Late at night in a certain room, a woman could be seen slowly rocking the child in her arms. There was love and affection in the womans eyes as she stared down at the baby while humming a tone to him. Nothing else at that moment mattered to her other than her baby boy. He was her universe and she would give up everything in the world to make sure he grew well.

But the tranquility was disrupted when the door banged open and she glanced up, gladdened to see that it was her husband. However, the smile on her face vanished when she saw his frantic expression and knew at once that something was not right.

”Genevieve…. ” Her husband called her, striding over to her with determined steps while the frown on her face increased.

”Lincoln…? ” The woman, Genevieve stood up to her feet with the baby in her arms. She looked at her husband with a cornered look, ”What is going on? ”

Lincoln in question placed both hands on her shoulder, saying hurriedly,

”I received info and they
e coming for me. ”

”They? ” Genevieve seemed lost for a while until it dawned on her and her eyes widened with fear.

”No, ” she whimpered, began to panic while her husband in question began to rummage through his drawers for something, creating quite a mess in the process until he found the gun.

Genevieve took a step back when she saw the weapon. Although she knew her husband would not use the weapon on her, she still shivered as a reflex action.

She hated violence. No, part of the reason why they were in this mess was because her husband quit his position in the mafioso for her and their child. He didn want the violence anymore, not with a baby in his life now. He wanted a normal life with his family, not one filled with gore and war.

Unfortunately, that war was coming their way because the Mafioso would rather end his life than lose him in their organization. He knew so much and there was no out. Hes either with them or hes dead.

”How are you sure they are the ones? ” Genevieve wanted him to take a minute to think. Everything was happening too quickly that her head was spinning.

He gave her a hard look, ”Deep down, both of us always knew that it would come to this point. You have to go now. ”

”You? Not we? ” Genevieve noted the pronoun he used, making her gaze narrow at him in suspicion, ”Lincoln? ” She didn like where this was going.

Lincoln in question sighed, running his hand through his hair in frustration. He grabbed her shoulder once more and said to her, ”You have to get out of here with our son, ”

”No! ” She roared, pushing him away from her with fury.

”You have to come with us, Lincoln! ” Genevieve began to beg him. It was over two years since they got married and have always been together that she couldn imagine the thought of being alone all of a sudden.

”Listen, they would kill all of us if they were to get here. However, our baby.. ” He gulped, this was not easy for him either, ”You have a chance to leave here now with our child. With you, our son would have a surviving chance. ”

”No, no, no, don do this to me, Lincoln, ” Genevieve cried out, holding onto him as if that would stop him from leaving when she heard a sudden racket coming from downstairs and both of their gazes connected.

They are here.

The Mafioso was here to get them.

To end them.

”You have to go now! ” Lincoln shouted at her, hardening his heart. If he went soft on her, all of them were going to die and he didn want that.

Knowing time was running out, he had no choice but to grab onto her and begin to lead her out. He knew one person who could take her and the baby safely out of here. He just had to find him and hopefully, they hadn killed him in the fight going on downstairs.

The moment they made it out the door, an enemy was right outside and Lincoln, as if expecting that move, shot him first before he could aim at them. Seeing the body drop at their feet, a scream left Genevieves lips. It was so much gore.

”Come on! ” Lincoln dragged her along. There was no more time to waste.

They broke into a sprint in the long hallway while the racket downstairs grew in strength.

”Jeremy! ” Her husband hollered amid the chaos, looking for him.

”What do you need Jeremy for? ” She couldn understand him.

”Only he knows the way out. You can go out through the front, they have the house surrounded now and I can lose my family. ” Lincoln said through gritted teeth before stopping at a door and kicking it open.

They both stepped into the room only to be affronted by a shocking scene. Two men were seen struggling on the bed and one of them seemed to be gaining the upper hand since he was strangulating the other beneath him.

But a clean shot through the brain ended the struggle and the one on top ended up falling from the bed while the other rose with a gasp

”Brother! ”

”Jeremy! ”

While Jeremy was in the mood for hugs, the same couldn be said for Lincoln who broke apart immediately, and said to him firmly,

”You have to get my wife and son out of here. You know the way, ”

Unlike his emotional wife, Jeremy simply nodded his head in understanding before walking over to his shelf and pulled out a book. Before Genevieves eyes, the wall slid open and a secret pathway that hadn been there in the first place opened up.

Lincoln turned to her, ”I had this built for emergencies and my fear came to pass after all. ”

”No… ”Genevieve shook her head, her lips trembling, ”You have to come with us please, ”

”I can , ” Lincoln said, ”They would never stop coming for me. I should have known this was how it would end with the kind of life I choose to live… ” He placed both hands on her shoulder, looking into her eyes as he requested, ”Just promise me that you would do everything to keep our son safe and keep him from going down the path I took. ”

”Fine, I would… just come with us p-please… ” Her voice broke at the end.

Unfortunately, while they were delaying the inevitable, an enemy snuck in without any of them noticing. Jeremy did notice though and raised an alarm, but it was too late, the shot was fired. Lincoln grunted as he felt pain course through him, but he ignored it and fired at the fool who dropped to the ground, dead.

He then looked down, and saw that his stomach was bleeding. Genevieve screamed at the sight and tried to reach for him but Lincoln seem to have come to his senses because he screamed at them,

”Get out of here now! ”

His sacrifices can be in vain.

Jeremy didn need further instructions as he reached for Genevieve and began to drag her along.

”No! ” The woman screeched, struggling with him. She can leave her husband. She can go without him!

”Think about your son! ” Jeremy snapped at her when it became obvious that he wasn going anywhere with her being this stubborn.

Genevieve froze, tears streaming down her face.

”This is Lincolns will. The child has the right to live or all of this would be for nothing. ” He told her.

Jeremys words must have gotten to her because she stopped fighting him. However, Genevieve broke away from his grip and ran to give her husband one last hug.

”I love you, ” She whispered.

”I would always love you, ” Lincoln answered before lowering his head to place a kiss on his sons forehead.

The child was staring back at him and even through the chaos, he had a smile on his face and Lincoln knew instinctively that he was going to be a strong one. The thought comforted him.

Genevieve pressed her lips against his one last time, tears running down faster as her heart broke into pieces. It took a whole lot of willpower to break away from him knowing what was about to happen. Saying goodbye was too hard.

”Lets go now! ” Jeremy came to take her hand and together they walked into the hallway. All the way, Genevieve never took her eyes off her husband until Jeremy locked the door behind them and a wail left her lips as reality finally dawned on her

”We can do this here, Genevieve. We are not truly safe until we leave this place, ” He took hold of her hand and dragged her along.

Honestly, Genevieve didn even care what happened so she let Jeremy take her wherever he wanted. It was as if get soul had left her body and she was just a shell. She had no more will to live.

The only time her eyes lit up, showing a sign of life was when Jeremy announced, ”We are out, ”

They ended up downhill, Genevieve noted. Which meant that they could see her house since the place was built on top of a hill. However, life must be taunting her because the moment she lifted her gaze, a resounding boom was heard and all Genevieve saw was a flash of light before everything went dark again.

”No! ” Genevieve screamed at the top of her voice, her lips buckling and she fell to the ground with the child in her arms while Jeremy stood there confused. He had no idea how to comfort a crying woman.

As if sensing his mothers distress, the baby who had been quiet all this while began to cry, drawing her attention. And as devastated as Genevieve was, she couldn ignore her child.

She stared at the young boy who looked so much similar to his father the sight was heartbreaking. He reminded her so much of him.

Genevieve brought the child up to her chest and hugged him tight saying,

”Im sorry, boy, but its me and you now. ”

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