All eyes were on him as he came up to the stage, but Gabriel didn waver, he was already used to the attention. After all, it wasn every day that you get to see a person wearing a mask.

The Persian mask he wore was customized, silver in color, and had intricate designs on it. Gabriel could already see shocked and questionable looks on the faces of those seeing him for the first time.

Aside from the mask hiding his face, one had to admit that Gabriel looked good. He was impeccably dressed in his tailored royal blue suit and his silver cufflinks shone whenever they cut the light showing its authenticity. He had a great physique and his jet-black hair was gelled back without a strand falling out of place.

It was quite a pain in the ass that none of them in the hall were able to see what he looked like beyond the mask. Was his face as great as the rest of his body? Most women wondered while the men wanted to know out of sheer curiosity.

Everyone had their questions.

But even at that, the mask didn depreciate the fascination the ladies had with Gabriel. If anything, it made him look more appealing and enigmatic to them and each of them wanted to be that lucky lady that caught his attention.

”Thank you, mother, ” Gabriel kissed his mother on both cheeks before she stepped away from the podium with a huge smile on her face. She was so proud of him.

Uncountable camera flashes went off as Gabriel readied to give his speech. He hardly made public appearances unless it was necessary, so the reporters used this opportunity to capture the mysterious CEO of the Alistair Group.

”Good evening everyone, ” Gabriel said into the mic, and all the ladies in the room swooned instantly.

Holy mother of God, He had a rich baritone that caught everyone by surprise. Gabriels deep voice had a kind of soul-shaking sexiness that made the young women in the room wet in the pant already – even the married ones could hardly keep their eyes off him.

His deep resonant voice was just so attractive, masculine, respectable, and dominant, and unknown to Gabriel, he made himself a target already to the opposite sex. Hence, when he continued with his speech, they listened with rapt attention knowing that they would give anything in the world to hear him speak over and over again.

”I warmly welcome you all on the occasion of our company anniversary and to all the esteemed personalities who have taken their time out to attend this ceremony tonight. On tonights occasion, I would like to say a few words.

”Companies are like families. We build them with all our heart, putting our blood and sweat into them with solely one purpose to fulfill, that is to make them grow and flourish. In a family, we take care of each others well-being and make sure that everything functions smoothly. Similarly, we all are a family. Here, we all take care of each other, take care of the responsibilities we have so that we all, together can make our dream come true.

”The dream of taking our company to the list of the best companies in the country, the dream of making it a company which is known for its quality products, quality services, and commitment towards work. Today, on this fortunate day of us completing one more successful year, I, Gabriel Alistair am feeling extremely proud to say that we are constantly getting closer to our bigger dreams as we make the smaller ones true, one by one.

”In all these years which have passed, we have seen it all – success and failures, highs and lows, celebrations and crises, everything. But one thing which we never did was give up. This, go-getter attitude, our faith in each other, and our commitment to the company are the factors that have brought us where we are. I would never have been able to picture this successful journey without you people. My employees have always been my strength and backbone of the company.

”But today is a day to enjoy, its a day to celebrate our dedication, our passion towards our work, and the vision of perfection in everything we have been assigned. Its a day, I owe to all of you. So lets turn our party mode on and party like no one is watching. Let all your targets, files, deals, and every other tension be on side for these few hours, and congratulate yourself and each other for having been able to achieve so much. This is your day; our day and we will make it memorable forever.

”Before I conclude, I want to say that the road ahead will be challenging, as unpredictability will continue to rule, but I will continue to motivate you all to strengthen your capabilities to understand yourself in a better way.

”Last but not the least, I have to thank my mother for the immense pillar of support, she has been. Thank you for standing behind me and helping me in fighting against all the odds, thick and thin, travel and travails. I have no words to express my gratitude for your relentless support. Your contribution is worth more than diamonds to me. ” Gabriel honored his mother who stood at the side nodding her head in acknowledgment. All of this wouldn have been possible without her bravery and determination.

He turned to the audience once more and said, ”Thank you for your attention and please enjoy the Thirtieth-anniversary celebration of our company, ”

As soon as Gabriel was done with his speech, the crowd roared its approval with thundering applause and a standing ovation as his image was flashed up on the giant screen. However, it was at that same moment that the gossip among the socialite began.

”Isn he so amazing? ” One of the ladies mewled, clapping enthusiastically.

”Yeah, it would be so much more amazing if we could see what he looks like, ” The second lady joined in the conversation, a champagne flute in her grip while her eyes stayed occupied on Gabriel who was making his way down the stage. With the intensity of her gaze on Gabriel, it was obvious that she has undressed him mentally.

”I wonder why he hides his face though? ” asked the first lady.

”Isn it obvious? ” The third lady came out of nowhere, joining the conversation and the both of them stared at her with curiosity.

”You know? ” They asked at the same time.

The last one gave them a knowing smile and said, ”Who doesn know the story? ”

At once, the other two stepped closer and the first one asked in a whisper, ”You know? ”

She gestured at the both of them to come closer, ”I know it all, ” She said.

”Then, tell us, ” The second one pleaded. She was so curious to know about Gabriel the suspense was killing her.

”Fine, ” She said and one should see the way their faces lit up like Christmas.

Looking around for people watching them and finding none, the lady beckoned them to come a lot closer and began,

”It started in that fire years ago…. ”

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