
I need to lose this excess fat.
It’s just a burden when I need to fight.”

He grabbed his protruding belly, which symbolized his decadent lifestyle.
The cumbersome mass was of no benefit, hindering his movements, adding to his food costs, and causing him to wear larger sized clothes.

“I think I’ll try to lose weight during this time.”

“That’s a good mindset,” Grace nodded in agreement.

Just as Grace nodded, Mitrof’s stomach growled loudly.
He kept a straight face while Grace stared back at him with a serious expression.

Then he raised his hand, called over a waiter, and ordered another meat dish.

Mitrof reluctantly, but yes, devoured everything with a heavy heart to not waste Grace’s kindness.

‘After work meals are the best,’ Mitrof thought to himself.

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