The Hidden CEO Is My Roommate

Her Money Was Lost Forever

Imagine seeing your favorite idol in your living room at night, that was how Jackson felt when he saw Gabriel Alistair in his home.

It was shocking.

How had he even gotten past his front door? Jackson wondered. Only he knew his password and he didn even live with anybody?

Well, it was Gabriel Alistair he was talking about here. If the man wanted the world in the palm of his hand, he could have that as well. So breaking into his house was a piece of cake – even though it was a crime.

”Were you planning on drinking yourself to a stupor? Forget your sorrows and all. ” Gabriel pointed out and Jackson looked down at the shopping bag full of drinks and hid it behind him, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

Jackson had always admired him – even though he was currently mad at him – and Gabriel judging his manner of living, was not exactly on his to-do list.

”Well, lesson 101 on drinking…. ” Gabriel said, stepping towards him, ”It never solves your problems and they await you the next day. ”

”At least I forget it exists at that moment, ” Jackson argued.

”And get a hangover the next day? ” Gabriel chuckled deeply and Jackson had to admit that he was a tad bit jealous of his voice. It was rich and well-refined like gold. He continued, ”You didn hit me as a masochist. ”

Jackson went red in the face and he scratched the back of his head awkwardly. It was hard to believe that Gabriel Alistair was in his home with the both of them chatting leisurely as if they were friends.

But then, they were not friends. The man fired him, well, his captain did. But Jackson doubted nothing happened in that household without him knowing about it. However, that brings him to the question, what was Gabriel Alistair doing in his home?

It was not like he was here to apologize to him for getting fired or does he plan to have him reinstated? Perhaps, firing him was a mistake and he was here to clear that. But then, it just didn make sense because the captain should be the one doing that, not him. Even while he worked for him, Gabriel Alistair never recognized his existence until now.

”I know you have questions, ” Gabriel said.

”Yes, I do, boss…. ” Jackson trailed off when he realized that he no longer worked for him and thus, Gabriel was no longer entitled to that form of address. So he rephrased his answer immediately, ”Yes, I have a lot of questions, Gabriel. ” He referred to him informally.

And that made Gabriel raise a brow, even though it was hidden beneath the mask he was wearing. He told him, ”I went through your records and Im still older than you. ”

”Oh, I-I mean, what I meant is sir! ” Jackson stumbled upon his words.

”You should relax, ” Gabriel found his nervous breakdown amusing, ”Im not here on official business, but rather an unofficial one that could prove favorable to you if you
e in. ”

Jacksons interest was piqued as soon as heard the word ”business ”. He was rather in a tight position right now and needed a job.

”I heard you were fired, ” Gabriel said, looking around his room and assessing his living environment while Jackson in question stood at attention. He just didn know how to react.

”Yes, I was. ” He answered.

”I fired you on purpose. ”

”What?! ” Jackson turned to Gabriel so fast his neck nearly cracked in the process. He stared at Gabriel in disbelief, his jaw nearly dropping to the ground. How could he do that? He didn even do anything to Gabriel or was he a sadist who loved to put people in misery and come to rub it all over their face afterward? Was that what he was here for? So many thoughts were running through his head.

”I have a greater plan and after going through your record, I recognized you are the perfect man for the job. Your hard work, punctuality, and unwavering loyalty are traits I require for what I have in mind right now. ” Gabriel said.

”Whoah, hold on a minute, ” Jackson stopped him right there. Everything was going too fast and he needed a moment to catch his bearings. He said to Gabriel, ”You
e trying to tell me that you fired me from my old job because you needed me for this new job. ”

”Exactly. I needed to create the perfect excuse for your disappearance in case some people come snooping around later, ” He emphasized ”some people ”.

Jackson blinked at the man, he had always had a feeling that Gabriel was running from someone. The amount of security he had in his place was even tighter than in the presidential villa. Not to mention that during his stay, Jackson had witnessed more than one attempt on his life. Gabriel couldn even go anywhere without a thorough check for his safety.

Honestly, Jackson envied Gabriel for living a life where he never had to worry about money, but then, living like a prisoner was not enjoyable at all. That was not living. Hence, his envy turned into sympathy with time. And just like now, Jackson couldn help but pity what plan he had next.

”What job is that? ”

”Im taking a sabbatical, ”

Jackson frowned, ”I don get it. ”

”Im going on a vacation, ” Gabriel explained to him, ”In one word, Im running away from my life here for a while. There would be no mask because this is a rare opportunity to enjoy my life to the fullest and you would be by my side as my extra eye. The plans are already in place and how long I stay depends on how secure my life feels. In one word, you are going to be my chaperone during my leave. ”

”No way, ” The words dropped from his mouth.

”No way? ”

Jackson couldn see Gabriels expression considering the mask covered the entirety of his face, however, the change in Gabriels tone suggested that he didn like that answer.

”What you
e asking for is too much, ” Jackson told him.

”What do you mean by its too much? ”

”You are literally putting your life in my hands, do you even know what that means? Do you even hear yourself? You
e worth millions, Gabriel - ”

”Actually make that billion, ” He corrected him.

Jackson scoffed, ” Do you know what your family, no, your mother would do to me if something happens to you? ”

”She doesn know of my plans and would never know of it until Im back. ” He said.

”How? Like no ones going to notice that you
e gone?! You are Gabriel Alistair for crying out loud. ” He found this plan utterly hilarious.

”As I told you, everything has been thought of thoroughly, ” Gabriel told him firmly, ”I have a fill in and with my second in command by his side, no one is going to suspect a thing. My own mother doesn even know what I look like, so why would others recognize him? I have the plan for a while now and my substitute has been trained for months to act and think like me. And as for you, everyone would think that you moved out of here after you were fired when in reality you are with me on my vacation. ” He told him the plans.

What a brilliant mind, was the first thought that came to Jackson. But then, the risk was greater than the benefit.

”No, I can do this. You are even going to expose the identity that you have hidden for so long for a mere vacation? ”

”You call it a mere vacation, but I call it a chance at life. You of all people should know how I live considering you worked so hard to get my attention. Im nothing but a prisoner in my own home and its so suffocating that I feel like Im going to lose my mind if I stay there any longer. This is my chance to save my sanity. ”

He added, ”Not to mention that this is your chance to pull your family out of poverty as well. Youd be rewarded immensely if you help me out with it. Being a shareholder in my company alongside other cash benefits seems like a good deal, right? ”

Jackson swallowed, what was he going to do? The offer was too tempting to reject and as Gabriel said, this was his chance to pull his family out of poverty forever.

”Do I even have a choice? ” He asked him.

”No, ” Gabriel answered him, ”I was merely giving you a chance to decide without being forced to. Im sorry, but you know my plans already. ”

”I guess Im in already, ” Jackson sighed. Why should he refuse when he had no choice and this was his chance to change his familys situation forever? Jackson would do anything to improve their life.

Gabriel extended his hand for a handshake, ”I promise you that this deal would change your life forever. ”

Oh, he knew that.

Jackson only hoped that it changed his life in a good way.

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